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pyaar ka dusra namm – Sangini episode 5

in mumbai
ragini goes to janki room.. janki is weeping by looking at her and ragini pic…
ragini – mom… are you crying..
janki wipes her tears…
janki (looking at other side) – no why will I cry… I am happy that I can leave peacefully..
ragini – say that by looking at me . why are you hiding your face from me.
janki (cracking voice) – why should I hide. I am fine.
ragini lifts janki face by holding her chin.
ragini – mom I know you can’t leave without me. you just agreed for my happiness.
janki – when you know then why are you going. if you want to work you can work here. in any company you like I will do arrangements.
ragini – mom please. I want go out of this place. I want explore. if I will be here only you will protect me like always then how can I learn.
janki (angry and sad) – then go don’t talk to me.
ragini – mom I know you can’t stay angry on me for more time. if you will be sad then I should go with guilt please smile and tickles janki making her laugh.
janki – enough I can’t laugh more.
janki by caressing ragini head. ragu take care of your self. don’t do such things which you have to repent afterwards. eat and sleep properly. don’t neglect your health.
ragini – k mom I will take care of my self. you sleep its not good for you to sleep late and you should also take care of your self. she make janki sleep and covers her with bed sheet and sits next to janki till she fall sleep.
ragini comes out of room wiping her tears and spots suraj admiring them my standing out side the room.
in terrace
ragini is silently crying ..
suraj comes their with two cups of coffee. hand over one cup to her.
suraj – when you decided to do something then don’t fall week.
ragini – I don’t know suraj whether I am doing right or not. I am cheating mom and because of me Sanskar should also face problems he will be angry on me.
suraj – of course in place of Sanskar if I will be their also I will be angry. if some one tricks us who will not be angry but I know you will handle it. and about cheating janki Mam, we are doing all these for her only na. if she hot to know she will be angry at us so before she knows only we should clear all misunderstandings and get siddhant and janki Mam closer.
ragini – thanks for convincing mom and for everything suraj. if you are not their what will happen to us. you already done so much for us and still doing.
suraj – shut up ragu. this is nothing in front of what janki Mam done to us. when my parents left me and riya then we were so small. I was still k but riya she is a kid . janki Mam gave motherly love for us she sponsored us for our studies. she treated us as her own kids. and..
ragini – k k now enough of all that. what mom always say we are one family so no thanku.
suraj (smiling) – done. but job in sanskaar office is k but why to stay in his house. maheshwari family is a joint family how can you adjust their. and also they might not be comfortable if a girl who is completely a stranger stays with them .
ragini – I know but you only said maheshwari’s and gododia’s are family frnds, gododia mansion and maheshwari mansion is Opposite to each other. siddhant bai frequently visits them so I don’t want to miss that chance also.
suraj – k but be careful I can see Sanskar is really pissed of at you.
ragini – I will think a way to cool him once I reach Kolkata.
suraj – If you need any help just give me a call. I have a frnd over their I will also speak to him when you get time once go and meet him k. I kept one file in your room in that details about gododia’s is their it may help you.
ragini – hmm I will miss you su…
suraj – don’t call me that yaar…
ragini – but I like to call you su…
suraj – you will never change.. I will miss you too and both hugs
ragini – you are my best frnd.
suraj – don’t say it loud if riya and sanju listen they will eat me raw.
ragini – shut up don’t make fun of them. take care of mom, riya and sanju. suraj don’t make sanju wait still long you know about her family na.
suraj – I know but I need time. and you not said anything to them about my feelings na.
ragini – I want to say but what to do I gave you a promise that is why I am silent..
suraj – now go and sleep you should wake up early..
riya and sanju are waiting in her room..
ragini – you both had not slept.
riya – how can we tmrw you will leave us..
sanju – but still I can’t you want to go kolkata that to for doing a job which you are not interested at all.
ragini – Interests change by time. I want to do something.
riya – come on ragu whom you are fooling. I know their is something that you are hiding.
ragini (things) – oh God this riya should be in cid how can she comes to know all things Without anyone saying like brother like sister.
sanju – ragu what are you thinking.
riya – sanju she is thinking what to say now.
ragini – please guys I know you are not k with my decision but I am doing all these for a reason.
sanju – we trust you.what ever you do their will be a reason. riya now stop being stubborn she will leave tmrw we should spend some good time not fighting with each other.
riya – k but ragu if you feel to share anything we are always with you. don’t forget us after going their.
ragini – how can I forget you. we are not just frnds but soul Sisters.
sanju – Yes..
riya – we will miss you yaar.
ragini – me too.
trio hug, talk for sometime and settle them self’s to sleep..
in guest room
Sanskar is thinking while walking here and their..
what I will say to all. if I just say she is my new employee and will stay with us they will kick me out first… and mom will do drama first of all I am going back after many days that to with a girl.. God please save me don’t know what will happen tmrw.. once this problem is solved I will show you what I can do ms ragini dixit. wait and watch to face the worst of your life. here I can’t say anything because of janki Mam and suraj but their no one will be their. you will regret for tricking me.
I will msg Laksh to come to airport to pick us.. he is the only one who can give me idea to convince our family for ragini to stay with us.
next day…
all bid bye to ragini and Sanskar…
suraj drop them to airport..
suraj wishes all the best to ragini and asks Sanskar to take care of her as she is still a kid…
Sanskar (thinks) – kid and ragini . she is the walking trouble in my life.
ragini and Sanskar board flight.
in flight..
ragini is sitting next to Sanskar..
ragini is avoiding Sanskar because he may question her..
Sanskar was not interested in taking to her so he was resting by closing his eyes.
ragini is continuously munching chips which is making sound Sanskar got irritated with it..
Sanskar (irritated) – will you stop making that sound.
ragini (innocently) – I am not making any sound. I am just eating.
Sanskar – oh God why always me. he calls one of the air hostess and asked her to change his seat.. ragini felt bad by this but thought to avoid it as he is angry on her.
within few hours they landed in kolkata.

ragini is happy and exited where as Sanskar is angry and annoyed.


thank u so much frnds for the wonderful support.. I am overwhelmed by it.. sorry for less ragsan scenes as I said now the actual story starts keep supporting I will post next part soon…

hope u like this part also.. keep smiling.. spread positivity… stay blessed.. love you all.. 😘😘

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