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Open Ur Teddy to Me (1.. Not Interesting) (KRPKAB)

Eros of a Sagaa…
(Eros-(SimplyLuv) or (Greek God of Luv-Cupid)- Son of Venus,Goddess of Luv)..

“Baarish(Remix)” plays on the speaker in Top floor House..


(“Baarish(Remix)” is tuning the stream of the night …in Top floor of a Building which borrows flowing Light from the StreetLights”)

The LeftHand of a Luv’s Hijo(Spanish-Son) close the Speakers ..
He put the ears on his closed hands..
(Dev listens the Song in speaker by closing it by his left hand)..

Taking the Keyboard,Romeo Sets Mario in TV for playing..
(Dev sets TV for playing VideoGame Mario)..

Romeo Takes a Sandwich n starts eating…(Dev eats the Sandwich)…
On wooden steps,Sound of Falling Small bells…He smiles while seeing Mario jumps in boxes at the time of Sound of Falling Small Bells…
(Dev smiles while hearing the sound bells on out of the door..He again smiles while he see The Mario’s jump at the time of Sound)..

“Dev”-A Soundless Voice of an Angelito(Angel who is incomplete without Luv) on Air..

Romeo(Dev):”She is coming”..(murmur)
Dev sees the door n runs to the bed without sound..n closed him by clothes…

Her fingers waves towards The door..
The door slowly opens…
WhiteTSh,PinkFrock(I thought maybe Its gud for defining Luv)Girl(Sona)’s sandals touched the Room’s surface…..
She sees the cloth covering Dev n smiles….
She(said):” Hello….”…(slow)
“As Long as U Luv Me” plays on Dev’s mobile…
Dev’s eyes goes sharp…
He holds the cloth on his hand tightly..
Sona smiles n start playing..Video Games..with eating Sandwich…

After taking Jam for Sandwich,Sona throws the knife towards Dev..’s near…
By the sound of Knife,Dev awakes with angry….
Dev:”I m Sleeping now”(shout)..
Sona(smile):”If U fall in Sleep,U fail to See in the next 24 hrs”……Sona takes the rose from her hair n make it fall below..
Dev sees the clock..The clock rings 0.00
…The Rose falls on The Photo of DevShi..
The Photo-Dev kisses on KShi’s hands…
Dev’s eyes shocked…”Sona..”n walk towards The Rose…
Sona:”I m here..Can we start playing Video Games?”( from his Behind)(showing Adaptor)..
Dev:”S..Tiz time,I ll win(smile)…
Sona:”R U finish Ur Puzzle?”..
Dev knods his head”No”…
Sona:”Not Interesting”…..(smiles)


Hope U Like tiz frndzz..Sorry Frndzz..I just made Dev as creator of KRPKAB story for showing his Luv in his ideas…in “Open Ur Teddy with me” (Story of Bears)…Tats K…Frndzz..I rewrite n change the intros of the couple….I wish all my Frndzz Read tiz epi..Tanqq frndzz for readingg n Tanqq for reviewing…
Kindly write ur thoughts after readingg…..
Take Care Frndzz….
~H(Luv’s 1$+ Line)….
……As I said earlier,The Epi got the name “Not Interesting”…!!
I hope U ll enjoy tiz Epi….

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