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Rishtey (Meaning of Relationships) Chapter 22 {Swaragini, Suhani Si Ek Ladki)

“Gini…..” screamed Shekar getting up from his sleep. Janaki worried and looked at him. “Ji. What happened?” she asked worried. “Jaan I want to speak to Gini. Now” he shouted. “Okay okay cool” she said and dialed Ragini’s number.
“Ouch” screamed Radhika when her finger got hurt while she was cutting some thread. “Careful Jaan” said Ishan from his place. She licked her finger and continued her work. Her heart was feeling restless. She was confused. She came out of her thought as her mobile started ringing. She saw it was Janaki’s number. She picked it up smiling and answered “Haa Janu. Tell me.” Shekar spoke from the other end in cracking voice “Ra…. Radhu…. where is Gini. She is not picking the call where is she?” Radhika sensed his anxiety. “Woh uncle Gini just left her phone at home and she is gone to her friend’s house. I will call her and tell her to call you.” she said. “Okay beta” said Shekar and disconnected the phone. Janaki kept her hand on his shoulder and asked “What happened Ji? Again bad dream?”

“I don’t know Janaki I’m feeling restless. I saw Gini is walking backward in a dark place. Suddenly she was falling down and there was blood all around her. This was strange” he said caressing his neck cooling his senses, but his restlessness did not disappear. Janaki looked at him worried. She prayed his fear not to become true.
His heart pained. Nitin collapsed on the floor with his eyes opened. He got up and tried to jump. Shruthi ran to the spot and saw Ragini in pool of blood, she was horrified. She held Nithin saying “Bhai please. We have to take her to hospital. Think logically”. She cried and consoled him. They ran downstairs. Nithin lifted Ragini; her head rested on his chest where his heart was thumping and tried to come out. He looked at her tears flowing from his eyes and ran as fast as he could. They rushed to the hospital. Nitin kept her in his embrace all the way. Shruthi looked at them teary eyed. “This is all because of me. I’m the worst person in the world. I doubted on my Gini. I don’t have rights to call her so. I’m all alone now and I deserved it” she closed her eyes. Nithin took her inside the hospital and placed on stretcher. The nurse and attenders rushed as the Inspector called them as it was emergency and took her inside an ICU.


Nitin kept staring at the direction with null expression on his face. Only his eyes were swollen and widened due to the tears. He collapsed on a chair like a lifeless body. Shruthi sat beside him keeping her hand on his shoulder and cried. He did not move an inch.
“Where are we going?” asked Ragini to Nitin as soon as he started driving. “Shhh. It’s a secret” said Nitin while driving. “But tell me at least how much time it will take?” said Ragini pouting. “Ohho. So much you talk yaar. And we will reach in 10 minutes. Don’t worry I’m not kidnapping you” said Nitin chuckling. “Very funny” said Ragini turning other side. After some time they reach their destination. Ragini gets out of the car and stands beside Nitin in front of a Gurudwara. “Woow” exclaimed Ragini looking at the divine structure in front of her. The white color of the Gurudwara and the bhajan songs soothed her. She closed her eyes to inhale the fresh and divine air of the atmosphere. She bent to touch the stair as she was entering it. Nitin dragged her. “Ohho dumbo don’t waste your time doing all this. See they have started serving the Prasad. It will get over if we did not reach on time” said Nitin running holding her wrist. “Are you mad?” asked Ragini confused. “Yup. I’m mad for Prasad. It is one of the best Prasad in our city” said Nitin stopping at the queue for Prasad. Ragini looked at him weirdly. “Hmm it’s yummy” said Ragini biting the first byte of the Prasad. “I told you” said Nitin eating like he has never eaten from ages. Ragini saw a old woman struggling to lift a utensil and she ran to her and helped her. Nitin saw it and smiled at her generosity. “What?” asked Ragini when she caught him smiling looking at her. “See your GOD’s justice. How many people are suffering” said Nitin showing the old and handicap people. “My GOD?

He is your GOD too” said Ragini smiling. “I don’t believe in GOD. I just come here to have Prasad ok” said Nitin denying. Ragini smiled at his childish behavior. “GOD is not responsible for their situation. Their own Karma is responsible” said Ragini. “Ahhh don’t start your Upanishad now please” said Nitin folding his hands. “This is the problem of modern education. You love India but refuse to appreciate the ancient India’s knowledge. You are still in British clutches. And whatever Upanishad says is true only. And if you people suffering, you might also see people helping. It’s all their Karma which decides their destiny, not GOD. Don’t blame GOD for it. Yup he is most powerful but he is not a magician” said Ragini with fake anger.

“Then why do you pray?” he asked countering her. “Because prayer connects me to HIM and if my wishes are genuine, he will surely make some way to fulfill it” said Ragini casually. “Okay okay matha cool down now” said Nitin folding his hands in Namaste. Both of them burst out laughing.

