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Proposal Drabble – KKB

Pragya is decorating Terrase, While Abhi is Appreciating her. Suddenly Aaliya comes in.
Aaliya: Bhai I want To talk To You.
Abhi: Tell me Aaliya.
Aaliya: Bhai, Tannu wants you to propose her in front of everyone.
(Pragya shocked)
Pragya: Suniye, All this decoration is for Tannu. How can You…
(Pragya leaves)
Abhi: Nikita Listen…
Aaliya: Leave her Bhai, Think About Tannu. Is it possible to organize a Concert for tonight.
Abhi: No Aaliya, Are you mad organize a concert in 4hours…
Aaliya: Ok then Bhai Propose her in MM- Hall. Infront of the family. Invite you close friends and media will also be there.
Abhi: But..
Aaliya: Bhai we don’t have time!

In Party…
(Abhi is reciveing guests.. A girl enters)
Girl: Congratulations jiju..
Abhi: Jiju?? Are You Tanu’s sister? If so than you should remember that we are not married and I haven’t even proposed her yet!
Girl: Tanu’s sister, I would rather die than being her sister!
( Abhi confused, shocked. She leaves and hugs Pragya from back)
( Pragya turns back, She is shocked)
Pragya: Bulbulll…
Bulbul: Shhh Di.. Hey! I will tell you everything later. You just don’t recognize me in front of Jiju… Talk to me as a stranger in front of him…
(Pragya hugs her, Let me call Purab and tell him)
Bulbul: Di he already Knows

A man enters MM… He goes to Abhi.
Man: Congratulations, My friends Husband!
Abhi: Friends Husband? Are You Tannu’s Friend? If so than you should remember that we are not married and I haven’t even proposed her yet!
Man: Tannu’s friend, I would rather die than being her friend!
(Aaliya and Pragya comes there)
Aaliya: Hey Handsome, Thanks For coming!
(She hugs him)
Pragya: Hey Suresh, Where have you been?
Abhi: (Confused) You Both know him?
Aaliya: Actually Bhai he is my lover and Pragya’s friend… I have been hiding him for the last two years because I was Afraid, Pragya and Bulbul will snatch him from me.
Abhi: ConfusedWho is Pra…
Before Abhi could finish, Pragya continued: I’m Not like You. Don’t Forget that You and your BestFriend has snatched my Husband from me…
Abhi’s mind voice: So Pragya is Nikita and Nikita is married too but who is her Husband… I will go mad.. I should better leave.
(He is about to leave when a man enters MM)
Man: Hey Rockstar.. So You are the One who is going to propose the women who once carried my baby for more than a year.
Abhi: WTH? What is happening..
Aaliya: Bhai, Leave him he is lying… You just Think About Tannu..
Abhi: Aaliya You know what if I continue thinking about her I will definitely go Mad… I need a break From You All…Angry
Suniye…Jijuuu… Bhai… Abhi…
Tannu enters MM while Abhi is leaving and is totally ConfusedConfused
She didn’t understand what is happening until she hears media: Rockstar Abhi Propose karne se pehle hi bhaag gaye…
Tannu: Nahiii

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