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Precious (Shivaay and Anika) Episode 1

Hi everyone. Thanks a lot for your love and support. I really didn’t expect such a good response on my prologue! But you guys made my day! Love you all. And I hope I live up to your expectations. I’ll try to post it regularly.
This post is written with Anika’s point of view,and I’ll try to write with Shivaay’s point of view too as I love the complex yet simple and innocent side of his character. So, let’s begin. I hope you guys like this one too.
Episode 1: Precious

I entered the Oberoi Mansion exactly on time. And immediately my eyes were searching for him. “Who are you searching for?” My heart lurched at the sound of his voice, and unknowingly I admitted, “You!” The shock on his face didn’t really hide that look in his light blue eyes, as if someone had given him Aladin’s lamp or something even more precious than that. I modified my reply, “You haven’t left for the office already?” “Go and work Anika”, he said, narrowing his eyes. Am I a kid that he’s asking me to go study! I made my way to Dadi’s room with a fixed pout on my face. All throughout the day I noticed something weird about all those security guys. They just weren’t letting me out of their sight! Anyways let’s just get on with work and try to go back home as soon as possible, which was my usual goal of the day. The day passed smoothly with six appearances from Billuji, each one of them leaving me equally confused, and the usual fun that I have with everyone else. My work was finished by 5:30, so I thought of leaving early. I informed Dadi and left Oberoi Mansion. Sahil will be so happy today!


And from today I know that Mumbai’s crime charts were on a climb for me exclusively! As soon as I enter the auto, someone pressed the traditional handkerchief with chloroform under my nose and the last thing I remember is Billuji’s face that I saw when I closed my eyes and the trademark evil laugh of villain’s in movies.

“The roads here are so bad! It’s good that Billuji isn’t here, otherwise he would have cursed all those who made it. What exactly is rocking me to sleep? My head feels like I have drunk two bottles of Rudra’s punch. Lots of voices woke me up. It seemed like they were fighting. Why can’t they let me sleep quietly? ‘Ladai ladai maaf kro, Gandhiji ko yaad kro’!” I mumbled in my sleep.

Where am I? Why am I here?
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