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Rishtey(Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 30

OMG 30th episode. Im really glad. And thanks to all my readers for your contineous support. Thank you so much. A big teddy hug to all. So I tried making it a bit special. Hope you will like it.

“he he he he” Ragini laughed like chudail sitting in car beside Manny. “God yar Ishan. She is scaring me. Aise kaun hasta hai yar” said Manny scared. “Chudail” said Ishan chuckling from driving seat. “Oye khabardar. Meri Ragu maa ko chudail bola tho” said Manny. “But she is really scaring me” said he closing his eyes. “Shut up Manny” said Suhani caressing Ragini’s hair worried. Radhika sat beside Ishan and Nitin followed them on his bike. Shruthi sat behind him.
Shruthi pressed the calling bell and Arjun opened the door. “Thank you Arjun. And sorry for troubling you” said Shruthi entering his house. “No that’s fine. Why have you become so formal Shru?” asked Arjun consoling her. “Where is she?” he asked. “Here she is” said Nitin who was walking lifting Ragini in his arms. “Muummaaa. Bahuth Thand hai. Fan bandh karo na” shouted Ragini with closed eyes when Nithin was still in the veranda. “Hey bhagwan. Take her inside first. She will wake up all the niegbours” said Suhani panicking. Ragini held Nitin’s shirt and shouted “Golu. Why have become so stiff today” after they reached inside and Radhika closed the door behind and stood with all. “Golu?” asked Nitin, Manny, Ishan and Arjun at a time surprised. “Wo wo her teddy bear” said Radhika embaressed. All of them controlled their laugh. “She still sleeps with a teddy bear?” asked Manny laughing holding his stomach. Suhani stood infront of him folding her hands and asked “So? What so funny in that? You also suck your thumb finger sometime in sleep still. Pratima aunty told me”


Manny controlled his laugh being embaressed. Everyone burst out laughing at revealation of Manny’s secret. Manny looked at Suhani glaring. She looked at with equal intensity and both were ready to fight. “Relax guys.” said Shruthi cooling both of them. Nitin placed Ragini on the sofa. She sat folding her legs and swinged front and back closing her eyes and smiled still closing her eyes. “Look at her. She is behaving like she got some medal” said Radhika looking at Ragini amused. “I got Medal?” asked Ragini like drunkard. Radhika hit her head with her palm. “Radhu maa.” called Ragini. “Hmmmm” said Radhika. “Listen na Radhu maa” said Ragini pouting. “I’m listening meri maa. Tell me.” said Radhika sitting beside her. “He he he I’m not teri maa. You are meri maa” said Ragini still smiling with closed eyes. “Okay mai teri maa. Tell me now” said Radhika folding her hands in a namaste. “Ish bhai is so cute na. After your kids are born. Still you both will love me so much?” asked Ragini keeping her head on Radhika’s shoulder. Radhika widened her eyes. Ishan who was drinking water spitted it and coughed badly. Everybody controlled their laugh looking at Radhika and Ishan’s embaressed faces. “Haa Ginu. Your Radhu maa and Ishan papa will love you so much even after they have a cricket team” said Shruthi controlling her laugh. Radhika galred her. “Sorry sorry” said Shruthi controlling her laugh. “Cricket team really?” asked Ragini looking up at Radhika. Radhika face palmed. Ishan was looking at them with confused face. “Haa Ginu” said Suhani sitting on her other side. “Tu tho chup hi reh Ani. You and Senior ji tho didn’t have your first kiss still. Kids also you both will decide after Rachu Pandit ji’s permission” said Ragini side hugging Suhani. Now Manny spit the water in his mouth and coughed and patted his head.

