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RagLak FF: Teri Meri Love Story (Episode 1)

Episode 1:
Hello everyone, it’s me Halima back with a new Fanfiction. Actually, I thought to try something new. After a Swaragini Fanfiction, I will write one based on RagLak or SwaSan and this time RagLak have been chosen. So after this RagLak Fanfiction, a Swaragini Fanfiction is being prepared and after that one it’s a SwaSan and then a Swaragini again…

Now this Fanfiction will be written and told in Ragini’s POV, Lakshya’s POV and My POV 😛 I’m the third person 😆

Anyways Ragini Aur Lakshya Ki love story mein Halima ka Kya kaam? I’ll disappear right now but will be back when my POV comes 😂😝
Kolkata, 2010:
Why is Kolkata so beautiful? I love every aspects of Kolkata. At night, it looks the best, I mean it’s so dreamy. Anyways, let me introduce myself, I’m Ragini… Ragini Shekhar Gadodia and I came to Kolkata a week ago and I joined the local college. Maa says she heard that it has bad reputation. But I will see how it goes. Today is my first at in college. I’m nervous but I know I can do it.

“Ragini, where are you?!” My sweet Maa shouted as she walked in.

“Maa, calm down… I’m ready.” I said while standing up from my bed.

“Beta, your not going there, the internship is much better than the college.” Maa said.

But I knew she was worried for me.

“Maa, don’t worry… nothing’s going to happen.” I assured.

“Maa, I’m going to meet Papa and Shomi Maa in the evening.” I said and waited for her to react.

“It’s better to go there than this college.” Maa said looking restless.

You must be thinking who my Maa is… well all of you must’ve guessed by now. Its Janki… meri sweet and Pyaari Maa.

I walked towards Maa and took her blessings. She worriedly blessed me and sighed.

I told her to relax and headed out.

Hahaha… now I’m back, ab meri point of view Ki Bari 😆

So let me get on… I don’t want tomatoes and eggs thrown at me 😬

Scene shifts to a mansion. A boy is shown getting ready in front of the mirror. He is looking hot 😝

He is wearing black chinos with… he wouldn’t turn 😳 I’ll come back to his shirt.

He is wearing Nike air max trainers with a black leather bomber jacket.

He is fixing his hair at the moment. He finally turns and is revealed to be our Lakshya who is looking hot. And he’s wearing a plain white t-shirt. He walks out with style and clashes with someone.

“Kya aap bhi!” Lakshya says sounding frustrated.

“It was you!” A new voice is heard.

“Come on… me? No, it was you… Kya Bhai, you ruined my style.” Lakshya complains.

The person he clashed with is revealed to be Sanskaar.

“You’re getting late, I’ll catch you in the evening.” Sanskaar says and leaves.

“I’m glad it wasn’t DugguBai, or else he would’ve pointed out 10 things and taunt me over and over again like a repeat telecast.” Lakshya says as he walks out.

A woman is shown giggling and comes out after Lakshya leaves.

“Lakshya bhi Na…” The woman says and turns.

She is revealed to be Sujata.

“Jiji! Jaldi aye, we have to leave for the temple.” Sujata shouts and walks down.
Uff, I love college life, it’s actually the best feeling if you live up to it. Being bad is awesome, rebelling is amazing… let me introduce myself. I’m Lucky… known as Lakshya at home.

But mostly, I’m known as Lucky and I’m a happy go lucky and a tension free person. They also call me a bad boy but what can I do? They give me so much respect and love… they even call me a heartthrob but I don’t chase women. Sorry. I believe woman make you go weak because of their emotional drama and some use you for money. There’s not even a single good women I met other than my mother, my Chachi and my sister…

Being a bad boy is easy, all you have to do is rebel and make your own rules. Don’t mistaken me to be a gangster, there’s a difference.

I finally entered my college, I can see all the girls looking at me. As I walk inside, I saw Kavya, my friend approaching me.

“Lucky, where have you been? We were waiting for you… we caught a new fish, come meet it.” Kavya said and winked at me. I understood

Ohh, new fish? Now which benjhi have they caught?

“Let’s see which fish you caught for me…” I joked.

Kavya laughed and then got serious.

“Don’t keep that fish!” Kavya warned.

I simply smiled and both of us headed to that new fish.
Ugh… I thought it was the teachers but it’s the students who made this colleges reputation go bad. Why aren’t they letting me go? Aaj let me also meet their so called ‘leader’. I will sort him out!

I waited with my arms crossed. Hadh hai yaar… they still rag, but mein dikhti simple hoon but vaise ladki Nahi hoon! Aur aise vaise ladki bhi Nahi hoon.

I’m simple but I can stand up for myself. I’m shy but I’m also brave. I don’t talk much but I stand against injustice. Where is their leader?!

I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned. It’s the same curly hair guy that stopped me earlier.

“Kya!” I angrily shouted.

That guy moves out of the way and another boy was standing. He had his sunglasses on and he took them off with style. He then examined me while I glared at him.

“He’s your leader?!” I asked while looking at the curly hair guy.

The curly hair guy nodded yes and I looked back at their leader. I couldn’t control my laugh and bursts out laughing. All looked on with a surprised expression. The people who were going past even stopped. I looked at their leader and couldn’t stop laughing. He’s their leader?

Their leader was giving me the confused looks.

“Why are you laughing?” The curly hair guy asked me.

“He…” I managed to say and pointed at their leader and continued laughing.

“Lucky, is she gone mad?” The girl in pink knee length dress said as she looked at the leader.

So his name is Lucky, that made me laugh even more.
Why is she laughing? Is she laughing at me?! I glared at her and she tried controlling her laugh but couldn’t.

“He’s your leader?” She asked while laughing.

Rudra, the curly hair guy nodded yes.

She controlled her laugh and started breathing.

“I thought some strong and okay looking guy will come as your leader but this…?” She said as examining me.

“This makkhi is your leader? Arey, have you seen him? His body looks so weak and it looks like he hasn’t slept for days. Even you would suit as a leader…” She said to Rudra after insulting me.

How dare she call me a makkhi… she’s the first ever girl who insulted Lucky. I held my fisted while others laughed.

“And you call him Lucky? What kind of name is that? I have a better nickname, his nickname should be Makkhi!” The girl insults and laughs a little.

What is she trying to say? I’m not strong?! She hasn’t seen my muscles so she can’t say anything yet and what did she say? I’m not okay looking guy? How dare she insult me.

“Listen! Enough is enough!” I angrily said as I glared at her.

She looked at me and then looked at Rudra.

“Arey, he looks like a innocent and seedha guy… I thought you said your leader is coming but he… nah” She said and kept examining me.

I could hear the girls and people gasping. She’s tarnishing my image!

“I don’t have time for this, I’m leaving…” She said and turned.

I went forward angrily and grabbed her hand and turned her towards me. Her expressions changed as she came close to me. She seemed like she’s not comfortable with me being close to her.

“What’s your name?!” I asked huskily.

“Ra…Rajni…” She said as she moved back and looked down.

“Rajni?” I asked.

The bell rang at the wrong moment, she left with everyone. She has to pay for this heavy insult!
Lakshya then leaves and Kavya looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap: Camping… Ragini apologises to Lakshya in front of everyone… Lakshya surprised…
I was bored so I wrote this…

Do comment and tell me your opinion on this…

Should I continue or not?

And RagLak fans… can you guess why Ragini apologises to Lakshya? 😉

I don’t know how long this would be…

This does have SwaSan in it but it’s mainly RagLak…

Do tell me your POV on this 😜

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