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pyaar ka dusra namm – Sangini episode 4

ragini was lost in the thoughts…
sanju – ragu what are you thinking…
ragini (thinks) – should I tell riyu and sanju about bai.. no no it is better if I will not say or else sanju will make it talk of the town.. I will say to them once I execute my plan..
ragini to divert her question..
ragini (teasingly) – nothing just thinking how to make suraj confess his feelings for you..
sanju – no ragu I already said not to force suraj for anything..
riyu – sanju what’s wrong in trying..
sanju – I said no means no.. lets not discuss about it..

ragini – k we will not talk about it now happy..
sanju – hmm
ragini – lets go and check out sanskar..
sanju and riya glare at her…
ragini – why are you glaring me..
riya – you will check out sanskar…
ragini – you stupid I mean to say Let’s go and check whether he is fine or not..
sanju (raising her eyebrows) – and why this much care for Sanskar all of sudden..
ragini (stammering) – just you both made him your frnd so I thought of giving him a chance…
sanju – really you want to give Sanskar a chance..first he should agree to give you a chance..
ragini -why won’t he.. I hate him still I am ready to make him my frnd he should be lucky to be my frnd and you are saying he will not agree to be my frnd..
riya – ragu this is too much.. at least you can admit your mistake in front of us..
ragini – what do you mean..
sanju – now don’t try to hide we know what you did with sanskar..
ragini (lowering her eyes) – how did they got to know..
riya – you are thinking how we got to know na..
sanju – first we just had a dought.. but when riya found that medicine packet which we used to torture sharma aunty, in kitchen we got confirmed you are behind sanskar ill health..
riya – it’s your good luck that before janki aunty noticed it I thrown it in dustbin..


ragini (catching her ears) – sorry now I will not do it… I realised my mistake that is why I won’t to make him my frnd..
sanju – and all of sudden how you realised your mistake..
ragini (thinking) – this riya and sanju should become cid..
ragini (with puppy eyes) – actually Sanskar knowing about my prank also he not even said to mom or suraj.. see how nice he is so now I will leave my hatred and make him my frnd..
sanju – we already said he is nice man you only not listened..

riya – thank god at least now you realised your mistake…
ragini is peeping into sanskar room… he just comes out of washroom.. he is shirtless only in his track pants….
ragini (thinks) – omg!! he is too hot..riya and sanju are right he is really handsome.. ragini concentrate on your plan not his body, you should make him just your frnd not boyfrnd and settle with him so stop checking out him… start your drama…
ragini enters the room with coffee calling sanskar…
sanskar(shouts) – are you mad can’t you knock before you enter.. he puts on his shirt..
ragini (pouts) – sanskar I just came to give you coffee..
sanskar (thinks) – what happened to this girl why she is trying to be over friendly..
ragini – where are you lost Sanskar..
Sanskar (smiles awkwardly) – nothing..
ragini – drink this coffee I specially made for you..
Sanskar (thinks) – why is she talking sweetly..
Sanskar – are you planning anything.. if anything like that this time I will not leave you I am saying..
ragini (fake tears) – I know sanskar you still not accepted my apology.. I am bad girl that’s why you don’t trust me right..

Sanskar (thinks) – this girls will always be ready to shed tears and create drama.. now what should I do, I should stop her if any one see her shedding tears they may misunderstand…
Sanskar (uninterested) – ragini i already forgave you please don’t cry..
ragini immediately wipes her tears..
ragini – now we are frnds so you are helping me…
Sanskar (shocked) – when I said we are frnds I only said I forgave you.. and what help you are talking about..
ragini – that means you had not forgave me whole heatedly..