Now Ishan and Radhika bust out laughing and others joined them. “he he he he” laughed Ragini again. “She is looking so cute” said Shruthi holding Ragini’s chin. Ragini smiled widely. She held Shuthi’s chin and said “You also look cute when you blush while talking to Arjun over the phone” Shruthi widened her eyes. Water stuck in Arjun’s throat and he looked at Shruthi confused. All bust out laughing. “Arrey yar Nittu. Take her to room upstair. Isne sabke pol khol dene hai” said Ishan. When he was carrying Ragini upstairs Arjun told girls to sleep in the right side room. Manny and Nitin will share the guest room in the centre and Ishan and he will share a room on the left side. “And she will sleep alone?” asked Manny worried. “Don’t worry if she is alone she will fall asleep otherwise she will not sleep” said Radhika. “Golu?” said Ragini leaning to Nitin’s chest still close while he was climbing the stairs. He smiled at her pouting face which made her look damn cute. He placed her on the bed. Ragini was still holding his shirt which made him to fall upon her when he tried getting up. He looked at her innocent face. Their lips were just a millimeter away. Nitin controlled himself. He removed her hand from his shirt and stood straightening himself. As he turned to leave Ragini held his hands and said “Don’t go na Nittu please” He stopped and turned smiling. He sat beside her. “Ragu. You sleep” said Nitin caressing her hair. “No I want to talk” said Ragini getting up and sitting on the bed folding her legs. The frock she wore moved up and it showed her thighs. Nitin covered it on her knees and put a bedsheet around her legs. Ragini was swinging smiling with closed eyes. Nitin looked at her and smiled. “So what you want to talk?” he asked. “Kuch bhi” said Ragini swinging her hands in air. “Hmmm. How did you like my dance today?” asked Nitin. She hugged him leaning. She showed him something through her index finger when he was seeing in that direction she kissed his cheek just very near to his lips and said “Lovely. You danced like like like” she patted her finger on her head thinking.

Nitin got shocked due to her act He stared at her widening his eyes. He rubbed his cheek where she kissed him and blushed. “Like?” asked Nitin shrinking his eyes. “Like Like” she looked around trying to remember. “Haa like Mayi Ka Laal Jai Kishan” and smiled widely. “What?” asked Nitin shocked and confused. “Arrey wo Gora Chikna. Jiske sir se ek noodle ka strand Latak tha hai” she said making her hair strand in front of her face. “Aur wo. aise aise chalta hai” said Ragini stepping out of the bed and doing moon walk step. “Micheal Jackson?” asked Nitin. “Haa wahi” she said smiling and she stumbled and Nitin held her. “Awww You are so sweet Nittu. You save me everytime when I’m gonna fall. Will you hold me in your arms all your life whenever I stumble” asked Ragini touching his nose. “Hmmm” said Nitin and straightened her. “Oops” she said stumbling again and Nitin held her from her shoulders. “I fall so many times na. I’m a failure. I failed” said Ragini and started crying. “Ragu. Nothing like that babu. See. When you fall then only you will stand again na” said Nitin cupping her face. She smiled with tears in her eyes. “You know when those Mohit’s men were beating you how much I was scared. I thought he will kill you” said Ragini sobbing. “Forget that bad dream Ragu. He is gone and everything is fine” said Nitin consoling her. She asked confused”Really?” Nitin smiled and said “Hmmm”

“Now come sleep” said Nitin dragging her. She jeked his hand. “I want to dance” said Ragini stamping her foot like a kid. “Now?” asked Nitin shrinking his eye brows. She nodded her head like a kid. “All are sleeping Ragu. We cannot switch on the music” said Nitin pleading her. “Not here. We will go to terrace” said Ragini lifting her one hand up. “We will go in the morning Ragu not now please” said Nitin pleading her. “I want to go means I want to go” she said stamping her both the feets and started crying. “Shhhh shhh. Okay okay fine. Come let’s go” he said holding her wrist and tried to drag her. She stopped there only. Nitin turned and looked at her confused. She extended her hands signing him to pick her in his arms smiling widely with half closed eyes. Nitin nodded his head in disbelief and lifted her in his arms. “Happy now?” he asked. “More than happy” said Ragini leaning to his bare chest and encircled her arms around his neck. Luckily Nitin knew every corner of Arjun’s house as they are childhood friends. He reached terrace and made Ragini stand straight. “Did we reach Nittu?” she asked still encircling her arms around him. “Hmmm” said Nitin. “Now music” said Ragini.

He removed her hand from his neck. “Where to get the music from now?” asked Nitin confused. “I know. Give me your phone” said Ragini taking the phone from his pocket. Her vision was blur. She pressed on random song and increased the volume a bit. “Tum hi ho” from Aashiqui 2 movie starts playing.
Ragini started moving with the tune. But Nitin kept admiring her. She looked at him and asked what through eyes and he blushed and lowered his gaze. “Come on Nittu. Dance na” said Ragini holding his hand.

“Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte tere bina kya vajud mera
“Hum tere bin ab reh nahi sakte tere bina kya vajud mera
He remmebered how he heard her voice first time and got mesmerized and missed seeing her in the crowd
Tujhse juda agar hojayenge tho khud se hi hojayenge juda
How he searched her during the camp and in college
Kyunki Tum hi ho ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho

He remembered colliding with her for the first time and she landing in his arms and he seeing her in jwellery shop
Chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tumhi ho
He remembered how he heard her and recognized her during the match
He looked at her face. In the moon light it shone and her eyes twinkled.
When the voilin music plays Ragini dragged him and he stumbled but balanced standing very near to her
“tera mera rishta hai kaisa ek pal dur gawara nahi

She encircled her hands around his stomach and leaned touching his chest with her head. He was surprised initially but smiled later
Tere liye hai har roz hai jeete tujhko diya mera waqt sabhi
He encircled his hands around her shoulders and kept his chin on her head and smiled and inhaled the cool romantic breeze around and moved with the tune
Koi lamha mera ho na ho tere bina Har saans pe naam tera
Kyunki Tum hi ho ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tumhi ho
Tum hi ho….. tum hi ho………
Tere liye hi jiya mai khud ko jo yu dediya hai
He remembered Ragini slipping from his hand and then in ICU him trying to revive her back and a tear dropped from his eye
Teri wafa ne mujhko sambahala Sare ghamo ko dil se nikala
He remembered how she made him laugh believe in God and how they danced together
Tere saath mera hai naseeb juda Tujhe paake adhura na raha
She lifted her head and held his hand and made him to encircle it around her waist. And slowly slide her right hand across his chest and placed her hand on his shoulder and held his other hand in her hand. She leaned and touched his chest with her head and they moved to the tune.
Kyunki Tum hi ho ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tumhi ho
Kyunki Tum hi ho ab tum hi ho zindagi ab tum hi ho
Chain bhi mera dard bhi meri aashiqui ab tumhi ho

They departed from each other. Ragini kept her head on his shoulder and held his arm and slid her hand and joined her fingers with his fingers. Nitin held her hand firm not willing to let it go all his life. Ragini smiled closing her eyes and they stood below the shining stars and moon for few minutes.
“You know how much I got hurt because of you?” said Ragini. Tears flowed from her eyes and he felt it on his shirt. He looked at her and cupped her face worried. She sobbed and hugged him tight and said “You won’t leave me na?” A tear dropped from his eye which always happen whenever she cries. “Never” he said consoling her. “Promise?” she asked like a kid. “Pakka Promise” he said kissing her forehead.

Ragini suddenly remembered something. She found a bench near by. She climbed it and stood and shouted “Gaav walo” Nitin looked at her and hit his head with his palm. He said “Shhh Ragu. Sab log Jaag jayenge” Ragini kept her finger on her lips and said “Shhhh” Then she said slowly “Gaav walo. Yeh Nitin hai na Nitin. Isne mujhe bahuth rulaya hai.You know how much I cried. I didn’t even had Golu near me that time to sob. I ran to room nd cried like hell that day and all the other days remembering it till college reopened. It was so painful” And she sobbed. He looked at her confused. “So I’m commiting suicide now.” she said keeping one leg out of the bench and stumbled. Nitin held her and supported her to stand “And Nitin will go to Jail and he will be chakki peesing chakki peesing” she said enacting Veeru of Sholay movie with the famous tank scene. “What are you speaking Ragu. When did I make you cry?” asked Nitin confused. “That day when Shraa was sitting beside you when you were discussing Drama and when you both acted on stage.” said Ragini bending backwards indicating past. “Who is Shraa.

