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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 64)

Her point of view-
We were currently getting dressed for Ted’s party .
Oh did i tell you that he was selected as the captain of the cricket team.
“Not this..” said Dex and dismissed my 4 th outfit.
We have been trying outfits from like an hour but they are either too short or too revealing
“Dex please i wont change now…this is like the 4 th outfit” i whined.
“Noo..its too revealing..try this one..” and he passed me a diffrent outfit.
What is he upto..?

“Baby..what is it..?” I question..
“Its just that when you wear something so s*xy people stare at you and then it pisses me off..i dont like it when someone stares at what mine..” he adds with a pout.
“Dex..look at me..”
“No..You go and change”
“I will change … you first look at me..”
Finally he does..
“Babu..i love you …and will always do…and nobody can change that…what a guy thinks of me is not important but what i think of him is..so just relax Mr.possesive”
After a few more trials we finally setelled on a navy blue dress that reaches my knees and that is neither too short and nor too revealing..
As for him he wore a sky blue shirt with a navy blue blazer.

“Hey bhabhijaan” John greeted me with a hug earning a scowl from Dex..
I dont know what up with him.
I think i need to speak to John.
Once Dex was busy talking to other members of the cricket team i leave to meet John.
As usual he was busy flirting with some girl.
I waited around till he had finally taken her phone number and had promised to call her soon.
“Errr wo bhabhijaan..”
“Ha john bolo..konsi wali thi wo..?”
“Arry bhabhijaan aap bhi na…” and he smiles sheepishly
“Kuch idea hai janab ko kya hua hai..?” I question him referring to Dex.
“Kya usne firse kuch bola…iss bar pakka muh todh dunga uska..”
“Arrey mere sher…kuch nai hua but subah se chal raha hai yeh mat peheno..wo peheno…aise nai ..waise nai…blah blah.”
“Acha wo …”
“Acha wo kya..?”

“He is not bad at heart bhabhijaan…he is just protective..”
“Overly protective..” i air quote.
“Yea you can say so..but its not his fault …there are very few of us he is really close to …and he dosen’t want to loose them..so you know this is his way of showing love..” he says with a smile.
“You know what …you are the best..” and i hug him again.
“Waise thanks for the help that day and all these days ..”
I was yet to thank him for that day when Dex pulled up that stunt and rest of the other days too..
John has helped me a lot…sneaking in to check on him..
Bringing him tiffins.
Keeping tabs on his schedules.
“Comeon bhabhijaan..aap toh humari jaan ho..”
“You should really stop trying to flirt with me..you know its useless..” and both of us begin to laugh.
His point of view-
I notice Pie is away with John and so i decided to call up Doc Divyarani.
Anyways i had to speak to her.
Doc- hello

Me- hey good eve doc .. its me jhonny.
Doc – oh yes.! Tell me
And i explain her everything of Pie’s behaviour …of her being clingy..being lost..zoning out at times.
Doctor Divyarani calmly listens to everything and then gives her suggestions..
She says..”listen Jhonny with your description of her behaviour i can draw out a conclusion that just maybe she is scared of something..and she feels safe whe she is with you..
You know that explains her clingy behaviour.
So for time being i would suggest you to you know devlop a sense of security in her that she is safe.
Maybe then she will open up about her fears..”
Thank you so much doc..and sorry to disturb you so late in the evening..”
“Hey dont need to worry ..i am a doctor its my job to be there for my patients when they need me..its just a part of my job..” and i can hear sincerety in her voice.
Now i know for sure that with her help we will be able to help Pie.
“Good night doc.”
“Good night dear …and take good care of her .. she is a keeper..”
“Yes..sure doc.”
With that i cut the call and head back to my baby who is still chit chatting with John
A sudden pang of jealousy shoots up in me when i see her laughing with him
Only i am suppose to make her laugh that way.
She is mine..only mine.
I curb my jealousy and head over to them.

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