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pyaar ka dusra namm – Sangini episode 7

kolkata airport
ragini is waiting for Sanskar and laksh but they were talking in parking lot. “where these idiots went. just now I thought Laksh is not like Sanskar but see he also not bothered about me” she thought. just then she got a call from suraj . she smiled looking at the caller name.”su I am missing you “she said lifting the call.” please yaar ragu su sounds weird “he said.” k suraj sir missing me “she replied..” hmm “he said.
“what mom is doing “she asked

“she had not come out of her room from the time you left “he replied
“hmm “she sounded sadly
“don’t worry ragu Mam will be fine in 2 or 3 days. you say how are maheshwari’s and are you comfortable their “he enquires


“what does it means “he asks

“I am still in airport “she replies sadly
“what are you doing still in airport, you landed long back “he asks
“this Sanskar is sadoo he left me and went he also took Laksh with him. I thought Laksh is sweet but being brother of sadoo maheshwari what I can expect more. it is more than a hour “she complained
“I never expected Sanskar so careless. ragu will you be able to adjust with them” he sounded worried.
“don’t worry su I will manage. you just send me maheshwari house address ” she said. ” hmm k” he replied
“Laksh ask him how much time it takes to get car repaired” Sanskar sounded annoyed pointing to the mechanic who was repairing their car.” that’s why I told you to go in taxi or I will call driver to pick you, but you are stubborn. I think ragini will be worried at least we should have informed her that car is having some problem it will become late but you want to make her wait that is why you had not allowed me to call driver I know your intentions bai” Laksh complained.
“it is her punishment for messing with me and don’t worry she deserves more than it how she went without informing me and I searched for her in the whole airport, here I am worried for her and she is eating burger. now she should wait till car gets repaired” Sanskar said smirking.”so bai you are admitting that you are worried for her ” Laksh smirked.
“shut up Laksh, I am just worried for janki Mam not for that mad girl” Sanskar sounded irritated.
“su I am going to MM by hiring a taxi inform that sadoo maheshwari I don’t want to talk to him” ragini called suraj after she got a msg from suraj mentioning MM address. “are you sure ragu you want to go alone” suraj asked concerned. “hmm I am not a kid I will handle it” she replied. “that is why I am worried I know how you will handle” he said. “suraj shut up” she said. “k sorry but be careful, maheshwari’s are traditional so take elders blessings, don’t do anything stupid and complicate things and more over I suggest you say everything to Sanskar may be he may help us” he said. “not again suraj I don’t want anyone to know about it and I my self will take his help no need to say him truth” ragini said. “ragu you are impossible” he said. “I know but inform that sadoo are else he will eat me raw bye” saying she cut the call. she took a cab and left from their.
Sanskar gets a call and he attends it. “Sanskar I had not expected this from you how can you be so careless ragu is waiting for you from an hour, how can you leave her like that after knowing she is new their” suraj complained from other side. “suraj cool man. we had a problem with our car, we are getting it repaired by a mechanic and I am not having her no. to inform her and we had not left her we were in airport parking area itself” Sanskar explained. “I am sorry I got tensed about ragu. she left alone to your house” suraj said. “what?? she went to home. k please forward me her no.” Sanskar said. “what happened bai?” Laksh asked as soon as Sanskar disconnected the call. “don’t know how my plan got backfired that mad girl went home alone” Sanskar said irritated. “but bai still we had not informed about ragini’s arrival to anyone at home” Laksh said. “Laksh you bring my luggage with you. I will take cab and reach home” Sanskar said and left from their. “wow ragini is the first girl who is making bai to dance on her fingers. hope ragini will not blabber anything which bring bai in trouble” Laksh thought.
Sanskar called ragini.. “Hello who is this” she answered. “are you mad can’t you wait till we come. just took cab and left. don’t you have any sense” Sanskar shouted as soon as she answered the call. ragini got angry and she disconnected the call. Sanskar tried calling her but she is not answering his call. “how dare he shouted on me again and he called me mad, this time I will not leave him. sadoo maheshwari I will show you hell”she thought.
” don’t know what she will do. hope this mad girl won’t create any scene over their” Sanskar thought by looking at his mobile. “it’s better I will inform adharsh bai he will handle it” he thought and called adharsh.
in MM
adharsh got the call from Sanskar. “Sanskar is calling me chachi I will ask him why he took this much time” adharsh. “don’t lift his call adharsh. he will say he is stuck with some meeting for hiding the truth I will talk to him directly. see it is becoming night till now he had not reached his flight landed in afternoon. I think he is with that girl ragini only” sujatha said fuming. adharsh felt helpless and disconnected the call.
“madam we reached “driver of the car said.” thanku baiyya ” she said getting down the car and giving him money.
“mam shall I help you to take the luggage inside “he asked.” please baiyya it will be helpful “ragini replied warmly. driver took her luggage inside while ragini is observing her surroundings suddenly her eyes fall on name plate written Gadodia mansion a tear dropped from her eye. she controlled her self and went inside followed by driver. watchman stopped them while another servant came inside MM and informed that one girl came with luggage. adharsh said I will go and check.
“how can I help you ms. ” adharsh asked as soon as he spotted ragini arguing with watchman for not letting her in.” sorry I don’t know you “ragini replied.” I am adharsh maheshwari son of dp “he replied.” wo you are brother of Sanskar. hi I am ragini dixit. I know sanskar would not have said about me he is like that only sadoo. come lets go in “ragini said.” adharsh was surprised to see ragini and sighed watchman to allow her inside.
ragini and adharsh entered inside. driver got the luggage inside. “hi everyone” ragini shouted grabbing attention of all the family members. ragini spots gododia’s also. she gets teary. “if gododia’s are here then even siddhant bai will also be here. ragu don’t get emotional control your self, don’t fall weak” she thought. “who is this girl adharsh” dp asked. “Papa she is…” adharsh was interrupted by ragini. “I am ragini from today I will be staying here” saying she goes and takes blessings of elders all are standing in shock knowing she is ragini whom they are thinking to be.sujatha is going to say something but stopped by ap. after taking blessings from dp, rp, ap and sujatha it was shekars turn he gets emotional by seeing ragini without his concern. ragini finds it difficult to face him but bends to take blessings. “stop their enough of your drama”

