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pyaar ka dusra namm – Sangini episode 3

hi guys…

siddhant – arjun bijlani
suggested by Akshata, j., sowmya jhonson, Berdilla
riya – rati pandey
suggested by Fairy, j., Berdilla
ravi dubey and sargun mehta as suraj and sanju suggested by Sally_blr
hope I had not disappointed any one… thank u for the wonderful response… it is the support which makes me write more….
and also silent readers hoping if they are any thanku so much for reading this ff…

ragini and Sanskar are staring each other.. janki calls them for dinner…
riya sighs suraj to let them talk…
riya – ragu I will help anty.. and bai you help sanju in setting dinning table…
suraj – Sanskar I will be back in 5 min..
Sanskar (by glaring ragini) – no suraj please don’t leave me alone.. I love my life.. if I am alone don’t know what will happen to me…
ragini gets angry on Sanskar..
ragini (thinks) – I love my life.. what does he mean.. I will kill him or what.. I thought of asking sorry but he is showing attitude.. I will not say anything he him self ask for forgiveness.. wait and watch mr. Sanskar maheshwari..
ragini – you all be here only I will help mom…

riya – really you will help..
ragini – ha why not..
sanju – riya I think I am dreaming.. please pinch me..
ragini pinches her hard due to which she screams in pain..
sanju – ragu are you crazy…
Sanskar chuckles – here not only me their are few others who thinks her crazy..
ragini glares him and leaves from their…
riya – I think she got angry
Sanskar – tell me when she is not angry.. angry bird
sanju – I feel like something is going to happen to you Sanskar
Sanskar – what will happen to me.. other than if this mad girl doesn’t do anything..
suraj – Sanskar come lets go otherwise these girls starts their stupid talks…
sanju and riya glare suraj…
suraj – k sorry now don’t give me that looks..
sanju – good..
come lets have dinner..

janki serves food for all.. all started eating… ragini is sitting Opposite to Sanskar… all are having dinner by talking on some random stuff.. but ragini is silently eating her dinner Without uttering a single word…
sanju – riya I think ragu is definitely planning something against Sanskar…
riya – ha sanju I to think the same.. see she doesn’t replied when he taunted her and even she is sitting silently..
sanju – I feel pity on Sanskar..
suraj – what are whispering if you say it to us.. so that we can also know about it..
sanju – how can we say it when we only don’t know..
suraj – what..

riya – nothing bai, leave her you continue eating..
Sanskar raises his head, ragini winks at him.. he coughs due to her sudden act..
ragini smirks…
suraj – Sanskar are you fine by tapping his head..
janki handovers a glass of water to drink…
janki – is the food spicy..
Sanskar – no Mam, nothing like that its really tasty.. just food got stuck.. glaring ragini..
Sanskar (thinks) – did I saw it.. Yes its true only she winked at me.. what is she upto .. come out of his thoughts…
janki – be carefull while eating..
Sanskar smiles..
Sanskar – Mam you make me remember my mom and badi maa.. they are also like you caring..
janki – you are missing them..

Sanskar – yaa, and tmrw finally I will be with my family after almost 1 month..
suraj – when is your flight..
Sanskar – its at 2 am..
suraj – k till then you stay with us only…
Sanskar – no that’s fine I don’t want to trouble you
janki – no Sanskar it is not a trouble.. we will be glad if you stay here.. and I feel relaxed that you forgave my stupid daughter after her hilarious act..
ragini grins – mom….
Sanskar – k Mam as you wish..
suraj – thank God you are staying.. otherwise I Use to feel alone..
riya – bai you don’t like to hangout with us ..

