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Our Impossible Love – Prologue


Hey guys here I am giving u the Prologue If I will get good response I’ll make a very short story up to 7-8 parts. If not I’ll make it a TS !! Depends on ur comments !!



-“I wanna say u something ”

A boy said standing opposite to a beautiful girl.. Who was looking at him..

-“Yes say ”
Said the girl smilingly.. Who was wearing a beautiful pink lengha with yellow border and mimal make up.. Loose curls at end of her hairs.. And partition had a beautiful mang teeka of stone..

-“Actually I wanted to say u that ”
Boy was nervous..

Girl -“What happened y are u so nervous ”

Boy -“Actually I want .. I want to say u is I .. I love u.. ”
The boy finally said with lots of difficulties..

Girl was a bit startled by his confession..

Girl -“What are u Saying .. Its my engagement today and ” she was shocked..!!

Boy -“I .. I know but I really do love u.. From long back but I was afraid to confess.. I know its late but.. But I can’t live without u.. Pls pls accept me ” said the boy pleasing her.

Girl -“But what what about my family.. All guests have came..”
Said the girl Turing other side having tears in eyes.. !!

Boy made her turn..

-“I love u a lot and I know u also do.. Ur moist are the proof.. If u love me then don’t think of anything I’ll manage but one thing I can’t live without u .. ”

Said the boy holding her shoulders..

Girl -“Its not so easy.. My family reputation.. Everything will be finished.. I can’t.. I have to do this engagement.. ”

Said the girl cryingly !!

Boy had tears in eyes -“Y are u thinking of every one we love each other a lot.. And we both know we can’t live without each other.. Pls think about Us.. If u marry someone else neither u will be happy nor that guy.. Nor me.. It will spoil 3 lives.. ”

Girl -“But.. ”

Boy -“Pls think about us.. U have to spend ur life not ur parents..!! ”

After a lot of argument..

Boy hugs the girl crying..

Boy -“Come we will tell all that we love each other.. ”

Said boy holding girls hand and dragging her..

Girl -“Everything will be fine na ”
Girl won’t move from the place.

Boy hugs her -“Trust me I’ll make everything alright !! ”

Girl hugs boy.. They had tears in eyes.. !!

They come back to the sence when they hears a loud voice shouting..

“CUT” !!

They apart..

-“Perfect shot Swara and Laksh.. It ws like a real scene.. U guys are very good actors.. In one shot u Gave a OK Scene.. ”

Swara -“Thank u Sir.. ” said to the man.. Who were director of the movie in which she was casted..

Laksh does the same..

Director -“Prepare the set for next scene ” shouted he !!

Laksh -“It’s nice working with u miss Swara.. U are really a versatile actress..”

Swara -“Thank u.. ”

By time a small fan of her comes..
She loves his cuteness.. Laksh stands der staring at her.. Her love towards children’s !!

Lil boy -“Autograph please ”

Swara sit on her knees -“How cute… Y autograph.. Wait we will take a selfiee. ”

Swara takes out her phone and clicked a selfiee With him.. Her smile ws more beautiful than any diamond !!

Director shouted -“Pack Up !!! ”

Laksh -” Shall v go together for coffee ?? ”

Swara -“Actually laksh I’ve to go home today will go later ” with a formal smile !!

Laksh -“OK no problem ”

She left in her car..

-“With A small cute fan on set after the shot !! ”

Posted she on her official fan page on Friendsbook with the selfiee..

When she was about to go back.. She saw the very first comment in 2 seconds !!

She smiled and read that..

-” Mere Jine k lie Tere armaan hi kafi Hain
Dil Ki Kalam Se liki ye dastan hi kafi hain
Tir – E – Talwar Ki tuje Kya jaroorat aye Nazneen
Qatl krne ke liye, Teri Muskaan hi kaafi hain ”

After reading she was blushing… Her Cheeks became red.. And her lips slowly whispered the commentator’s name -“Sanskaar Maheshwari ”

She then kept the phone aside and drove to home..

Swara thinks -“He always comments first.. And that to unique!! ” she smiled and concentrated o

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