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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 73)

His best friend’s point of view –
When i was busy cursing god for my Girl less life ..i heard a scream..
But the scream was Jhonny’s .
But why did he scream..?
Bhabhi itni buri lagti hai kya makeup kay bina..?
Yaar par usne dekha hi hoga na …sath jo rehte hai.
But fir bhi..andhere main dar gaya hoga bichara …
Uurrgghh..! Stop it dude ..kya kya sochta rehta hai tu..?
“Bhai …sab thik hai na..?” I question ..

But get no response..
I start climbing on the pipe in order to see what happened..
After all bhai hain mera..
When i am half way in through the window the scene horrifies me..
Standing in front me is a girl whom Jhonny is holding..
I can’t see her but i know she is not bhabhi
Bhabhi’s father is staring at them..
Yeh ho kya raha hai..?
And suddenly i can hear a bark..
Oh shit abh yeh dog kaha se aya..?
I am so freaking scared of dogs.
I look down to see security guard with his dog at the end of the pipe..
His point of view –
Somebody screamed and then i screamed and then the lights came on ..
“Holy shit..” she is not Pie..
Ofcourse she won’t be my baby wouldn’t scream..
She recongnises my touch..
Just then the door burst open and i saw uncle glaring at me and also at something else..i followed his gaze and then i realised i was holding the girl..
I quickly take my hands away from her and shove them in my pockets..
She looked familiar.


But why is she giving me a smile?
I looked at uncle and he is smiling too..
“Wo.. main…i ..” i stuttered.
His best friend’s point of view –
Arey yaar mai kaha phas gaya..
Upar uncle aur niche yeh security wale dogs..
“Bhai..” i scream out to Jhonny but he dosen’t reply..
Then suddenly i see a girl extending out her hand to help me…
She helps me up and then i fall on her full on filmy style..so much for Jhonny’s filmy love..
She steadies me and then we stand up straight and look at Jhonny who is still looking at uncle with wide open eyes..
“Haan aap kya beta..?”

Wo mai uncle mai..” he stutters..
Oh god wow…pakka iska video banana chaiye…
I remove my phone and switch on the recording when the girl beside me giggles..
Oh god ..! And then i finally notice her ..
Oh freaking hell she is beautiful..!
ankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Hoo Aankhon Mein Teri
Ajab Si Ajab Si Adayein Hai
Dil Ko Banade Jo Patang Saa Se
Yeh Teri Woh Haawaien Hai..
Don’t tell me i am going to fall in love in such a cliche way..
God help me..!
My trance is broken when uncle says…
“You tell me why you are here..then i will tell you where she is..” and he winked at me..

I see more masala for my video .
Jhonny closes his eyes..takes a deep breath in and then says.
“I am here to meet my wife ..where is she..?”
Uncle is taken by surprise at his sudden words but he dosen’t let it show..
“My dear soon to be Son in law..she is not your wife yet…
Now come again …why are you here..?”he smirks.
Good going uncle…he clearly enjoying this fun..just like me and the beauty beside me..
“Uncle..” he begins but then covers up when uncle glares at him…

“I mean Dad i am here to meet her . Please let me meet her..”
I cant help it and i burst out laughing followed by uncle and then the beauty beside me..
I seriously can’t explain Jhonny’s expressions in words but you can say it was a cross between fear..amusement..desperation..
Overall it was really hilarious..
“Ofcourse you can..her room is down the corridor the last one..” uncle says still laughing hysterically..
“Beta show John the guest bedroom…i am going to sleep ” he tells the beauty beside me and then goes out of the room..
“Bhai…don’t be too loud ” i yell at him from the door and then follow the beauty outside..

What will be Pie’s reaction..?

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