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Please Forgive Me (ShraMan os) – by Alina


Please forgive me !! an os -by Alina
⁃ Hi guys!! I’m Alina, I know many of u don’t know me except wu page members I miss u all my friends (Anjali do,Sona di,Bjagya do, Fatarjo,Ireena,Kittu,Arti!,Sonai,Smile,Beas,pretty,Priya everyone I’m missing u all badly😔😔😭😁)) But I know many of u..Khushi,Angel,wierdsister,ufaq Nikita,Maria,Ariana,Marie,Neeti,fati… Naz of your ffs…sorry I hav not ever commented on your ff the reason is not that ,I’m silent reader reason is I’m late reader. I was not aware of this world I was not knowing telly update..n when I joined I got small family here 😊😊..n slowly n gradually I got to know about ff’s n I started reading it when edkv ended.. I don’t hav experience of writing any story..I’m writing my first OS on Shraman..pls do tell u like it or not I know I will not b upto your all’s level but I’m trying ok..pls give ur feedbacks accha ya bura…ok?? So enough of my talks let’s begin..


Shravan-A politician.
Suman- A college student ( 2nd year)
Shaurya- suman’s brother (also in politics n in opposition of Shravan). Rohit- Shravan’s friend Khushi-suman’s friend Choti- an orphan girl nd also can’t speak ,12 yrs,lives near Shravan’s house. So here the story begins… Jeetega Bhai Jeetega Hamara Shravan Jeetega !! Yes this sounds is coming from the rally on Delhi Road..from another side also sound is coming. Jeetega Bhai Jeetega Hamara shaurya Jeetega… Nd now they r in front of each other Shaurya- Arre tu kitni bhi koshish kr le mai hi jeetne wala hoon😠😠. Shravan- ha q nhi, who to waqt hi batayege thoda sabr rkh year,hav some patience 😎😎😎. N after this they went on their way..Rohit comes to Shravan n says .. Rohit- Yaar mere pass ek plan hai.. Maine Suns hai ki is Khadoos shaurya ki ek behen hai.. Shravan-To mai kya Karu. Rohit- tu use pata le.. Shravan- Arre tu pagal Ho gya hai kya..mai ladki Khojne nhi nikla hoo just leave this mujhe abhi Kaam pe concentrate krna hai.. Rohit- Bhai phle poori baat to sun le..shaurya ki jaan basti hai us ki behen mein…u r getting me na what I’m trying to say?? Shravan- Ha boht acche se..he smiled evely. (Guys he is not a bad boy..he is just hard from outside n hav very soft heart inside ). Shravan-Rohit..to tu ek Kaam kr uski behen ka bio data pata kr or mujhe inform kr..ok?? Rohit- ok Bhai samjho Kaam Ho gya. Next morning Rohit comes with full info about shaurya’s sister to Shravan ‘s house. Rohit-Gud morning bro..I hav collected some info about shaurya ‘s sister ..her name is Suman Tiwari n BTech student..doing her studies in Xyz college..see this is her pic.. Shravan- (seeing her pic) Beautiful .. Rohit- oh kya kaha tmne Shravan- Yahi Kehna hai na jb usse Milna hai?? Rohit- ya..not bad u r nice actor also dude. Shravan-Thanks Rohit.. U r the best. Rohit- ok bye!!
Shravan (in his mind ) now I hav to do something to make u fall in love with me miss Suman..I’m coming. [On same day he went to that college i mean he is outside the college. Nd its break tym]. old lady(begging)- beta kuch khane ko dedo boht dino se kuch nhi kya. Boy1- Arre hutt budhiya..mera din kharab kr diya apni shakal dikha k., Boy2- Mere se to door hi Rehna u cheap people. Shravan- How dare u both to talk her like this ??
Boy1- q ?? Teri maa lagti hai kya??Boy2- Nhi yaar ye iski girlfriend hai..hahaha
Old lady to Shravan- chirp beta Jane do😥😥
Boy1 – ha dekh Teri gf be keh diya to chor sari baat ko..(pointing toward that old lady ) pata nhi kaha kaha Se log chale aate hai?? Middle class!!
Boy2- Middile class??bhai inka to koi class hi nhi Hota..
Saying all this nonsense they both started laughing
Shravan lost his patience and start hitting both and showed them who he is..
Shravan- Shravan Malhotra..Naam to Suna hi hoga
Both boys- ha Bhai ..sorry galti Ho gyi
Shravan-ok..age Se aisa mt krna
[They leave nd Shravan went to that old lady n give her 500₹ n took blessing from her]This all was noticed by Suman
Suman to Khushi- Khushi??duniya mein aise log bhi hai kya jo doosre ki help kare??
Khushi- pata nhi but kuch to hoge hi na??🙂🙂
[Then then they went for their classes as break is over now..Suman was thinking about Shravan whole day and when classes get over on her way]Suman- hey Khushi..he is the same guy na??
Khushi-Yup..lets go n talk
Suman- hmm
Suman to Shravan- Hey..u r very generous man!!
Shravan-I didn’t get u??
Suman- I saw u in afternoon,how u helped that lady..u know what ask kl is world mein kuch hi log aise hai jo doosre ki help krte h
Shravan- hmm…Thanks..
Suman- Btw..what’s your name??
Shravan- Shravan Malhotra…urs??
Suman-Suman…Suman Tiwari
So friends??
(They shakes their hands n became friends..they started meeting each other..Suman starts feeling something for him..days passed)
[Now it’s one day before Shravan’s birthday ]Suman calls Shravan (it’s 11:57 pm n Shravan is sleeping)
Suman- hello
Shravan- yes!! Say why u called me at this time yaar
Suman- umm..(seeing time again n again) umm..
Shravan- umm umm krne k liye phn ki Ho kya??
Suman- Arre do min wait nhi kr Skte kya ??
Shravan-Accha to mai ab tumhara umm aah sunne k liye jaga Rahuu??
I m cutting the call
Suman- wait wait..hogya
(It’s 12 now)
Shravan- kya ??
Suman- Happy birthday to u.. Shravan
Shravan- Thank you so much !! Now I going to sleep bye
Suman- wait wait !! I called u to tell u to cancel all your meetings ,plans,whatever..I will b spending whole day with u😊😊
Shravan-Ohk.. But ur college ??
Suman- No college only u n me
Shravan- y ??
Suman- sb baat phn pe hi krna hai kya?? Soo jao ab good night!!

