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Rocking party and revengeful plottings next in BrahmaRakshas

Rishabh sings the romantic song and dances with Raina in the party. Raina could not stop herself and gives her hand to him. They both look made for each other. The dance performance becomes possible because of Bua Dadi. They dance on Tere Sang Yaara…. The party was thrown for Bua Dadi. Its their reception party. Raina had a bet with Rishabh that he will not sing well.


Raina did not know Rishabh will sing so well. Rishabh sings superbly and Raina loses the challenge. She feels irritated as she lost, but feels glad that he has sung such a good romantic song. They both get close by the challenge. Aparajita comes in the party and covers her face in the veil. She performs with the group dancers. Aparajita attacks Raina in the party. Aparajita hates Raina and wants to kill her. Raina faints in the party. Aparajita has come with BrahmaRakshas twist. She has attacked Raina while dancing. Aparajita says I have turned into devil. The lady BrahmaRakshas will be seen now. Keep reading.

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