Sanskar (thinks) – drama queen..
Sanskar – no ragini its not like that.. k tell me how can I help you..
ragini – actually I have to submit my internship certificate in clg.. for that I should do internship..
Sanskar – so what is problem in that.. you can do your internship in any company..
ragini – but here everyone know that I am janki dixit daughter they will give me job thinking I am ragini dixit.. but I want to prove my skills by getting job on my own talent..
Sanskar – don’t give that much importance to your self.. first of all janki Mam had never disclosed her self.. then their is no chance of people knowing you..
ragini glaring him..
Sanskar – I mean to say no one knows about you being janki dixit daughter.. and murmurs except who had suffered like me because of you..
ragini – you said anything..
Sanskar – no nothing..
ragini – then when can I join..
Sanskar – what??
ragini – office..
Sanskar – why..
ragini – I told you my problem you told you will help me.. k I will explain.. I will do internship in your office in Kolkata.. in Kolkata no one knows about me so I can easily concentrate on my work and showcase my talent.. you are so great Sanskar as a frnd you are helping me to achieve my goals..
Sanskar was staring her shocked analysing what is happening…
Sanskar – wait a second.. when did I Offer you job.. I told just I will help you..
ragini – you are so great Sanskar.. you are still not admitting that you gave me job.. I know you are worrying about after joining office, relation between us won’t be just friendship but you will be my boss.. don’t worry I will always treat you as my frnd only..k now I should inform to all that you offered me job… and leaves from their in hurry not letting Sanskar speak further..
Sanskar was shocked…

Sanskar pov
is she out of mind.. she her self offered job to her that to in my company.. mad girl .. I thought of teaching her a lesson before I leave but instead she is troubling me more.. I should stop her before she announces it in front of all then I will not get a chance to back off from giving her job… he tried to go out then he realised that his room door was locked from out side..

ragini pov
wow ragini you are intelligent..I am really very proud of you.. how you made Sanskar Offer you job..actually he didn’t Offer but I my self declared it, poor sanskar may be he is still in confusion what just happened.. now no one can stop me from going to Kolkata and meet bai..
janki, suraj, riya and sanju are sitting in hall..
ragini comes their in excitement…
ragini – mom I got job..
all are shocked..
suraj – you are not interested in doing job right..
ragini – but now I realised I should not waste my talent in sitting home.. and I am bored of staying in mumbai so now I can enjoy in Kolkata.. as I never visited that place I can explore it…
listening Kolkata janki got worried..
janki – no you will not go any where…
ragini – mom this is the love you have for me.. you want to make your daughter just sit at home.. you don’t want her to stand on her feet.. you want to suppress her dreams how can you mom..

all shouts drama queen.. ragini chuckles..
janki – but still how can I let you live away from me.. that to in another city… and murmurs to her self that to kolkata..

suraj understands why janki if not happy with it as he knows about her past..
suraj takes janki little away from ragini…
suraj – Mam I think we should let her go.. I know you are worried about, if ragini may encounters with any of gododia’s but I think their is no need to worry about it as no one of that family knows about her..
you know how childish ragini is if she stays far from us she will become responsible and independent.. please let her follow her dreams..

janki comes to ragini till then Sanskar also comes out of room with the help of one of the servant who was passing by his room and heads downstairs..
janki – ragini i will allow you to go kolkata on only some conditions.. you should take care of your self.. you should not trouble anyone by playing your stupid pranks..

ragini hugs janki…
ragini – thanku mom I love you so much.. and thanku suraj you only made mom agree…
sanju and riya also hugs her.. Sanskar who was watching them want to tell the truth but he was also hesitating not to break their happiness..
riya – but when you changed your decision of doing job and when you applied for it..
ragini – just morning I got idea of doing job.. and for me no need to apply for any job.. all are dieing to utilise my talent..

sanju – stop praising your self.. we know how much you are talented.. you are the first person I saw who will get sleep even while writing the exam..
all laughs ragini huffs at them..

suraj – ya I forgot about it who gave you the job… I really feel pity for that person and also that company..
janki – I think he is brainless dumbo.. for whom our ragu seems as intelligent person…
ragini (pouts) – will you all stop teasing me.. and that brainless dumbo is your favourite one.. who is in our house at present…
all shocked to know sanskar was the one who offered ragini job… Sanskar who was decending steps was feeling pity on him self after knowing ragini’s hidden talents.. he fake smiled to all..

janki – Sanskar sorry for saying you brainless but still their is time to back off.. we will not take you wrong…
ragini – mom you can’t force Sanskar.. he is my friend he know how talented I am.. Hey na Sanskar..
Sanskar nods unwillingly..