I don’t know anybody of that name. What drama yaar. I have done so many dramas on stage. But I never acted with anybody with the name Shraa seriously” said Nitin confused. “Arrey that day” said Ragini. “Which day?” asked Nitin. “That….” said Ragini and fell unconscious in his arms. He was hell confused thinking when did he made her cry and who is shraa. He lifted her and brought down and placed her on bed. He thought she is not in her senses that’s why she is talking like this. He covered her with a blanket and kissed her forehead. As he was walking out of the room Ragini said “I love you” Nitin’s heart stopped beating for a second and next second it beated fast. He could hear his heart beat. He looked back at her with eyes open wide. She held a pillow in her embrace and said again “I love you Golu” Nitin smiled and headed out closing the door. “And I love you Nitin, I really do” said Ragini still closing her eyes and a tear dropped from her eye and she dozed off.

“Ahhhh” said Ragini holding her head getting up from the bed. Nitin held the lemon juice infront of her and said “Drink this. You will feel better”
“Without brushing” she asked innocently. He smiled at her. “Haa” said Rdhika sitting beside her and making her drink the juice in a go. “Yuck” said Ragini making faces after she finished drinking. “Who told you get drunk when you cannot taste this” said Suhani sitting on other edge of the bed. “Tune tho hamari jaan nikal di thi” said Shruthi. “Aur Izzat bhi” said Manny under his breath. Ishan glared him to keep quite. “I got drunk. Seriously?” asked Ragini with popped out eyes. “Look at her she doesn’t even remember what she did” said Ishan. “And most horrible thing was you were laughing like a chudail” said Manny scared. “Senior ji” said Ragini in complaining tone. “Don’t call me that. And all get freshen up. We have to leave to home” said Manny instructing everyone to get ready to leave. “I will make breakfast. You people didn’t had dinner also” said Arjun. “No Arjun that’s ok. Kal Raat tho Paani se hi pet bhar gaya tha” said Ishan remembering night incidents. “What?” asked Ragini confused. “Ishan” saying Radhika glared at Ishan. “Nothing Gini. He is just joking” said Suhani avoiding the topic.

“So you blush when you talk to me over the phone?” asked Arjun standing behind Shruthi who was standing in kitchen heating chapati. She dropped the spatuala and looked at him. They had a cute eyelock. The cooker sound made them realize and both of them got emabressed. “Shru fast. Who takes so much time to heat a chapati. Ha if you romance while cooking it takes forever” said Suhani and winked at her. Shruthi blushed and ran out of the kitchen with dishes in her hand. Suhani smiled looking at Arjun. He blushed and caressed his hair and rushed out from there.
“No Radhu. Enough. This chapati is not soft I cannot eat more” said Ragini pouting. “Oh madam. I’m not Janaki Aunty. Now eat whatever I cooked” said Shruthi glaring her. “Ginu. Please bacha. See you have to manage with this today. Eat fast we have to leave” said Radhika holding the morsel infront of Ragini. “Wo nahi khayegi. Leave Radhu” said Suhani. “I will complain to mumma. Eat fast” said Nitin eating his chapati. “Okay okay I’m eating” said Ragini taking the morsel in her mouth. Nitin chuckeled. And Ragini glared him. Radhika opened her mouth in ‘o’ shape looking at Ragini. Ishan felt it strange but brushed his thoughts. “Abhi se ithne nakhre hai madam ke. Pregnency me tho sabki jaan nikaal degi” said Suhani. Nitin coughed badly as the food stuck in the wrong pipe listening to Suhani. Manny controlled his laugh looking at Nitin. “What happened Nittzz bro. Drink water” said Shruthi rubbing his back. Nitin cooled down and all finished their food.

“Thank you so much Arjun. It was so nice of you. We could manage only because of you” said Ishan while they were leaving. “Arrey dude not a problem. I’m glad I could help you people” said Arjun. Shruthi who walked front, turned and looked at him and smiled blusing and tucking her hair behind the ear. Ragini looked at her and smiled. And all of them headed home
How was it. So guys tell me now which is your favorite part or dailogue. As my ff name is Rishtey I would like to know whose bonding you like the most. Where should I improve to give you people better updates. Please drop in your valuable comments. Love you all keep smiling. OMG I still cant believe I completed 30 chapters. Yeppie. And how was this update? Romantic?

And I will try to update next part this week otherwise after Deepavali only. Happy Diwali in advance. Thank you all once again and love you all. Keep smiling.

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