It’s morning now..
Suman calls Shravan to a cafe..
Shravan- so what’s ur plan..
Suman- Shravan to mujhe choti k bare me bata rhe the na??
Shravan- hmm..
Suman- so we will go to meet her with cake.. I hav ordered here..we will enjoy with her and then we will go to…
Shravan- ha bolo kaha??
Suman- itni jaldi kya hai?? Hav some patience na..I will tell u afterward
Shravan- ok miss sumo…so let’s go..

They went to choti’ s place..Suman got emotional after seeing choti’ condition she got touched with her ..
Choti-by her actions (as she can not speak) don’t b upset dii I m happy..don’t b emotional let’s enjoy my world’s best Bhai’s birthday!!
Suman-(wiping her tears ) ok no Rona dhona let’s cut the cake

They cut cake n enjoyed a lot there..now it’s 5:00 pm
Shravan- so Suman ..what’s ur next plan..ghar chale ya kuch or hi iraada hai??
Suman-ha abhi ghar jate h bt big surprise abhi baki hai..I will text u the address..will meet there ok??byee I m going now see u soon!!
Shravan- ok..tym to Batati jao
Suman(from far)-haaa…. I will text u that also..byee

Now it’s 7:00, Shravan reached the place..that was beautifully decorated, there was a round table with two chairs , red n white balloons perfect for romantic date..

Shravan was going to call Suman
Just then Suman reached..

