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Our marriage is agreement ep 5

Twinj marriage
Mani chikki are welcoming the guest
Leela is looking after all the arrangements

In room
Twi is getting redy for marriage someone knocks the door
She gets up and opens the door she is surprised


Twi: u ! Wat u RU doing here kunj
Kunj: can I com inside
Kunj: can u pls sign in this agreement
Twi reads it
In tat agreement it is written tat after 1 yr of their marriage the will no longer be husband and wife

After reading this she gets shock ‘wat is this kunj’she asked
Kunj: s I am doing this marriage for sake of my dad. If u r okay with this we can
Get. Married. Otherwise u stop this marriage
As twi has no other way she sign the paper
While signing she thinks twi I have do it bcz I don’t have any other way if this marriage stops my mom will be shattered and manohar uncle also settled our dept
.I can’t ditch him u have to do it two
She signs the agreement
Kunj gets the paper and leaves

Marriage hall
Kunj is sitting in the mandap pandit ask leela to call twi
Mahi and chikki brings twi downstairs
They make twi to sit with kunj
All the rituals take place
The marriage gets over
While twi leaves for her house she hung leela and cries

Twinj reach sarana mansion
Twinj goes to kunjs room
Their room is decorated with white and red roses
Kunj:thanks twi
Twi: for wat
For singing the agreement said kunj
Kunj:Don’t afraid for world we r husband and wife bud in side this room we
Are friends
U may be tired so u sleep on bed I will sleep on couch

Twi smiles and they went to sleep

Twi gets up and gets ready for office
Kunj also gets up and he also gets ready for office
kunj: shall I drop u twi
Twi: no thanks I will manage
Twi leaves for office she is waiting in busstand
Sudden some hugs twi form behind

She is shocked and turned back she finds uv there
She jerks him away and slaps him hard. He gets angry and clutches her hand
Tears flows from her eyes.she tires to get free and he tights his grip
UV: wat u think twi if u get married means I will u. No never u r mine only . I knw tat no
Husband and wife relationship b/w u and u r husband. And leaves her hand and push
Her but a pair of hand catches her she gets up and sees kunj there
She hugs him and started to cry. uv sees this and gets angry
And goes near her

Suddenly chatakkkkkkkk
Kunj Punched him hard and starts to beat him and uv runs from there
Kunj :who is he twi
Twi: he is yuvaraj .he is my mothers bros son .he wants to marry me so he always
Torchour me.
Kunj : don’t worry twi I am there na don’t worry 2day on wards he wont disturb u
Comes let’s go I will drop u in office
They both leave
Screen freezes

Sry sry guys for late update
I am wainting 4 ur comments
I will update soon

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