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Our Love Is Immortal (Character Sketch )

Hey Guys!  I’m RSTHEFFWRITER who is back with her new ff. So moving on to the ff the starring couples are (Sagar & Gangaa) , (Sanskar & Swara ) ,( Laksh & Ragini ) and ( Aryan & Aradhya )

Character Sketch


Sagar : A famous and successful lawyer who is very handsome and good looking.  He doesn’t believes in superstitions or love . He returned back from London just a few days ago .

Gangaa : A beautiful and pretty girl who is very straight forward. She is the childhood friend of Sagar . She loves Sagar and also expects Sagar to love her .

Janvi : She is a stubborn girl who doesn’t loves Sagar but wants him.

Sanskar :  He is a qualified business man . He hates girls for some reason . He is Sagar’s friend . He likes Gangaa because she’s of a different kind .

Swara :  She is a NGO worker.  She loves children and also has a daughter named Sanvi.

Laksh : He is flirty boy and always likes to flirt . He studies in the college.

Ragini : She’s a nerdy girl and fears to make friends.  She always hols the first position in the class and always has her head inside a book

Aryan : He is the only friend of Ragini.  He helps her . He has helping nature .

Aradhya : She’s a flirty type  of girl and is the friend of Laksh .

If you like the character sketch then please let me know so that I can update the episode.

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