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Open Ur Teddy to Me (1-IntrosofBear) (KRPKAB)

Shaheer,Erica smiles n walk with Director…
He opens a door..A Boy is rocking drumz…
Director(smile):” Welcome to meet Rehaan..Dev’s Master..”..
Rehaan:”Haha..Leader’s Master..”
Shaheer:”Hi Dude..!!”..
Erica:”Hey Cute!!”..(Both smiles)..
Shaheer n Erica see the room’s surroundings..
Rehaan(smiles):”U searched for Dev..Come”..
Run out n goes towards Dev’s Room..
Rehaan opens the door..
Dev n Sona turns..back n see him..
Dev with An Opened Bear..Sona with 3 bears..

In Sona’s Eyes..
The present comes…from View of Sona’s Eyes…
A Doll Shop..
On Dev’s shoulders,Rehaan is sitting..
Dev:”Hello!!Can U help to get bears for my Master”…
Sona:”S..”(Discontinuous)..stopped stitching bears..
Dev blow in his empty hands..


A StrawBerry on his hand….
Dev(smile):”Congratz for Ur Success in Stitching Operation”….
Dev throws another strawberry up..
Rehaan catches n starts eating..
Sona(thinks):”Where is it come from?”….
Dev:”2Berries r Finished Now..”(showing Strawberry)..
Dev:”Master..Is tiz K?”(showing Pink Bear)..
Rehaan:”Done Leader”….
Dev buys the bear n walks to leave…
Sona sees them..
A small boy on shoulders of a Romeo’s Mix of LongHair,RedTSh,JeanTrousers,Open EarPhones…
Rehaan (turns):”Tata..”..
Sona(smile):(showing Tata)..
Dev too turns n smiles by showing stitching needle..
Dev:”No one ll not wait now onwards..”..
Sona(shock(think:”Is he wait till my stitching finished?”) n showing another stitching needle…..

Dev put the sharp edge of the needle on cash counter table..n leaves..
Sona:”Who is He?!”(think)
Dev,Rehaan reached their place..
Rehaan opens the door next to Dev..

Now..the Past Again..in DoorOpen..
Dev with the open bear n Sona with 3 bears..seeing the door..
Dev:”Come..Time To go..I hope Ull like the coming sequence of How Bears show their Luv”..
Sona:”Sir..I m in hurry to reach our Shop..Due to ur urgency,I directly come after telling my frnd to guard the Shop”..
Dev:”Hey..Come On..A Big Surprise On the way”..
Rehaan enters..
Dev(seeing Sona):”Oops!!Surprise is Missing”..
Rehaan:”Hey..Hw R U?”
Shaheer, Erica n Director enter the room..
Director:”Sir..Our Couple comes to see U”(seeing Sona with a think Who is She)..
Director:”U I think The preparation Team..Go n Check The Preparations”(seeing Sona)..
Sona sees Dev with big eyes..
Shaheer,Erica(think):”Something went wrong”..
Dev (sees Sona):”She is not worker..She is my BearBringer..(sharp eyes see Director)His hsnds holds the opening of the two halves of the Pink Bear tightly…

Director(got what is going on):”Oh..Sorry Dev..Sorry Mam..I mistook what was going”..
Dev:”Welcome,Shaheer n Erica..”..
Shaheer:”Dev..What is our First Intro Scene?”
Dev puts Teddy on Table..
Sona see Teddy..The voice of Dev:”She is my BearBringer”on her mind..
Dev puts something on opening of the bear n starts stitching..by a needle..
Erica sees with thrilling face”What is going?”..
After stitching,Dev push the bear from the back..A small pink heart comes from the bear’s left side..
Shaheer:”I think itz taken for Erica’s intro for our show”..
Dev sees the bear:”No..Its for Ur Intro,Shaheer”..
Shaheer:”My Intro..”
Another scene after Long days passing..
Sona(KShi):”MyDearBear,I m Eros in U”..
Dev falls back straightly in his shirtless 8pack physique….with a smile…
“Not Interesting”-The next part Soon…
Hope U like tiz frndzz..
Tanqq frndzz..Write ur thoughts after reading…Take Care Frndzz…

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