suraj – riya I said it because everytime you three will be one side and no one will be their to support me.. now I will be having Sanskar on my side..
janki – k you all carry on.. I will bring desert..
ragini – mom you sit I will bring it..
janki – no ragini i made it with love don’t spoil my dessert..
ragini – mom now for sure I will only bring it… what you all are thinking I can’t do anything..
Sanskar taunts – they are not thinking its true only..
all supress their laugh by seeing ragini glaring angrily…
ragini (annoyed) – mom say to your guest.. it’s just I am serving dessert not cooking.. I will bring it.. and leaves..
after she leaves all let out a laugh..
suraj – seriously Sanskar you are the first one to make her keep quite..
janki – ha Sanskar I hope you stay with us only it will be very interesting to watch your fights..
Sanskar – Mam I thought you will be angry at me.. but you are the one most enjoying at our fights..
janki – what to do if ragu is my daughter then I should be like this only…
three of them laughs…
riya – I am dam sure now Sanskar is gone..
sanju – ha he don’t he him self invited trouble…
riya and sanju feel pity on Sanskar…
janki – what happened to you both..
suraj – how can they be Happy in our happiness.. as they are frnds of ragu
janki – thats true… both give hi fi to each other..

ragini hears their convo and boiling in anger..
how dare he, in one day he made mom and suraj his side.. don’t worry mr. maheshwari now face the consequence for messing up with me… she serves the dessert in bowls and mixes some powder in one of the bowl and smirks..
she serves dessert to all and gives the bowl in which she mixed powder to sanskar… all of them are enjoying dessert and chatting with each other..
after a hour or two all left to their respective rooms..
janki said sanskar to feel comfortable and asked suraj to accompany him to the airport..

sanju – sanskar is very handsome and cool..
riya – ha and even down to earth….
ragini (irritated) – enough guys can’t to stop talking about that man..
sanju – ragu take a chill pill..don’t get irritated.
riya – ragu why do you have problem with sanskar he is really sweet guy…
ragini – If he is sweet then eat him but don’t talk about him in front of me..
sanju – k baba.. we will not talk…

sankar – suraj their is no need for you to come all over to airport man I will manage…
suraj – come on sanskar don’t be formal.. think this as a gesture of our new found friendship..
sanskar (smile) – fine lets leave..
they were about to get into the car.. sanskar felt uneasy…
suraj – what happened bro is everything alright..
sanskar – no I think I need to use washroom..
after some time…
suraj – what’s wrong man.. you are not looking fine..
Sanskar – I think I had a bad stomach…
suraj – lets visit a doctor..

Sanskar – its k its not now doctor will be available.. lets see for some time if it will not get fine then I will go to hospital…
suraj – k give me you pa no. I will inform him about your ill health.. and you can’t travel in this condition..
Sanskar – that’s fine suraj I will manage… catching his stomach suraj you are right muttering he runs to washroom.
suraj – what happened to Sanskar suddenly. I will inform it to janki Mam. it’s better Sanskar stays here only.

ragini is walking in corridor.. thinking about her plan. then she see’s suraj coming out of guest room.
ragini – suraj what are you doing here. you went to drop that mr.sadoo maheshwari..
suraj smiles at the way ragini is addressing Sanskar.
ragini – why are you showing your teeth.
suraj – why is your mood off.

ragini – first say what are you doing here.
suraj – sanskar has bad stomach. so he is not going.
ragini smirks but soon composes for being not noticed by suraj..
ragini – Oh…
suraj – I will go and inform janki Mam and also get medicines for sanskar stay here if he needs anything help him. and please don’t trouble.
ragini (with pout face) – am I trouble maker.
suraj – now don’t make that face. dramebazz..
ragini – I am not a dramebazz. if you want me to look after that sadoo maheshwari then you should do something.
suraj – k baba I will do it.

in guest room (where Sanskar is staying) ragini is sitting on bed cross legged and enjoying her victory by eating chocolate.
Sanskar comes out of washroom. he had not noticed ragini their…
Sanskar – God why today I am going to see my family after 1 month but because of my bad stomach I missed my flight.
ragini (taunting) – because God is punishing you for your bad deeds..
Sanskar (annoyed) – uuuu… what are you doing here.
ragini – let me remind you this is my house.
Sanskar – but at present I am using this room. it is minimum courtesy to knock the door before entering anyone’s room.
ragini – I would have knocked but again thought not to disturb you.
sanskar – you…. suddenly he feels growling in his stomach by catching his stomach runs to washroom.
ragini chuckles – saddoo maheshwari you are gone…

