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Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Promo

Radhika and Shruthi are standing opposite to each other
Radhika: She is my Gini and I know what is better for her
Shruthi: Try to understand Radhu. Don’t make it difficult for her
“Gaaav walo…..” screams Ragini standing on the bench. Nitin hits his head.
“I liked her” said Yashodha caressing Nitin’s hair. He blushes and hugs her.
“And the winner of college election for President is…………” the college radio buzzed and Ragini is praying closing her eyes.
“Ragu wait” Nitin is calling Ragini who is running without listening to him
“ I deserve this Gini, I cannot even tell him that I love him. And we are in this only for our parents” Shruthi says tears in her eyes
Rachna and Kabeer are getting engaged. “Kabeer….” Says someone. The ring drops from his hand.
“Ani……” screams Manny sitting in between the road.
“Radhu please” screams Ishan to Radhika who is running crying.
Shruthi and Arjun’s engagement happens.

Nithin holds Ragini’s elbow drags and turns her and his nail pierced her skin. Ragini is wincing in pain and closed her eyes and tears flow from Nitin’s eye. He touches her head with his head and closes his eyes. Both of them cry bitterly.
Varun removes his goggles standing outside airport. Ragini cries hugging Yashodha.
“Shekar” shouts Tej. “I want my daughter back Latha. Get her please” says Pankaj and cries hugging Latha.
Varun and Nitin holding each others collar with full rage. “Do you even know what her happiness is” asks Nitin to Varun with tears in his eyes. “I know what her heart wants” says Varun controlling his emotions.


Nitin and Ragini are standing in mandap and flowers fall over them. “It is said that on marriage day if flower falls on the unmarried people their marriage will happen soon” says Sujatha laughing. Both of them look at each other painfully.
“Varun, I want to wear our engagement ring”says Ragini with determined face.
“Whatever you are doing beta it’s wrong” says Shalini caressing Ragini’s cheek. Ragini hugs her and sobs.
“Shekar please listen to me” Janaki is pleading Shekar.
“I love you” Nitin says.
Shekar slaps Aniket. “I will not stop telling truth” says Aniket holding his cheek.
Just a small attempt to make a promo. Hope you liked it. This is final promo. And I will come back after Deepavali with next update of Rishtey. Next week I will give only Guilt updates. I will try to update one chapter next week.

Keep smiling.

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