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Robotic Love – (Part 17)

Hi, Im Aman… Not how Avni would usually start? Sorry about that… are you wondering why Avni has not uploaded in so many days? Actually she met with an accident (not car actually she tried to save someone) Our hero is in the ICU for a week now but 20 minutes ago she regained consciousness and said that she wants to write so I said that I will write for her… (Im not as good but just for a filler im fine) Precap-“sona” slaps dev
-Dev gets slapped-

Dev-*does not do anything, does not put his hand on this cheek or lift his head he just looks down* Im sorry, *a tear falls down his cheek, not because he got slapped but because he feels guilty* you can (from this point his voice gets a little heavy cause he had been controlling for so long) you can punish me if you like… I know that I broke my promise, I really don’t know why I said all that to you… I just, I felt really jealous… so jealous that I started doubting my most… my most prized possession… You can punish me however you like… just don’t take yourself away from me… *falls on his knees* I cannot imagine my life without you… I never thought I will say such a thing but… my life starts from you and will end the day you leave me *Till now his face was completely red but still he did not lift his head in front of his lady love*

“sona”- *Lifts dev by his shoulders* *he gets up on his feet, but is still looking down* You love her that much?
Dev-*Lifts his head NATASHA!! Tune mujhe thapad mara? Kyu? (You slapped me? Why?)
Natasha- Bus aise hi, but batao na… Tu use itna pyar karta hai? (Just like that)
Dev-Kamal ho… galat insaan ko sare emotions convey kardiye (Wow… I conveyed my emotions to the wrong person)
Natasha- Please tell na, you love her that much? Boys only cry for the girl they love and by love I mean live… and your face is red as tomato Sauce with 20 packets of blood red food coloring, which is a lot!!
Dev-*smiles* Ya I do… *he feels someone touch him from the back*
Person- I love you too… as much as you do…

Dev-*Smiles* sona?
Sona- Ya?
Dev-If you are not mad at me then chale? Agar nahi to me lut jayoga… (If you are not mad at me then should we leave? If not I will get bankrupt…)
Sona-Chalo (come on)
Dev-*pulls her in front* and starts walking
Sona- *limping*
Dev-*sees that and without saying anything stops and lets her step ahead and then picks her up* Congrats you gained some weight
Sona-Really? Woohoo!!
Dev-Per me kya hua? (What happened to your foot?)
Sona-Wo mudgaya… (It got twisted)
Dev-Today you are happy right? You did not stop me from picking you up…
Sona- Its romantic… and I expect you to be romantic on my birthday…
Dev-*is almost going to drop sona* Bi…birth…da…birthday *starts making high pitch noise*
-Natasha is running behind the love birds-
Natasha-Tuuu Bhuuuullll gayaa, muihe yaad tha sona!! *comes from behind and makes her wear a tiara*(Youuu forgotttt, I remembered!!)
Dev-*Perplexed look* Happy Birthday, mujhe yaad tha… Its your 21st birthday right? I don’t have a tiara but… *kisses her forehead* Will this work? (*Perplexed look* Happy Birthday, I remembered)
Sona- 22nd … but ya…
Dev-Ya what did I say? Lets go *keeps on walking*

-They reach-
Dev-*opens the door* *takes sona’s hand* Please
Sona- *smiles* *gets down*
Dev-*Starts walking*
Sona- *holds his hand*
Dev-*stops and looks back at her* sona?
Sona- *Pulls him and takes him under a tree*
Dev-sona… ye? (Sona… this?)
Sona-*hugs him really tight*
Dev-*kisses her forehead* Kya hua? (what happened?)
Sona- I love you…
Dev-Me too… but achanak se?(me too… but suddenly?)
Sona-Haan murahat aa gaya (ya.. it was the auspicious time)
Dev-Achaa… next one kab ka hai? I love it because I love it when you say I love you because I say I love again to you and above that I love it when the person I love talks…
Sona-*separates from his chest* wait, what?
Dev-Mujhe bhi samaj nahi aya (same tone as when sona said ma ma and dev realized and said “maine kiya… and I kind of liked it so that I kind of liked it tone)(I did not understand either)
Sona-Haha… chalo sab wait kar rahe hoge…
Dev-No… thoda aur rehte hai yaha pe.. waise bhi sab logo ko free ki prom mil rahi hai and a way to impress their girlfriend… they wont leave the chance(no… lets stay longer…. Anyway everyone is getting a free prom and a way to impress..)
Sona-They wont leave the chance… but opposite the girlfriends wont leave the chance to praise you and envy me…
Dev-That is what they like in girls they envy the right person…
Sona-haww… im so lucky that I don’t envy anyone so you don’t like me?
Sona-*her eyes fill up* ur so mean…
Dev-I don’t like you… I love you… this is not college crushes its true love
Sona-We are in college
Dev-No… we graduated and with that our love also graduated
Dev-Lets go…

-They enter-
Aashir- Oh god… Ayesha… this is another celebration ours is in the next field…
Ayesha- But… I… like… THIS ONE!! Whoever planned it is so sweet and you will never be able to plan like this… I WILL STAY HERE…

Aashir- ughh… fine do what you want… meet that person… date him and then marry him… and don’t forget to invite me in your 4th child’s mundan(head shaving) I want to see how evil you can be… I will do the same with his girlfriend… No boy will not do so much if his gf is not worth… *Leaves*
-Aashir bumps into Dev-
Dev-Hi man… I have a beautiful fiancé myself… I don’t think of cheating on an angel… I don’t want a criket team either… 4 bachas!! All bald!! So evil*touches his hair*
-Sona is laughing-falling on her funny bf-
Sona-*lifts her head*
Sona- huh? Oh!! Hi!!
Aashir- *looks at dev* This morning I met her and her bf seemed like Hitler to make such a beautiful girl cry… you don’t look like a Hitler
*Devakshi looks at Aashir and laugh*
Dev-Im not *hahahaha*
Sona- he is not Hitler he is like you… I can see that jealousy in you… and Abhi would be thinking that you are Hitler cause your gf is crying like me… go pamper her and I would love to have her here so cancel your other plans and stay here man… enjoy the celebration…
Aashir-Oh shit… *has tears in his eyes* what have I done!!
Dev-Its ok man… we are stupid… but stupidity is in fashion now go…
Aashir- ya… *runs back*
Hi im sorry i know that i cannot take her place… but I hope I could entertain you enough… will come back… till then love dove (it took me a lot of copying)

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