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Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 2

Hi everyone. Did you miss me? 😉 I have made it twice as long as the last time, and I hope you guys enjoy it. And this episode is written with Shivaay’s point of view. I hope I have lived up to all your expectations. Thanks a lot for all your love and support.

Episode 2: Precious
Something is wrong, I can feel it. I walked around restlessly, hoping that the hunch would get tired and go away. Om and Rudra were watching me closely as if they were seeing me for the first time. I raise my eyebrows and they shake their head at me, looking away at once. But they resumed their favourite pastime as soon as I looked away. ‘What will become of them?’ I wonder. “Khanna! Updates!” I shout into my phone, and the reply from the other end made me almost dizzy.
“Sir, Anika madam left the Oberoi Mansion without security. We didn’t realize when she went.”
“Anika!” the name escaped my lips as the threat I received resounded in my ears and my brain skimmed through all the dangerous possibilities.
The fear in his voice was obvious, but that would definitely not prevent me from firing him. But at this moment, my thoughts were only for Anika. “Track her phone using mine. Check the cameras in the surroundings. She could have just gone back home, so send someone there too. I’m coming.” I hope she’s okay. I know that she can take care of herself, but I just can’t ignore the possibility that she could be in danger. As I reached our control room shadowed by Om and Rudra, Khanna’s expression scared me. “Sir, it seems they did mean it. She’s kidnapped.” Quietly I went through all the location results and the videos. And that’s when I received the cliché call by them. I signaled my men to record and track the call, picked up the call and quietly listened to the irritating rant.


“Why is she so important to you, SSO? She talks so much, even under the drug’s effect, she managed to annoy all my men. I wonder what she’ll do if I make a small cut on her hand?” I heard a small hiss and then the mystery woman was back on line. My balled up hands hurt, but not more than my head. My blood was at its boiling point. “She’s a brave girl. Not a scream! So, when are you coming to save her? You know what, I don’t really want to hurt her. But watching you like this, I’m totally loving it!” The wicked laugh did it. “You’ll regret it. I warned you, but now you’re dead.” My voice was unnervingly quiet and my eyes were flashing with fury. I cut the call and asked Khanna for the location. It seemed to be some kind of remote place. Could it get any filmier than this?
We left without wasting much time. Om and Rudra wanted to come too and I didn’t object. I was getting edgier by the minute. My palms were sweaty and driving was a struggle. We finally reached as the terrible road ended at a one story building. All the security guys surrounded the place. It looked like the dark, dingy bhoot bangla, as Anika would have said. The ground floor was absolutely empty but it didn’t seem too dirty, as if someone had cleaned it a few days ago. I speedily climbed the broken stairs and the sight that met me brought tears to my eyes.
“Anika”, I breathed. Her hand was covered in blood from a long cut on her left forearm. I rushed to her and carefully placed her head on my lap, cradling her like my baby. She was whispering something. I leaned closer to her such that I was shielding her partially.
“My Billuji… SSO… My Billuji… SSO…” I looked at her with tearful eyes, blaming myself for the pain she was bearing. “It’s okay. You’ll be fine. I’m here now.” I said reassuringly. Om and Rudra also came and knelt beside me. Om placed a hand on my shoulder and Rudra stared at her with tearful red eyes. Khanna also came and told me something I already knew. “Sir, they left already. We have checked the surroundings too. There’s no evidence left either. I have informed the doctor to come to the Oberoi Mansion too. We should leave.” I nodded at him and picking up Anika in my arms moved downstairs, taking extra care to not hurt her.

Reaching home, I took Anika to Prinku’s room and let the doctor do his work. Her closed eyes troubled me to no end. I yearned to see mischief dancing in her eyes and her lips smile at the slightest hint of happiness. The past two and a half hours had brought such a flood of emotions in me for that ordinary girl lying there. No, she was anything but ordinary. Ordinary girls shout on getting a small cut, they don’t just let out a hiss on getting such a long and deep cut. Normal people fall into deep sleep under drug’s effect, they don’t keep talking and annoying people in sleep! Just thinking about today’s events made me angry again. Something gave me a hunch that it was someone closely related to our family, and someone resourceful. She must have a full-fledged team working for her to hack into our systems and camera footages and carry out all the dirty work for her. I settled myself on a nearby chair and started swiping through my mails. There was one thing that I noticed about myself at this particular moment. Although I was angry, I still felt calm knowing that she was safe now, with me. And I smiled slightly at the thought.

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