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Part 3

Sanskar-I’m not in love with her & she can’t understand why.
The brutal honesty & total lack of remorse in his confession was integruing & perversely attractive.
Sanskar-& I suppose sleeping with her mother didn’t help.
Swara-Seriously?U slept with her mother?At the same time??That’s disgusting.?
She tossed back her drink & shoved a glass for a refill.It sounded like her own mother would do,a thought which conjured up a whole other set of unresolved issues that she’d rather ignore.
Swara-How’s that working out for u?
He stopped his work to grin up to her.


Sanskar-Pretty well up untill tonight.& just so u know,I diidn’t sleep with both of them at the same time.
Swara-What makes a guy do something like that?I mean really.I’d like to know.Don’t u have any morals?

Bitterness tinged her words.It wasn’t like her to say such things to someone she didn’t know,or someone she know from The Breakup with an adulterous fiance,she was truly curious.Saskar seemed to appreciate her candor & stopped what he was doing to lean an elblow to the counter in front of her.
Sanskar-Hey,I had no idea they were related.The knew all along but never said anything until we got caught.If u ask me she was the one with issues.& she was quiet young.

He jerked his head in the direction of the ladies room.
Sanskar-Priyanka can’t let it go.Says she love me.
He snorted & shuddered as if the idea made his skin crawl.
Sanskar-I was perfectly clear from the start that I had no interest in any kind of relationship outside of the s*xual kind.
Swara-Oh,u r one of those guys.
She led the gin slide down her throat,savoring the burn & ensuing the warmth it left in its wake.
Sanskar-Absolutely.Neat & tidy that way.?
One of his long fingers tapped the back of her hand as it held her glass.
Sanskar-U should try it sometime.??

Not one for taking chances,the idea went against everything she believed,but the second look at his muscular perfection suggested that he was probably worth the risk.
A quick mental flash of Sanskar’s naked body pressed against hers,writhing in ecstasy,brought a flush of embarressment to her cheeks.His no-holds-barred view of life intrigued & horrified her conservative sensibilities.

Sanskar grinned,revealing a dilicious dimple on each side of his mouth,as if he could read her mind.Hee couldn’t possibly know her thoughts could he?
The heat grew in her cheeks.She snapped her gaping mouth shut.The ice in the gin & tonic jingled against the glass as she stirred it with a little too much enthusiasm & breathed a sight of relief when his attention snagged on Miss.Ponytail.?

A girl with a butterfly tatto on the nape of her neck sidled up to the bar beside Swara.The girl stared at Sanskar as he walked past,uninhibited lust plain in her gaze.It seemed no one was immune to him.

Swara’s gaze slid back to Sanskar from underneath the veil of her lashes.Miss.Ponytail seemed thrilled at his presence.Obvious to the girl,he stared at Swara.His gaze swept from her head to her toes & back up again,lingering too long at br*ast & thigh…probably amused by her conservative outfit.She ran a finger inside her collar to release some of the heat building inside her.The tatooed girl smiled at her in sympathy.It took a minute for Swara to realize the girl was talking to her.Something about Sanskar’s preference for kink & threesomes.
“What kind of guy sleep with 2 womens at once?”
She shuddered at the thought of lying naked in the bed next to another woman whose body was undoubtedly put her own plentiful curves to shame.
She never undressed in front of her ex-fiance unless the lights were out & her cellulite safely hidden from view.(Sanskar ki Sanskari Swara?)

The s*xy devil at the end of the bar nodded & smiled as if confirming the tatooed girl’s confession.How was it possible for him to be 10 feet away from yet feel he was inside her head?He licked his lips as if he was ready to devour her,as if she was some kind of tasty treat.That kind of raw s*xuality unnerved her,disturbed her deep down,as if just by looking at him she had committed an unforgivable sin & liked it.

She nodded to get away from him,needed a minute to shake off the illicit thoughts that he inspired.Thinking to flee towards the sanctuary of the ladies room,she twirled around on her barstool & came knee to thigh with the object of her distress.
Sanskar was there,uncomfortably close.
Priya-Where’s your bf?

She tipped her head back to see his face.His dennim clad leg rubbed against her bare thigh as he slid into the seat beside her.
Swara-We broke up last week.?
The words escaped b4 she could stop them.The last she wanted was sympathy from the likes of him.
Sanskar-Its about freaking time.Always thought he was a douche bag.What happened?
Swara-I walked in on him doing my roommate-in my house-on my birthday.
She stared at him,daring him to make a smart comment.
Sanskar-I missed your birthday??Happy Birthday!?
Swara-Really?That’s all u got out of that sentence?
Sanskar-I heard u.?
He nodded as if pleased with her answer.

