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Ragini – it’s not love…

Hi friends this is nitu.. I dnt know whether any of uu guys remember me.. I used to write an ff Raglak-Is pyaar ko kya naam doon.. now am trying an shirt story with Ragini as the lead, based on a novel I read last week.. I cud only imagine Tejasswi in the main lead while reading the book.. dont kknow why , because the lead of the novel”emily “ doesn’t have any similarities with Ragini.. still..
Yea ofcourse this is a love story.. and about pair, it will be revealed at the end of the story because this is a triangle love story.. but its more about Ragini. i dnt know whether I will be able to make this story an interesting one.. because am a boring writer.. but I will try my best.. now enough of the intro. Lets get into the story. .

Ragini Gadodia, age 26, an Editor in a well known fashion magazine”Chic” she is tall, slim and beautiful.. attractive personality.. she is an extreme fashionista. A shopaholic. Her world revolves around fashion and Various brands.
Ragini, known as rags among her friends.. She was at Paris attending the fashion show .. its part of her work.. attending all fashion shows around the world and see all the new fashion trends, use it for her magazines.. travel around the city in the limo with her boss “ Alice” and her colleagues.. dinners.. party’s.. an a late night sleep at a five star hotel.. Every year it was same.. but she was nt aware abt the things awaiting for her in Paris, this year which is going to turn her life upside down..
She was in a party… she was dancing on the floor in a short dress . She was in her own world , when a pair of strong hands held her hands and made her turn against him.. she was shocked but got lost in his charm when their eyes met.. he was freakingly good looking.. his wavy hairs. Dark eyes.. and that intense stare.. she lost into it.. he held her waist and made her dance with him.. they danced.. danced and danced… until one of her friend dragged her out of the dance floor .. leaving our mystery guy alone at the floor.. she cudnt look back at him bcz her friend literally dragged her out for dinner.

She was feeling exhausted so she decided to go back to her hotel room for a tight sleep.. she was waiting for a cab because the official car is not available.. a cab came and she rush into but got surprised to see her mystery man already inside the car.. aww what a coincidence.. they got into same cab at same time . Both were pleasantly surprised. She asked him if he has any problem to share the cab with her. He ddn say a word. He just kept staring at her with intensity which made ever blush.. he didn’t think twice.. he pulled her to a long passionate kiss.. and both got lost in it. They broke their kiss after few minutes. They ddn think abt the consequences before giving the destination. Her hotel room..
They reached hotel.. . she asked him to follow her once she get into lift bcz she doesn’t want anyone to notice it. And finally they are in her bedroom.. he cudnt control.. so do she.. they jumped to each other.. it was wild and passionate.. something new for them.. its not like that it their first time but this feeling was new.. they make it out … . Lied on bed exhausted. But still strangers… and then he starts a conversation..

Guy: Rags, yu are wonderful !!!
Rags :you know me??? How come!!
Guy: am a struggling fashion photographer.. me too attend all this fashion shows every year dear.. nd I have seen you a lot.. Infact I was stalking yu today .
He smirks saying this and she is shocked to knw the guy beside her was stalking her tonight whereas she thought all as a coincidence

Guy: we photographers has got a time pass during this shows. We zoom our lenses to ladies around there nd picks one for ourselves, with whom we wud like to hook up with..
Rags: So uu guys shud be focusing on the models na.. hot and perfect.. she said it with a lil insecurity and she dnt know why..

Guy: who cares bt them.. models.. my foot.. guys doesn’t get attracted to them.. we focus on the audiences.. ladies like you.. last year I picked you.. this year also.. yu have got something special Rags.. I waa attracted to yu. And tonight I just wanted to know you and came to you at the dance floor.. but your friend ruined our moment.. but still destiny brought us here .
Rags: it’s not destiny but lust.. she laughs and says.. I just hope that watever happened here is something physical only.. nothing emotional. Yu know what I mean
Guy: ofcourse.. it’s just physical nothing more.. and whenever you want , am at your service maam. Its a pleasure to be with you..
She laughs and then stops Thinking that she ddn even know the name of the guy who is beside her naked.
Guy : BTW am Laksh. Just Laksh . No surnames bcz am an orphan.. Yu can call me Lucky. . am settled in Australia.. a struggling photographer as I said..
Rags then only noticed his shirt and trousers lying down in the floor.. it was so old.. a cheap one.. not her kind of thing.. and she doesn’t even know what attracted her into him.. may be his Perfect physique and that intensity in his eyes.. anyway she was least bothered about his financial status because ita purely lust for her . Not anything more .

And they dozed of.. slept so deeply after long time.. when she woke up, she saw Laksh dressing himself up to leave.. she felt something weird.. she ddn want him to leav.. but she also had prior commitments..

Laksh: Good Morning Rags. Had a great sleep huh.. I got to go now.. and shud we meet again or not is at ur table maam..
Ragini wasn’t expecting this.. she don’t no what to say she just stared blankly. He came near her and kissed her lips.. shocking her .
Laksh: This is my number.. if yu ever feel to meet me.. call me . I wont contact you unless yu call me.. it’s upto you.. bye

And then he leavs .. Ragini again lies on her bed. Thinking abt her life and what happened last night
She can’t believe that she made out with a stranger.. she was not supposed to be like this.. after all she is a “ married woman” ( shocked??????????) Not just married but a “ happily married woman”
She is supposed to be guilty over what happened yday but she is not at all.. why????
Her chain of thoughts were broken when a Message popped up in her fone.. she saw the name on its display
“ Sanskar” her husband… a business tycoon.. owner if a cosmetic company… and she loves him.. he too loves her and supports her in every decision.. a perfect couple
. His message “ Good morning love.. have a great day .. am having an important meeting today.. will call you later at night, my fone will be off . “
She smiled.. still wondering why is she not guilty at all.

Lol.. I had planned it as an os.. but looks like few shots are required to complete the story .. may be 1 or 2more.. please let me know your valuable opinion on my story.. and about Ragini, laksh and Sanskar
Precap: Ragsan story and life Ragini decision about Laksh probably last part.

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