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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 75)

His point of view –
My sleep was broken with a knock on the door.
Pie was lying on her stomach with a hand around my waist..
There was that knock again..
I carefully put her hand on the pillow and she pulled it closer thinking it to be me..
I smiled at her and antics and untangled her legs with mine before heading to the door to open it..
“Good morning zizu..” chirped the girl from yesterday night.
“Good morning..” i mumbled rubbing my eyes..
“Breakfast is ready .”
“Shhh…mera bacha so raha hai..” i blurted out trying to stop her from speaking so loudly..
She gave me a confused look and thats when i realised what i had said..
“Wo pie is still sleeping..she slept late last night..tum chalo …i will come in a bit..” i said and closed the door after she had left laughing hystericallty.
I shoul really watch my words..
I tucked back Pie carefully in her blanket and headed down to have breakfast.
“Beta where is she..?” Uncle asked..
“Wo she is still sleeping…I shall take your leave …i have a meeting to attend .”
“See you soon to be son in law..” i blushed at his words and he patted my back..
I headed to my office to check on the video footing of that day..
Everybody seemed known to me except for one guy..
Can he be him..?
I called up Ted and asked about the mystery man .
“Dude wo mera bhai hai.. ..doll knows him well..”
” I am sorry bro i din’t know..”
“Koi bath nai..chal see you soon ..i am at practise..”

Her point of view –
I got up and stretched ..
I looked over my phone to see the time…
Oh god it was 11 ..really did i sleep that late..?
Why din’t Dex wake me up..
As i was about to get up my eyes fell on the note on the bedside table..
Good morning love,
I am sorry to have left you alone but i had a meeting to attend…and you looked to cute sleeping that i couldn’t bring myself to wake you up sweetheart..
I will see you soon..
P.S i love you my baby
I read and re read the letter again and again .
I feel like the luckiest girl alive..
I quickly got ready and rushed down to make lunch for him..
He sneaked in just to me yesterday and now it was my turn to make him feel special..
I quickly cooked in biryani and headed to his office to surprise him..

I had never been to his office before and i was you can say nervous.
I walked to the receptionist asking her about his cabin..
“Oh my god .!” She squealed ..
What was wrong with her..
“Oh my god mam ..i am so damn happy to finally meet you.. i have heard so nuch about you…sir’ s cabin is on the fourth floor..” she gushed..
I muttered a quiet thanks still shaken up by her sudden outburst..
I got in the elevator and headed to the fourth floor..once i reached there ..i realised that there was only two cabins here..
One might be John’s
Suddenly a girl walked up to me in a skirt that was above her knees and a tight blouse on top..
Like what..?
Is that even proffesional office attire..?
“Hey you…what are you doing here..?” She yelled..
Geez…people in this office are weird..
“I am here to meet De…i mean Jhonny..” i replied..
“Do you have an appointment ..?”
“No..” i replied..
Why the hell would i need an appointment to meet my Dex..
“Get out then” she snapped..
Why is she so rude..
“I am just here to give him his lunch…i am..” and she din’t let me complete..
“I don’t care why you are here..i wan’t you out of here..”
That was enough yelling for me for the day..
“I think you are the one that needs to get out from here…i am his fiance and i don’t need a damn appointment..” i boomed.
She stared at me for some time ..
“Are you just going to stand there staring or are you going to show me which one is his cabin?.” i yelled.
No one freaking dare screams at me when i am not wrong..
“This way mam.” She said and i followed her..
Before entering the cabin i turned to her to ask..”how much is your salary..?”
“30,000 mam”
” I can increase it to a more 5000 rs but i want you dressed proerly..you are here to work…
Next time if i see you in this attire then i won’t think twice before firing you..”
“Yes mam ”
His point of view –
I opened my cabin door when i heard someone yelling..
What the hell is happening in my office.?
I looked up to see a very angry Pie arguing with my p.a and what she said next about her clothes just blew me off..
I mean this is the girl i fell in love with ..angry feisty ..loving ..full of live my possesive pie..
I still remember the girl at the beach ..god save the girl who crosses paths with my girl..
I must agree she is scary when she is angry..
Hell i am scared too..
“Hey baby ” i greeted her with a kiss on her cheek..
“Hey yourself….i don’t like your p.a..” she snapped coming in.
Uhh..no.. baby was in a foul mood..
“Leave her and concentrate on me..” i said pulling her in my arms ..
“I missed you..” i breathed into her neck..
Gosh she smelt amazing..
Her vanilla scent did things to me..
“I missed you too Dex..
Come on now i got you your favourite lunch..” she said pulling me to the couch..
Her point of view –
As i opened theunch box his eyes shone. Those black eyes had a shine in them…and they were beautiful..
How i wish i could just stare at them day long..
“This is my second favourite ” he said whining..
“Then what is your favourite..?” I questioned confused..
“You” with that he pulled me to him and began kissing me..
Sometime he would nibble at my lower lip or other times he would bite it..
Slowly our kissed turned out to a full blown make out session..
His point of view –
“Go get a room you too….omg my virgin eyes..” yelled John from the doorway..
She shied away at his comment and hid herself in my arms..
Aww mera bacha is so shy.
“What do you want .?”
“I want the file of the project ” i threw the file at him in reply and he went out laughing..
“So where were we..?” I questioned her as i pulled her back in for a kiss..
I cant seem to have enough of her..

P.S This is the freaking 75 th segment and i am totally freaking out..
Am i dragging the story too much .?
Should i just start wrapping it up now..?

Besides people who are still confused about Pie and her myatery man …we still don’t know if he is real..but we do know that its a male ..as she keeps hearing his voice .
She did tell Dex about it..recall their conversation before date night .before media..

Still more quesries..
Happy to help.


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