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Raglak-ek kahani do lafzon ki (episode 1)

Hi guys I am Siddhi back with a new Ff on Raglak.

Character sketch


Laksh Maheshwari-He is a famous lawyer of kolkatta.

Ragini Gadodia-She is a beautiful girl.

Laksh is seen in his office and Ragini is in her beautiful big home.

Laksh and Ragini are Facebook friends and have never seen each other.

They are talking in social site.

Laksh types

“We are friends from past 2 months but still I have never seen you.”
Ragini types

“Hmmm so let’s meet at Green Park hotel.I would wear a blue saree.”

Laksh types


Laksh smiles and starts working.

The next day both leave to go to green park hotel.

Ragini reaches first and Laksh identify her.

Laksh:So you are Ragini Gadodia?


Laksh:I am Laksh

Ragini:I never thought that I will get a friend like you.

Laksh:Me too

Ragini:If I am not wrong then you are famous lawyer of kolkatta?

Laksh:Yeah dear

Ragini:Wow I am really lucky

Both talk and.laugh with each other.

Laksh:Let’s go.

They both leave from hotel and while they go to parking plot Ragini slips and Laksh catches her by waist.Both get into eyelock.

The eyelock breaks

Laksh:Are you fine?


Laksh drops Ragini and leaves.

Next day Laksh is going in court for his case.He is driving the car when a man shoots the tire and the car gets out of control and hits the tree.

Laksh gets unconscious and his head starts bleeding.Ragini was going from there and sees Laksh ad gets shock.


She tries to wake him up.She calls ambulance but it would take time because of traffic.

Laksh’s head was bleeding so tires the piece of her dupatta and ties it on his head.

Precap:Ambulance takes Laksh to hospital.

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