Shravan’s eyes got stuck on her she was looking gorgeous in red simple saare with silver sleeveless blouse she was looking damn hot!!
Suman moves hand in front of Shravan’s face
Suman- what??
Shravan gets into his sense..
Shravan- oh nothing
Suman- how I m looking??
Shravan-I hav no words !! I r looking beautiful..
[ suman was not able to walk properly bcz she was not habitual of sarees n all..this is noticed by Shravan]Shravan- agr saree sambhalti nhi to ku peha?? C sumo no need to change yourself for me..Tom jaisi Ho waise Ho mujhe acchi lagti Ho
Suman- Shravan tmhe apna special gift nhi chahiye??
[saying this she went close to him n stood on a stool which was lying very near to Shravan..she is going to kiss him..Shravan was not willing but he also can’t control himself..he hold her from her waist and they share a passionate kiss😍😍]Now it’s next morning nd sumo in college..
Suman to Khushi- Khushi u know I m in love..!!
Khushi-Lkn tune mujhe bataya nhi kabhi ??kon hai wo ,kaha ka h, kya krta hai??
Suman- Arre Arre stop your questions yaar…listen
She tell her about Shravan
Khushi-but Suman what will happen if your brother will know this??
Suman- before he will get to know from outside..I will tell him
[On other side Shravan n Rohit r talking in his office ]Rohit-what’s up Shravan??
Shravan is little tensed
Shravan- yaar mujhse ye nhi Ho Skta …I can’t play with her emotions yaar
Rohit- no no no no u can’t say this man v r much close to our mission shaurya definitely have to choose either leadership or his sister’s happiness..
Meanwhile Shravan gets a call it was suman’s call
Suman- Shravan I want to meet u pls to my place at evening..
Suman- ok I m in college..will talk to u afterwards..byee..love u
[ Now it’s evening.. Shravan reached suman’s house]Suman- Come inside
They went inside..
Shravan- q bulaya ?? Wo bhi ghar pr??
Suman- to kya Bhai Se tmhare bare me road pe baat krti kya??
[Shravan was shocked…he was not getting what to do now..either he should tell her truth or not..at last he decided to tell truth]Shravan- Dekho sumo aisa hamare beech kuch bhi nhi h..
Suman was left shocked
Suman-what?? Shravan pls mazak mt karo
Shravan-no sumo..I m not joking
[He told everything to her..listening all Suman cried badly her eyes become all red]Shravan-sumo…(putting his hand on her shoulder)
Suman- (removing his hand) don’t..don’t speak a single word!!
Shravan- sumo…listen to me once..
Suman-don’t take my name..just leaveeeee(she shouted )

[Shravan left..he was feeling guilty](Days passed.. Many a times they came across each other but Suman was not ready to listen anything..)
As Shravan was guilty he decided to sucide ..
Shravan in his room..
Shravan to himself
I can’t forgive myself nd don’t hav guts to face u sumo
[ this all is heard by choti..she suddenly run to suman’s house and tell her about him by gesture and this time Suman understand her gestures quickly.. She left for Shravan’s house]At Shravan’s place he is trying to tie a rope from ceiling..but then he heard a very soft voice from his door
“How dare you ” Himmat kaise hui tmhari mere cheez ko haath lagane ki..Marne ki??
Shravan turned back and saw Suman standing there..
Suman ran toward her and hugged him tightly
Suman-Tm aisa kaise kr Sakte Ho??(her eyes was swelled up bcz she had cried aloottt)
Shravan- To tm mujhse abhi b love krti Ho??
Suman-to kya pyaar kuch pal ke liye Hota h kya..
Shravan- sumo…Please forgive me.. I love you ..love u so much
He lift her up..

Suman- I love you too..
-The End-
Sorry guys I wrote little lengthy ..I not good in precise writing..pls do tell how’s it..I hav written this first time and Happy Diwali to all

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  1. Hey alina ur ff is very cute…..u wrote it really well….keep it up sweety

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