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Our Dark Past Love (Chapter 3)

Our Dark Past Love
Chapter 3

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Chapter 2

Sonakshi (POV)

I jerked his hand away that had been tightening it’s grip around my wrist. “Sona”, Mr. Dixit uttered as I interrupted saying a bit loudly, “It is Ms. Sonakshi Bose for you.” “Listen to me once”, he muttered as I let out a faint laugh and asked, “Listen to you?” He looked at me guiltily as I continued, “Give me one reason why I shall listen to you. I was, am and will never be anything in your life.” I turned around and pulled the door when he said, “It has only been you.” I pushed the door and turned around to face him. I folded my arms across my chest as he repeated, “It has only been you.” I smiled wickedly and said, “It has only been a lie.” I turned around and walked out of the conference room as he stood there leaning against the table.

I walked inside my cabin and settled down on the chair as tears rolled down my cheeks. I took out a photo frame from the drawer beside and holding it close to my chest said, “I need you maa and baba.” Suddenly, someone knocked my cabin door. I quickly wiped the tears off my face and shouted, “Come in.” “Di”, Elena called out standing at the doorstep. I quickly looked into the laptop and while working asked, “Yes? Do you need something?” She walked up to me and asked, “Di, are you crying?” “Why will I cry? Anyways, are you done with your work?”, I asked. “Di, look at me”, she said. “Elena, I’m fine. I’m not crying”, I said as she walked closer and kneeled down. “Please don’t cry na di”, she said in a choked voice.

I looked around to face to her as I found the tears rolling down her cheeks. “Elena?”, I uttered turning the chair towards her as she rested her head on my lap and said, “Di, you mean everything to me. Please don’t cry. I can’t see you crying.” “Elena, get up”, I said lifting her face. She looked at me as I wiped the tears from her face. “Look, I’m not crying”, I said. She hugged me and muttered, “I can’t see you crying di. Please, don’t cry ever.” I smiled and said, “Never.” I kissed her head as she got up and cleared her face.

“Coffee?”, Elena asked. “Haan. Kintu ei baaje coffee ta noi (Yes. But, not this bad coffee)”, I replied as Elena laughed and both of us walked away to the cafe. We stood in front of the cafe as I went down the lane reminiscing all the memories in this cafe. “Di!”, Elena called out shaking me. “Ya?”, I asked arching my eyebrows. “What ya? Cholo (Come)”, she said. I nodded my head in agreement as both of us walked inside. We had our coffee while talking and went back around half an hour later.

“Ma’am, sir has called everyone in his cabin”, Tina said. “I don’t want to face him again”, I thought while both of us walked towards Mr. Dixit’s cabin. We entered inside and found everyone present there. “Tina, is everyone here?”, he asked as I rolled my eyes while Elena was busy looking elsewhere. “Yes sir”, Tina meekly replied. “Well, we’ve a party tomorrow night. I would expect everyone to be present there. You can surely bring your families and anyone special too”, Mr. Dixit said and winked at me which was pretty unnoticeable by anyone. Everyone let out a soft laugh as he added in a stern voice, “Okay, you all can get back to work now.”

Everyone started leaving and as I and Elena were about to leave he said, “Ms. Sonakshi Bose, I need to talk to you.” Elena looked at me as he said, “Ms. Elena, you may leave.” I clenched my fists and looked at Elena and signalled her to leave. She walked out of the cabin as I turned around to face Mr. Dixit while he picked up the remote and drew the curtains of his cabin. “Mr. Dixit, you’ve no rights to talk to my sister like that”, I said. “She’s just an employee of this office”, he uttered. I made a disgusted look and said, “It’d be better if you could just do your work after I leave.” He drew the curtains and turned around to face me. “Ms. Sonakshi”, he said as I repeated, “Ms. Sonakshi Bose.” He walked towards me as I stepped back. I was stuck by the wall as he increased the proximity between us making me close my eyes. “Mr.”, I uttered as he placed his forefinger on my lips and said, “Dev.” “Mr.”, I repeated as he interrupted saying, “Ms. Sonakshi Bose, you very well know what I can do.” I opened my eyes to look at him and found him staring at me just like before. “Mr.”, I said but, was interrupted as he kissed my forehead. I gulped in and said, “Move away.” He kissed my left cheek and said, “Politely.” “Mr. Dixit, move away”, I said trying to be polite. “Dev”, he said kissing my other cheek. “Dev, move away”, I said as he moved back. I was about to walk away when he placed his hands on the wall preventing me from escaping.


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