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Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 11 )


Chapter 11- Her Tricks


Royal Palace , Dilli-

The sun had already set , it was a tiring day for Razia , she had a lots of issues to go through , yet , another thing was left , the conspiracy. Razia asked a servant to call Yakut , so that she could play chess with him . Well , chess was just an excuse.
“Hi , finally , you’re free I guess.” Yakut asked while settling down , beside Razia “You were telling me something this morning ?” Razia did not waste much time and came straight to the point. “Ameenudin and Sharif Mehmood! This time , it’s to assassinate you.” Yakut finally replied , without caring to hide his growing anger . “Yakut , calm down , I and you , both know that I’ll handle this.” Razia tried to assure him , to which ,he just hmmed .

It was late at night when someone knocked the doors of Ameenudin’s house , since his wife wasn’t at home and it was late at night , he was compelled to open the doors himself , as soon as he opened the door , he found royal guard waiting out side “Come fast , the Sultan wants to meet you now.” and these words from the guard’s mouth was enough for all his sleepiness vanish away in a blink “A…eh…yes yes , please.’ with those words , Ameenudin followed the guard , locking the doors behind.

“It’s a grave issue Ameenudinji , and in such a case , I can only trust you.”Razia said , making the most innocent face she could , to make Ameenuddin believe that she blindly trusts him. Ameenuin laughed victoriously in his mind , but kept his expressions sincere. “I see , Sultan , but ..how can I help , you.” “Well , before you go further , let me reveal some shocking facts , first , your dear friend , Sharif is also involved and the second and most hurtful one , he had already planned to crown himself as the Sultan an kick every minister , including YOU out of the court . And the most important one , he’s having an affair with….with you wife.” Razia stated with a neutral expression , successfully hiding her smirk by seeing Ameenudin’s expressions change from serious to furious and hurt , the man really loved his wife .”This can’t be true.” he said in a low , broken , voice. Razia cleared her throat and replied , “I am sorry , but , my spies can’t have the wrong information.”

Razia’s POV-

I kept my face intact , well , nothing was false , except that Sharif wanted to throw out Ameenudin , Sharif was having an affair with Ameen’s wife , well , serves these pigs right. Now , I don’t need to do much , Ameenudin would leave no stone unturned to kill Sharif. Ameenudin left my chamber hastily , feeling extremely tiered , I drifted into a sweet , yet no a deep slumber.

Royal Palace , Ajabgarh-

The night seemed to be long , too long , neither Fatimah , nor Nasir could find even a hint of sleep in their respective eyes. Fatimah kept tossing and turning in her bed ,until sleep overpowered her. While , on the other hand , Nasir was starring at the starry night sky , while a mysteriously mischievous smirk played on his handsome face.
What’s going on in Nasir’s mind? Guess .guess and keep guessing.

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