suraj (shocked) – but when you became frnds..
ragini – why are you shocked.. can’t I make Sanskar my frnd..
suraj – no I was just excited.. k I will book tickets for you also along with Sanskar for going to kolkata.. and I will also make arrangements for you to stay their…
ragini – no need Sanskar is their to look after me.. what you think will Sanskar being my frnd let me leave alone he will make me stay with him in his house..
Sanskar was shocked again… but was standing their numb forcing a smile on his lips ….
janki – no Sanskar, it is not needed ragini will stay in any hostel or in flat suraj will do arrangements…
ragini – mom how can I stay somewhere else it will be insult to Sanskar right… what will his family think about me if I stay out side.. they will feel bad here Sanskar is staying with us and their why can’t I stay their..
now Sanskar was beyond shocked… he want to hit his head to wall on being so help less…
janki – shut up ragini.. it is not for one or two days..it will not be good to stay at others place for long time.. if you don’t want to stay alone I will make necessary arrangements for you..
ragini – mom.. see Sanskar is feeling bad you are making him upset..
Sanskar gave what the hell look..
janki finally agreed after lot of convincing..

Sanskar came to his room.. he was angry he can burst at any moment but he was controlling his angry in order to not hurt janki as he respects her a lot.. although they were not so close he feels a unknown bond with her that is the reason he was silent all the time.. but now he don’t know what to do.. in office he can manage any how but at his home… how he will convince his family to let ragini stay with them… if at that time ragini was in front of him he would not have leaved her for making thinks such difficult for him…
just then janki enters his room…

janki – Sanskar..
Sanskar turns and finds janki ..
janki – thanku Sanskar for giving ragini job and also letting her stay in your home.. don’t know what made you offer ragini job… I know you must be shocked that even I am not having confidence on her what to do even she is my daughter I can’t deny the fact..

Sanskar smiles a bit…
janki continues – actually Sanskar, because of some personal reasons I had got separated from my husband.. ragini not even know who her father is.. but she never complained about it.. in her childhood when I was busy in securing her future she became alone and went into depression, it was too late when I found about it.. to over come it she became naughty kid.. I realised my mistake and started caring for her spending time with her but as I said it became late.. she became stubborn.. you may be thinking why I am saying all these to you… because in future when she joins your office or staying in your home if she commits mistakes because of her childish behaviour please excuse her.. I may sound selfish but please (folding her hands) look after her…

Sanskar catch hold of her hands.. please Mam I am like your son no need to say all these to me..
janki smiles..
janki – you are saying you are my son still calling me Mam.. you really respects me then call me aunty..
suraj comes their..
suraj – you can call only aunty.. if you became emotional and call maa then you are dead I am saying with experience..
Sanskar asks what..
suraj – actually ragini is very possesive about her mom if any one calls her maa she will eat them raw.. I used to call janki Mam as maa but once she hit be black and blue and pulled my hair from them I preferred calling Mam.. even riya or sanju will not dare to call maa..
janki – suraj..
suraj – I am just warning him..he should stay with her under the same roof na..
Sanskar pov
in one day what not happened in my life… a crazy girl forced me to befriend her… she her self offered a job on behalf of me.. she even forced her self to stay in my house… and I also got to know her more by this… she is childish, stubborn and selfish girl.. she just thinks of her…she not had a family but she had a loving mother and caring friends she should be lucky to have such sweet mother.. but that dumb head girl will not consider any one upon her.. now I should convince my family to let her stay in our house.. what I will say to them.. what will mom do.. mom is not less than ragini she will create a huge drama.. Oh God in one day my life got messed up I hate you ragini for this.. you may be enjoying your victory but don’t worry I will make your life hell… I will also see how many days you will bare my tortures… wait and watch you will come to me by your self and say I won’t to go back.. it’s a promise by Sanskar maheshwari…

sorry guys for this boring chappy.. if you all feel it is boring please let me know.. from next part actual story starts.. how will sanskar’s hatred towards ragini turns into immense love for her… what will happen if ragini and gododia’s come face to face.. will ragini be able to make janki and siddhant together..will maheshwari’s accept ragini… and finally will ragini fall in love with Sanskar.. will Sanskar and ragini becomes Sangini and change the defination of love…

sorry for typos…

positive and negative feedback is welcomed… keep smiling… spread positivity…. stay blessed… love you all ???

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