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Raglak Unchain of my heart (Part 3)

Hello fellas we r here with unchain of my heart part 3
One month passes and manik is back from Delhi
Ragini is being weak bcz manik mom make ragini work full day and in night manik make her intimate with her forcefully her life become hell she can’t think now only living her life like a robot
Ragini knew everything about manik and her mom now

** Flashback **
Ragini hear manik mom talks
Shreya- are yes manik only marry her bcz of money they have large amount of money and also a full time maid
Manik is in Delhi when he come ragini tell him all things and manik beat her and tell her to interfere in there life as she is now his personal fulfilling maid which i can use anytime
Ragini slap him
Ragini- first time raising my voice infront of you and that a slap shows u ur mistake


**Flashback ends**
Ragini is working in kitch
en suddenly she faint manik is just passing from there and see ragini fainted he take her to room and sprinkle some water on her face
But she didn’t open her eyes so manik call doctor
Doctor inform them that ragini is pregnant .
Manik shock
Shreya come and ask manik what happen ?

Manik- ma soon as possible make her abort her child
Shreya- tomorrow I will kill ur so called baby and manik I think her work is done now do what u want at last and then throw her somewhere
Manik- yes ma last time I will feel her
They smirk and make ragini to went to hospital
And make her abortion.
After one week

Ragini was resting her head on couch. She is silently weeping at her fate, how destiny played cruel game with her. She came in sense with knocking on door.
Manik came inside with bear bottle in his hand. He lustfully started to see her, her curves are visible to him.
Manik; Ragini, come here.
Ragini: vo manik ji, what happen?
Manik: who gave you right to question me? Remember I am your husband only I have right to speak.

She silently nodded, and move toward him.
He held wrist.
Manik: you are looking so s**y, I can’t able to control myself.
Ragini: pls not today, I am not feeling well.
He harshly slapped her , as a result she fall down. He came on top of her.
Manik: now you have to bear result for your no to me.

He started to bite her lips and neck. She tried to push him.
Ragini: pls leave me.
Manik: you bl**dy, keep your mouth shut or result will be more worse than it.
He started to remove her cloth , in this process he dig his nail inside her skin. She winches in pain but not open her mouth.
He bite all over her body, not even single part from where blood is not coming.
At last he sleep in that position itself, she not tried to push him.
Every night he continued to rape her, now she also gave up.
One day

She run from manik clutches .. and rush to airport While going airport, she started to feel dizzy. She going to fall but nick of time some hand save her.
Voice: are you mad? Do anyone walk like this or you are drunk?
Before he could ask more question, she closes her eyes.
Voice; hello , what happen?

Precap- laksh and ragini intimate in their drunkard situation. ??

Credit: #gabti

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