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Romi tricks Rudra of Godly marriage in Ishqbaaz

Rudra scolds Soumya for coming home late from her date with Reyaan. He reminds he made her patchup done with Reyaan. He says he is not interested in her. Reyaan comes to meet Soumya again. Rudra gets jealous seeing Reyaan’s interest in Soumya.


Reyaan praises Soumya. Rudra calls Soumya fat. Reyaan calls her cute and asks Rudra to see her. Rudra sees Soumya and then finds her cute. Rudra feels like losing heart to her. Soumya asks Rudra why is he staring her. She calls him mad. Rudra stops himself from thinking about Soumya.

Romi calls Rudra and scares him. Rudra gets helpless to talk to her. She invites him at her home in evening. She asks him to be there and not anger her. Rudra goes crying and meets Romi. Romi flirts with him. Rudra gets scared and asks her to let him leave. Romi fools Rudra and tells about their marriage, which happened when they got together. Rudra gets stunned by her trap.

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