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Our Dark Past Love (Chapter 4)

Our Dark Past Love
Chapter 4

In case if someone missed out on the previous chapter, here’s the link below:

Chapter 3
Dev (POV)

“You’re coming with me to the party tomorrow”, I said as she let out a soft laugh. “Do you think I will?”, she asked making me grin. “You will darling. You will. If you don’t then, I’d announce in the office about both of us being together before”, I said. “Do that if you’ve the guts. I won’t come with you at any cost”, she replied. “She knew me well and could bet upon it that I won’t ever disclose our past in front of the office employees because that would only lead to calling me a characterless person and nothing more”, I thought.

She snapped her fingers in front of my eyes and said, “Mr. Dixit, go announce.” “So..”, I muttered and correcting myself said, “Ms. Sonakshi Bose, just give me another chance. I can assure you I’d never let your hopes down.” “Mr. Dev Dixit, I’m here to work and earn myself a living, not to bring up my past before me”, she said and pushed me away. She was about to walk out of my cabin when I said, “If you’ve ever loved me, you’ll surely come with me tomorrow night.” She glanced at me teary eyed and soon left the place.

I cursed myself for letting down her hopes and not being by her side when she needed me. I was thinking about her when someone knocked the door. “Come in”, I shouted as Vicky entered the cabin. “Bhai, I’m done with my work for the day. Shall we get back?”, he asked. “You leave. I’m not yet done”, I replied and started working on my laptop. “Bhai, are you sure?”, he asked as I nodded my head agreeing and asked him to leave before it was too late.

Later, I was going through the files when suddenly I noticed the time and surprisingly found the time to be 11:30. I quickly packed and carried some files along with me as the next day would be a holiday. I walked away to the parking lot and kept the files on the back seat. I settled down on the driver’s seat and started driving. I got out of the business park and saw Sonakshi struggling to get a cab.

I stopped my car in front of her and said, “Get in.” She rolled her eyes and walked away. I drove a little and stopped in front of her again. “Ms. Sonakshi Bose, get in”, I repeated as she replied, “I’ll take a cab and go back. You may leave.” I got out of the car and stood in front of her. I crossed my arms across my chest and asked, “Are you getting in or not?” “I said you may leave”, she repeated as I held on to her hand.

I opened the front door and forcefully made her sit inside. I closed the door as she shouted saying, “I won’t come with you. I don’t need your help.” I ignored her and started driving. I applied the brakes as a cat came in front of the car. Sona moved in front due to the sudden deceleration as her elbow hit the dashboard. I looked at her and was lost in her deep brown eyes when the song ‘Aankhon ki gustaakiyaan’ started playing on the radio. She looked away after a while as I changed the channel and it played ‘Sanam re’. I changed the channels as numerous romantic songs were being played. “Why don’t they understand I need a serious song at the moment”, I thought and muted the audio.

I moved towards her as she nervously asked, “Wh..What are you doing?” I moved closer to her face as she kept staring at me nervously. I breathed which made her feel the warmth as I moved even closer. She closed her eyes and looked away as I pulled the seat belt and buckled it up. She looked at me shocked as I let out a soft laugh and asked, “What did you think I was doing?” She looked away and said, “Mr. Dixit, I’d be obliged if you could just start driving and drop me home.” I heaved a sigh of relief and started driving.

“St..”, she uttered as I stopped the car in front of a small duplex. “How do you know that you’ve to drop me here?”, she asked as I turned on the radio. I unbuckled her seat belt and muttered, “Here..” “I aske..”, she uttered as I raised the volume and said, “Ms. Sonakshi Bose, tomorrow 8 pm sharp.” “I’m not..”, she started as I interrupted saying, “Just in case you’ve ever loved me.”

“De..”, she muttered in a choked voice when her phone rang. She saw the caller and receiving the call said, “Haa Elena.” After a while she said, “I’m here. Just give me two minutes.” “Why are you calling me if you know I’m here? Anyways, just two minutes and I’ll be there”, she said before disconnecting the call.

She got down from the car and was about to get inside when I pulled her close to me and held her by her waist. “What are you doing?”, she asked trying to free herself. I caressed her face and said, “8 pm sharp tomorrow.” “De..Mr…”, she stammered looking straight into my eyes. “My closeness still has the same effect”, I said continuing to caress her face. “It.. it isn’t..”, she stammered trying to find words and gulped in. “You can’t deny”, I said as she freed herself and ran inside her house.

I got into my car as I saw Sona rubbing her eyes as she entered into her house. I continued looking at her as she slowly disappeared. “How do you know that you’ve to stop here?”, her words ran through my mind. “How would you know that even after all these years I still care for you the same!”, I thought smiling and drove back home.


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