ragini hears someone saying and turns to find siddhant.
“ragu don’t fall weak” she is continuously trying to make her mind calm. “no one are ready to see your drama. just say for what have you come here” siddhant said coldly but he was feeling bad to talk to her in that tone and he was unable to figure it out why. “I am not doing any drama Sanskar said his family is traditional so I am following it. from now I will be staying here only. I am here to make place in your heart, I mean in all of your hearts” ragini said trying to be normal.
“now all of you listened what she said. I am saying truth only. our Sanskar changed so much. he not had guts to face us that is why he sent this girl first “sujatha said anger is reflecting on her face.” that is why Sanskar is worried his mother is drama queen she is reacting as if Sanskar married Without informing her. now I am his friend though I don’t like him I should help him ” ragini thought.” don’t worry aunty I will handle this ” siddhant said assuring sujatha.” no sid I will my self handle it. Sanskar forgot about his mom but I can’t forget him because he is my son ” sujatha sounded coldly.” sujatha lets sit and talk ” ap tried to calm her. sumi sighed uttara and Swara to talk to sujatha.” mom lets wait for bai ” uttara said panicking.” shut up uttara when elders are taking don’t interfere “sujatha said.” aunty please calm down we should wait for Sanskar. may be he had his reasons for hiding about ragini “Swara said calmly.” Oh God unbelievable they are angry on Sanskar because he had not told about me staying with them. poor Sanskar but I should make them cool “she thought something and smirked.

” aunties and uncles please don’t be angry on Sanskar. I only forced him not to say it because it felt awkward even for me. first I was not ready for it but Sanskar forced me to stay here as he promised my mom to look after me. please forgive him if you want to show your anger show it on me not on Sanskar “she said faking tears.” it’s k ragini don’t cry everything will be alright “swara said to make her calm. siddhant was going to say something but Swara held his hand and sighed him not to talk.
” ragini ” they heard Sanskar voice and turned to find him in entrance. ragini runned to him and hugged him and said” don’t worry I handled everything ” slowly so that no one can here other than Sanskar. while some are shocked some are angry on seeing ragini hugging Sanskar. Sanskar was stunned by this move of ragini but unknowing he to reciprocated to her hug which made all others believe that Sanskar and ragini are in relationship. current passed through out her wanes when Sanskar hugged her back. Sanskar was lost in her fragrance he tightened his grip over ragini.which made ragini shiver, both were lost in that hug “Sanskar” sujatha shouted by which both came back to their senses. “I know you don’t respect at least feel shame to do all this in front of us” sujatha said.

Sanskar analysed what just happened he felt embarrassed but he was still holding ragini hand and she was looking at him. “mom I can explain” Sanskar tried to say something but stopped by sujatha. “I think we should leave now” sumi said and sighed shekar, Swara and siddhant. they are about to leave “sid are you angry on me” Sanskar asked. “why should I be angry whom am I to you” sid uttered and stromed out. gododia’s also left. “Sanskar come to study in 5 min” dp said and left with rp and adharsh. sujatha and ap also started to leave Sanskar tried to stop them but sujatha gave him a anger looking while ap gave helpless look. “at least you can leave her hand and talk to us she will not go anywhere” sujatha said before leaving which made him more embarrassed.
“what have you done why all are angry on me “Sanskar asked ragini while ragini is still thinking about their hug.” I am talking to you dumbo “Sanskar shouted. ” sadoo maheshwari don’t shout on me you should be thankful to me I took all the blame on me. I even cried spoiling my mascara to save you “she said.” save me from what “he asked.” from your families anger for not informing about me “she said.” l thought mom won’t like you staying here but I didn’t expected she will be this angry. even siddhant and all others are upset and this is all because of you “Sanskar complained.” oh hello they are not upset its because of you and first you say what you are. trying to take advantage of me why you hugged me so tight when I gave you just a friendly hug and you are catching my hand as if you found your lost love ” ragini asked raising her eyebrows which made Sanskar widen his eyes as he also don’t know the reason for his action.

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