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Raglak os – ( must read)

There was a girl and a boy. 
Girl: We Are Best Friends, Right? 

Boy: Yes, Of Course.
Girl: So Be Honest With Me, Who Do You Like?
Boy: No One. I Love Someone.
Girl: Oh, She Must Be Very Lucky..
Boy: Definitely. I’ve Loved Her,
Ever Since I Met Her.
Girl: Really? Well, Since We’re Best Friends,
I Wanna Meet Her. Go Call Her. 


Boy: Oh Okay.
Boy Takes Out His Phone,Dials Her number And Phones Her… 

Girl: Wait, Hold On I Think I’m Getting A Call. 
Answers The Phone
Boy: I Love You… 
The boy is laksh and the girl is ragini??
Girl- what ??
Laksh- yes I love u and will do till my last breath
Song in bg
Source vala paisa Vale love
Hota h Jo lafz se jyada paise vala love ishq vala love
Ragini stand and kiss laksh on his lips
Laksh make her sit on his lap and make her sit like this that his legs r getting broad and her. Ones r in middle
Ragini- luv u too
After 10 years
Laksh daily sent roses to ragini
And ragini daily praise them
One day laksh went to a fight bcz he is in army
And he died
Still daily roses come
So ragini went to florist and ask who is sending me this
Florist – mam ur husband paid this flowers money in advance
Ragini cry

*** Love someone beyond limits***

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