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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 70)

His point of view –
“Dex.” she mumbled across my chest.
“Hm..” i replied tightening my grip on her.
“Something is vibrating.”
“Nothing is happening baby..sleep ..” i said patting her head..
“But its not letting me shleep”
“Urrrgh..” i got up and searched the thing with closed eyes..not wanting to wake up now..
“Dex jaldi ..i want to sleep more..waise bhi nai sone dete ..rat main bhi nai din main nahi..” she grumbled
I smiled at her antics and opened my one eye to see.
My phone was vibrating on the bed side table..
Why is john calling so early in the morning..
I yawned and swiped the phone to receive the call..
“Bhai tu sora hai abh tak..?”
“Nahi kathak kar raha hun…kya hain bol na .?”
“Dex..” she groaned
“Kya hua shona..?” I said covering the rear end of the phone.
“I want sleep” she said pulling me.
“Haan bacha..one minute ..let me talk on phone ..then i am coming back to you..” i said carresing her hair
“Bhai .”
“Yea bol kya hua..?”
“Lagta hai raat mai theek se nind nai hui..”
“Shut up and tell me why did you call..”
“Bro ek min.”
“Yes sweetheart ” she had been poking the side of my hand since past 2 minutes.
“Either you keep the phone or come to bed and talk..”
“Love come here babu.” I opened my arms for her and she walked right in …

I then made her sit on my lap and wrapped her legs around me as i sat on the chair beside the bed.
She happily snuggled in my chest before closing her eyes.
“So you were saying..?” I questioned John.
“Bhai wo deal final ho gayi hai..he has just asked us to come and sign the official papers..” and i could hear the smirk in his voice..
His family and mine were close..
Close enough that he was actually considered family.
So after we both graduated Dad gave us both a few shares in the company..
“Ofcourse wo deal humari honi thi..you go ahead and sign the papers ..i shall see you later at work..” i said sighing and hanging up the call…
I looked over at the watch it was till 7 that means she still had a couple of hours to sleep in..
After last night the sleep was much needed ..
More than me Pie needed her rest..i din’tlet her get away from me for a single moment.
Not my fault..i was taking out my went up emotions ..i hadn’t touched in a long time and my body ached to do so..
Last night ..i just couldn’t hold it back together…after hearing about the guy..which reminds me i have to talk to Ted about it.
And that stupid waiter..i will sure get him fired..
I gently picked my girl and placed her on the bed and lied down beside her thinking..
I needed to find that guy but how am i going to do it.?
Pie said he was present at the party that means if i check the party footage …i can catch hold of him..
I called up my investigator and asked him to get party’s footage.
The perks of being a billionaire..
I looked at my sweetheart..she was all wrapped in blanket and snuggled into my chest.
“I will not let anything happen to you love..” i kissed her forhead and got up to do my exercises.
Comeon i have to maintain this hot body..

Clothes are neatly kept.
I made the bed also.
Plate bhi washing mai di thi.
Towel bhi bed par nai rakha
toh kya hua..?
Pie kyu gussa hai..?
I fold the newspaper that i am reading and carefully place it on its proper place .
“Dexter.” She yelled when she saw me.
“Baby ”
“Dont you dare baby me..i dont like this.” She said pointing to her hair.
She dosent like her hair.?
I thought she loved them.
“Don’t like what sweetheart..?”
“This..this…love bite ” she huffed.
I smiled at her cuteness and pulled her to me..”this mark is to show people that you are mine sweetheart..” i whispered in her ear and her body shivered with my closeness.
“But there is no name…then how will they know its your mark..” she said ..her eyes shining with mischief.
Her point of view –
I was just fooling around ..ofcourse .i like it when he calls me his…
It makes me feel loved..blessed…wanted
Suddenly he pushed me to the wall and growled .” You are mine Pie. .and dare somebody comes this close to you or even touch you..i will rip their head off..”
I gulped seeing his anger and as a reaction his features softened..
” I am really sorry love..call it whatever you may but i am really possessive..”
“And highly territorial also .” I air quoted.
He smiled at my words..
“Whatever ..i still don’t like it.. i am going to change..”
“No wait..let me feel you..” he said and pulled me back in his arms
I rested my head on his chest listening to his heartbeats..they were going wild..
I kissed his chest above his heart and he reciprocated it with a kiss on my head.
We were just about to kiss when his phone rang..
“Sir the media is here..they want to meet you..” the guard said.
Huh..?why is the media here..?

Stoneheart sees people running behind with eggs and tomatoes for leaving the segment on a cliffhanger..
Runs away
Hides inside the cupboard till the day ends

P.S please tell me why is the media here..?
Will guesses please

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