“So guys. Put your hands up. Let’s make this party preperation more interesting.” said Manny switching on the music system. “Here comes Ragu maa’s fav song”
Manny: Haaye dil mera jaise koi dish antenna tha, free ka bhi koi channel chalta hi na tha (He held Suhani and drags her and she lands on his chest blushing)
Jud na de wire kahi signal bhi na tha, Haryana mere liye Argentina tha (He kissed her blushing cheek)
Kabeer: Dil ko mere hai jane tune kaise di direction (Kabeer hits Rachna with his shoulder)

Ishan : Ab naino ke tv me hai bas tera hi reflection
Kaun jaane tera mera kaisa hai connection (Ishan drags Radhika to dance with him and both of them dance on beats)
Manny, Ishan & Kabeer : Lag gaye 440 volt chune se tere
Lag gaye 440 volt chune se tere chune se tere chune se tere chune se tere Lag gaye 440 volt chune se tere
All of them were dancing madly.

Radhika’s phone ringed. She excused herself from everyone to pick the call.
“Hello Radhika” spoke Shruthi in cracking voice. Radhika did not answer. She was about to disconnect the call but stopped as Shruthi spoke “Please listen to me once, for Gini’s sake”. “Tell me” said Radhika coldly.

The mobile slipped from her hand and she collapsed on floor screaming “Gini…..” and started crying bitterly. Rachna, Kabeer, Manny, Suhani and Ishan ran to her hearing her scream. Ishan sat beside her and took her in his embrace and asked “Radhu. What happened why are you crying?” She told what happened and burst into bitter cry. Manny stumbled hearing it. Kabeer held him and prevented him from falling. He looked at Kabeer and hugged him crying badly. Suhani and Rachna were dumbstruck. Rachna held the sofa and sat on it crying. Suhani was not moving at all.
“We are trying our best. There are multiple fractures and infection is spreading in her body parts” said Doctor to Shruthi. Nitin was still sitting in the same position staring into infinity.
“Doctor Mehta. Patient’s pulse is dropping dangerously” came a nurse voice which caught Nitin’s attention. “No no no” he screamed and got up and ran to the ICU pushing every single person on his way. He jumped over a stretcher which was blocking his way. He ran as he had only a minute left of his life. He pushed the attendants inside the ICU and ran and stood near Ragini who was pierced with multiple devices and was on ventilator system. He saw the graph on a monitor which tracked her heart beat which had a line and which was moving faintly. He leaned to her and touched her cheek with his right hand. He started tearing. “No no no. You cannot leave me and go. Remember you told me you will not leave me.

How can you break your promise? I promise I will not call you Dumbo. I used to tease you to just get your attention. Please. Please don’t go. You know how much I was waiting to meet you from yesterday after I dropped you home. I…. I thought to tell you what I feel for you. You know when you read the report in camp that day from that moment I have started feeling for you but before I could see you. You disappeared in crowd and I kept searching for you like mad. When I came across you many times my heart wished it to be you. You fulfilled its wish when I heard you again during volleyball match. You made me feel alive again, you taught me to smile and enjoy my life. And your tears made me cry. I thought I will propose you after your exams. See I did not tell you my feelings also. I…. I…. I love you Ragu I love you” he said in a cracking voice. Hot tears flowed from his face. He didn’t even imagine in his wildest dreams that he will confess his feelings like this.

But it was nothing compared to the pain his heart was going through. She was still unconscious. He took her hand which had a machine attached to it and placed it on his heart. Dr. Shalini (Smita Bansal) who was attending Ragini; stopped the ward boys who came to drag him. She kept looking at them. “See. You are feeling it na. I know you are feeling it. My…. My heart is still beating. How can your heart stop? No Ragu get up please. Every time you understand my heart without me saying anything and fulfil its wishes. Now please don’t go see my heart is pleading you. You can hear it na…” he said and his heart started beating fast. He pressed her hand. “No no. Get up Ragu. Please. I cannot live without you. I….. I cannot please. Don’t go away from me please” he said and his voice was choking. His throat pained and he leaned touching her forehead and burst into a bitter cry.

The people around had tears in their eyes. When his tears fell on her face a drop of tear escaped her closed eye as if her heart was feeling the pain of his heart and it was struggling to beat again; the line on the monitor started spiking again and making beep noise faster. Ragini moved and started breathing again. Nitin sensed her hand movement and opened his tearful eyes and looked at her face. Dr. Shalini wiped her tears surprised and told the nurse to get an injection. She moved Nitin forcefully and pleaded him to go out. He started walking backward and headed out of ICU. He saw a Ganesh ji idol kept at the entrance and moved to it without his knowledge. He collapsed on his knees. He held his hand in Namaste and started crying and keeping his folded hands near his lips.

“You will believe in GOD someday. I’m pretty much sure about it” said Ragini smiling. He came out of past and uttered “Thank you. Thank you Bappa” and bent crying bitterly. Shruthi who was standing at far noticed it and cursed herself for Ragini’s condition. “Oye not best friend bestest friend” Ragini’s voice ringed in Shruthi’s ears. She closed her eyes not able to control her pain. “I lost my bestest friend, Nitzz bro and mumma. I deserve this. I don’t deserve anybody in my life” she cried thinking and collapsed on floor. Her phone ringed. She picked it up without noticing the caller. “Hello” saying she sobbed. “Shru. Why are you crying” asked the person on the other end. “Arjun wo….” she narrated whatever happened. “I’m
coming there wait” he said and disconnected the call.
I don’t know whether you people like it. Just drafted in a hurry. Hope you people like it.

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