Sanskar is looking very tired and impatient he was lying on the bed restless..
suraj and janki comes to guest room along with riya and sanju.
janki – Sanskar are you fine.
Sanskar – not really.
janki – Sanskar you became so weak. suraj you go and bring doctor. I will make kada for Sanskar.
Sanskar – no need of doctor I will be fine.
janki – you just keep quite see how weak you are. suraj don’t listen to him you go.
ragini – mom its too late why are you sending suraj. saddoo mahehwari is fine nothing will happen to him.
janki and suraj at a time ragu…
Sanskar – she is right Nothing will happen to me. its too late no need to go.
suraj – shut up Sanskar you take rest I will get doctor any how their is one doctor who is just few Street away from here. Mam you make kada..
janki and suraj leaves.. riya and sanju sits on sofa..

sanju – don’t worry Sanskar you will be fine.
sanskar – I am not worried at all but you are looking worried.
riya – what to do our you found friend is Sick on the first day of our friendship.
Sanskar – riya and sanju I am fine its just a bad stomach. you both go and take rest.
ragini is burning in jealously as her best friends are also considering him as their friend. she was pissed of at the thought that all her loved ones or on the side of saddoo maheshwari.
ragini (annoyed) – you both go I will stay with him and look after him.
all three are shocked.

ragini – what? why are you looking at me Like that I am just saying it as he is mom’s guest I am not interested in being with him.
Sanskar – neither am not interested so let it be I can look after my self.
riya – just stop you both. what is wrong guys you are behaving like kids. now we will leave you both sort out the misunderstanding between you. come sanju.
sanju – Sanskar take care of you need anything just call us.
riya and sanju leave.

sanju lost in something.
riya – where are you lost.
sanju – I am thinking is ragu behind Sanskar ill health.
riya – hope not. if she is then janki aunty will not forgive her. but I am not understanding why Sanskar effect her so much.
sanju – me too, I think their is something between them.
riya – now don’t start your imagination come lets help anty in making kada.

Sanskar (politely) – you are not bad as I thought. thanks for staying back.
ragini feels guilty but soon composes.
ragini (Sarcasticly) – don’t be that thankful you may regret it.
Sanskar (irritated) – I am trying to be nice but its ridiculous to talk to head weighted girl like you.
ragini – how dare you call me head weighted just now I was feeling guilty for doing this to you I should not have mixed that powder in your dessert because of which you are having bad stomach but thanks for letting me not feel guilty. I am right doing that to you and about to leave…. Sanskar who was angry by then knowing she wanted made him ill to satisfy her ego was about to burst… he got up from bed and held ragini’s hand letting her not go.. he twisted her right hand back and pulled her towards him such that her left hand is on his chest and they were so close to each other such that they can feel each others breathing….

they are just lost in each others eyes… even though Sanskar is angry on ragini, her angelic face making him lost in her… as soon as the reality hit him he tightened his grip on her hand which made ragini wince in pain and tears started their way from eyes.. he was not able to look at her tears… even his eyes started tearing unknowingly.. he left her and turned his back towards her letting his tears flow down which went unnoticed by ragini…. she was in verge of crying due to pain but soon composed..

how dare you saddoo maheshwari you tried to hurt me I will go and say to all how you tried to misbehave with me.. and was about to go out of room.. this made Sanskar more anger “misbehaving with me ” these words are aching in his ears how can she put such a allegation on him.. he turned in anger pulled her into the room by closing the door he pinned her to the door… misbehaving ms. dixit know I will show you what is real misbehaving… by saying this he leaned closer to her blocking her not to go with his hands…ragini is scared now she even tried to push him but all went in wain he was so strong and this time Sanskar was literally meaning every single word.. he was to close to her they can here each others heart beat.. Sanskar leaned slowly to her lips making her heart beat raise 100 times…. she closed her eyes…
dakdak dakdak is the only sound that can be heard…..


hope you are liking it guys.. please give me your feedback… keep smiling… spread positivity…. love you all ???

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