Sanskar–U guys were together for awhile,right?
Swara- 8 yrs.
She lifted her glass to drain the last drop,looking for the strength in the liquor & finding nothing but the bottom of the glass.
Swara-We were going to get married.?
Spoken aloud,the confession seemed pathetic,that she had clung to a relationship for a third of her life with someone who didn’t love her.
Sanskar- 8 yrs,Wow.?
He wasn’t impressed.

Sanskar-Excuse me if I’m out of line here,but a guy who dates u 8 yrs has no intention of marrying u.?
Swara-What would u know about it,Mr.Manwhore?
She raised her nose in her best haughty stare.The room wavered & tilted.How many drinks had she had already?4 ?6 ?By no means a lightweight,she could handle her liquor,but she hadn’t eaten all day.

In an effort to stop the spinning room,she leaned her elbows to the counter & glared at him as he went back behind the bar.
He took away her drink & lean down on the counter to study her face.
Sanskar-That hurts.A whore has s*x in exchange of financial compensation.I’m a lover of women & that’s a whole different thing.The scowl on his handsome face would have frightened & more sober person.
Swara-Exactly my point.
She wavered her hands in the air for emphasis.
Swara-For ur information…what we were talking about?
She frowned & wobbled on the barstool,distracted by the effort to stay upright.

Sanskar-I may not be a relationship expert but I’m a guy & I know how guys think.If he was going to marry u,he would’ve done it by now.
Swara-Like,I would ever listen to ur advice.
She said with a snort to cover the sting of his words.
It seemed so obvious now;Sameer had never intended to marry her,he was just waiting for someone better to come along.
Sanskar-So where’s the ring?

Damn,the arrogant ba*tered,pushing all of her buttons &–by his smug expression–enjoying every minute of it.
There was no ring just as there had been no wedding date.
Sameer had never been in any hurry,& she’d been too busy with her career to push for either.At the time she’d thought they were being conservative,but now the oversight spoke volumes about the relationship.
She scowled at Sanskar.

Swara-U don’t know anything about it.
Sanskar-I’m just saying is all…
Sanskar shrugged & changed the subject.
Sanskar-So what do u do?

As he talked,he took the coffee cup from underneath the counter,set it on a saucer in front of her & filled it halfway with rich black coffee.
Sanskar-I mean when you’re not darkening the doorstep of my bar.
Swara-I’m a controller.
The coffee cup slid silently over the polished counter as he nudged it towards her.
Sanskar-Yes,I bet u r.?(he smiled)
Sanskar-I mean what do u do for a living?
Swara-I’m a controller.
She pushed the coffee back towards him.

Swara-Get me a whisky & cokeplz.I’m a CPA–Certified Public Accountant–& I have a very important job with a big company.
The words came out boastful & arrogant;sghe soundee like a drunken idiot & cringed inside.
Sanskar-I know what it stands for?.Drink.
He nudged the coffee back at her.

Sanskar-I guessed it was something boring like that…although I had u a pegged for a kindergarten teacher.
He cocked his head & studied her.B4 she could stop him,he took her plam in his & wrote something on the palm of her hand with the pen from his back pocket.
Sanskar-That’s my cell number.??In case u ever want to talk to someone or whatever.If u get anymore bottled up,u might explode.

She opened her mouth to make a smart retort,but 2 people at the opposite end of the bar caught her attention.Her heaet fell out of her chest & landed on the sticky bar floor with a sickening thud.

Swara-Sameer,ex-fiance & thief of dreams,stood next to Sanskar’s seat of Shame with her ex-best friend Avni,laughing over some private joke–probably Swara & humilation they’d forced upon her last week.
Swara’s fingers dug into the counter as Sameer leaned over to give Avni a kiss.
The whole room spun at the tender brush of lips.Suddenly & painfully sober,Swara curbed urged to crawl underneath the bar to hide & lick her wounds.

Damn it,what were they doing here?
Sameer had a business dinner scheduled for tonight,one that she was suppose to attend as his date b4 The Breakup.
She’d assumed that he would take Avni in her place,& they’d be too busy fornicating on the living room sofa afterward to show up at Felony.
Yet,here her stood with his hand in her ex-best friend’s back pocket,looking as if he was having the time of his life.

Thinking she might be sick,Swara hopped off the barstool & sprinted towards the restroom,abandoning her purse on the var counter.

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