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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 74)

His point of view-
I almost jogged all the way to her room
“Baby..” i called out as i opened the door..
And seconds later she came running to me and hugged me tight…burying her face in my chest she was ..
Wait she was crying..?
But why..?
I tried to pull away but she won’t let me she kept her hear burried and her tear tap on..
I have really thin patience when it comes to her and now the thin patience was also fading away..
“Baby girl..tell me whats wrong..?”
“Hmm sweetheart i am right here with my baby ” i cooed trying to calm her down.
She was latched on to me with her hands around my neck while her legs were around my waist..
I had a hand around her waist and while the other one was carresing her hair..
“Bacha..please tell me whats the matter…you are making me worried..” i said trying to remove her head from my chest..
But she being stubborn wont budge..
I held on to her and walked so that i can close the door and then gently sat her down on the bed..
I kneeled down beside her…our hands enterwined as she continued to sob with her head bent low..
“Shona please tell me..” i said my voice choking up in the end …come on its difficult to see your love cry..
“Wo …i was reading a love story..”

“Hmm…babu go on..” i stood up and she hugged my waist..
“It had a sad ending..you know the guy was bad and he blackmailed the girl ”
“So what part of it made you cry..?”
“That guy forced her to break up with her boyfriend and then he claimed her forcefully as his and then he treated her bad..” she continued still sobbing..
“Aww mera bacha..it was just a story..”
I carried her and sat down on the bed with her on my lap..
I sat in half sitting position resting my back on the headboard while she snuggled on my chest
“But what if something like this happens with us..?” She questions..
“Love ..look at me..?”
She looks at me and i wipe all the tears from her face..
“I am never going to let anything happen to you or our family..okay..?”
She nodded and kept her head back on my chest..
“But Dex what if someone tries to take me away..?” She mumbled..
“Baby i swear on you … i will make their life hell…you are mine ..to keep…to love and to pamper..
“You know i am batman right..?” I asked trying to lighten the mood.
“Yea i saw last night.” She muttered under her breath
But i heard her..
She hummed in response..
“Baby when you had forgiven me then why din’t you come back to me..? You know i was such a mess without you..”
“Dex…trust is the most important part of relation and that day when you slapped me..
I flinched at her words..
“Its okay baby we have moved on from there..
She said rubbing my chest.
Yea so i was saying that day i wasn’t angry with you i was upset with you..
I needed my time and you needed yours..sometimes breaks are necessary .they make relations strong..”
“Yes baby they surely do…i love you so much more now..and i am so sorry about that night..”
“I love you too and it was not your fault i would have reacted in the same way if i was you..” she said and kissed my cheek.
“Yes baby..”

“Will we be able to have a happy ending..?”
“Ofcourse..i will always make everything perfect…
You know i once dreamt about our son ..”
“No ways…no kids . .i can’t handle two kids at a time..i will go crazy” she said getting up from my lap
“Acha so i am kid…let me show you… come here..” i said trying to pull her back.
I sucessfully scooped her in my arms and she squealed..
“Noo…Dex leave me…Dad is downstairs..”
“Yea i know ..i just met him..”
“What do you mean you just met him..?”
“Wo actually i climbed up to the wrong room” and then i explained everything that happened..
She bursted out laughing at my expense..
But i just sat there and watched her laugh..
“Can you please stop staring..its kind of awkward..”
“Excuse me mam i am staring at my wife…and nobody can stop me from doing so..” i said and pulled her back in my arms..
We stayed in each other’s embrance for sometime…enjoying each other’s warmth..
“Dex …i am tired but i am not sleepy..” she said out of nowhere..
“Alright love then what shall we do..?”
“Lets read a book.”
“But babes i don’t want you to cry again..”
“Why would i cry now…my batman is there with me..he said he will make everything perfect ” she said kissing my nose..
She then turned around her back to my chest and my back on the pillow..
She opened the book and we continued to read ..
Ocassionally i would kiss her shoulder or her cheeks and she would blush instantly..
This girl and her cuteness will be the death of me..
Soon she dozed off while reading..
I switched off the bed side table lamp and laid us down ..
She snuggled happily..
And soon we were off to sleep..

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