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Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 7)

Chapter 7 – The Queen Who Ruled!

Royal Palace , Dilli-


It was a new day for Dilli , Razia was busy attending the court ,”Sultan I have some recommendations on the pattern of taxes to be imposed from the next year “Ranpal said , raising from his place , he was as old as Iltimush might had been if were alive and supported and loved Razia as his own daughter.”Razia looked into his eyes with a frown , she knew that the pattern had already been set , then it meant only one thing , he had some secret information “I see !” she gave a mere reply , that sounded absolutely normal.
It was late evening , when Razia and Yakut were playing chess in Yakut’s chamber , “So , it seems as if I am going to win today finally.’ Yakut looked expectantly at his move , Razia gave a smirk “Better next time!” with those words , she made her move “Check Mate , and I am the winner again.” she proudly declared , Yakut could only chuckle . “Well , time to be serious now . Another conspiracy against me.” Razia finally came to the point , Yakut raised an eyebrow questioningly “Another?” he asked “This is my sultanate , my country , my regime and..my game , all others are just pawns !’ Razia said , in a determined voice and a smirk , something was definitely cooking up in her sharp mind. Yakut rolled his eyes , he knew that these were though not very much a matter of concern , yet , he wanted to find it’s root , a permanent solution was needed. “But , who informed you?” Yakut asked , a bit suspicious , “Ranpaalji , of course.” Razia replied . But her mind drifted back to her next move.
Ajabgarh Royal Palace-

Nasir was enjoying his tranquility in his chamber , sipping the cooling drink , given to him when a melodious song stuck his ear. He was enchanted by the voice , he quickly got out of his chamber and concentrated on the voice , it was coming from the second floor of the palace , without wasting a minitute , he followed it , to his surprise , on reaching there , he found out the song , that seemed to be a devotional song was coming from Fatimh’s chamber.

I know late and an extremely short update but , I am a bit busy this week , please pardon me.

Precap – Nasir finds Fatimah singing the devotional song. On the other hand , Moizudeen is revealed.

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