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Realization….os. Part 1

Hii guys…….this is my first os…….then I’ll start my ff……….Nd Nd Nd
THANMY Di……….again hpy birthday………..even to POOJAMA…………
Soooooo let’s start……………….

A large mansion is shown and a girl is seen crying vigorously. She is having vermilion in her head and mangalautra in her neck.She is revealed to be twinkle.In the same room ,a man is shown sitting on the couch looking at the girl with a lot of pain in his eyes.He is none other than our handsome hunk Kunj.He even had some tears in his eyes looking at twinkle.


T: Uv I never expected that you will do something like this.I thought you loved me but u only loved my money. I married to kunj only for my parents but now I now I know that he is better than you . I HATE YOU Uv……….Nd saying that she broke into tears.
Uv : Look baby doll I know that I have always loved your money.And since now u r married to kunj.Then I don’t need u.So pls.
Kunj was witnessing all this.Looking twinkle in that state kunj couldn’t control and started beating Uv. Kunj when 1st saw twinkle, he had fallen for her but when he came to know about Uv he had no others option than to marry her.


Kunj came to twinkle.
K : Twinkle…..
But she was crying.
Kunj left her and went to the couch.
It has been a month since their marriage but twinkle couldn’t forget Uv. She tried her best. Their family had left for a 10 day trip a day before. They were alone.

Next morning
Twinkle got up and saw kunj sleeping on the couch.She made the breakfast and kunj after having it left for the office.When he returned the house caretaker Ramu kaka told him that tw hadn’t eaten anything.Kunj took the food Nd went in the room and sat beside her.
K: Twinkle…..pls have it
T: Kunj… I am not hungry..pls
K: Twinkle !!! Will you please stop it … He shouted his lungs out.
Twinkle just looked at him.
K: U r crying for a person who has given you so much pain ……Are u crazy….. Listen…… I can’t afford to loose you …..get that…….have it ri8 now……
Twinkle saw the pain, care , love in his eyes.
He left the food beside her and went and sat on the couch.
Twinkle went to him and sat beside him (and and and ………..u know what ) and hugged him.( Yes guys their first hug ) kunj was shocked. He didn’t know how to respond.She hugged him tighter ,more tighter…..and more and more.Finally kunj hugged her back. He asked her to go Nd change.She quietly went inside the washroom. Kunj quickly opened his shirt and sat there shirtless.When Twinkle returned , she didn’t notice kunj being shirtless and again hugged him.
K said whispering: Twinkle….you know ….why I am not wearing my shirt…….
This was the time when she first noticed that he was not wearing his shirt. She tried to move apart but kunj held her waist and puller her towards himself.They shared a small eyelock.
K : You were clutching my shirt so tightly that I thought that you will tear my favorite shirt……….now even if u clutch me…….I have so tight muscles that they will not tear………..??
Listening to kunj…. Twinkle first looked at him in shock but later …..they both burst out laughing…….

Next morning

Twinkle woke up and saw kunj sleeping peacefully.She went towards him and started caressing his hair. She noticed his bare body. His 6 pack abs, his broad shoulders . He looked like a perfect Greek god.
Twinkle thought : He’s so smart. This is the 1st time I have noticed him. He has such a nice body that any girl can easily fall for him. I have always wasted my time thinking of that bl**dy Uv and here i have got a husband who has always supported me.He cares for me so much. I am feeling like hugging him again.STOP IT Twinkle!!! What the hell are you thinking…… You have hurted him so much. He will never like you. He is just fulfilling his duties.
Twinkle went towards him and kissed his forehead ( ohhhooo 1st kiss ) and left the room.
Ohk now in 2nd part

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