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only for the sake of u (ragsan) three shots – Part 1

Sara says mumma khelna hai . ragini says mere baby ko khelna hai , teek hai , neelu(maid), take her outside and she will play wid her ball , hai na baby . sara kisses ragini and goes out wid her ball .

After some time
Neelu comes running . she says madam ji , sara is missing . ragini says neelu how can u be so careless , wait let me see and searches the whole house and the garden . she does not find her anywhere . sanskar who was working comes and asks ragini what happened . ragini tells the whole incident . sanskaar gets a call .the voice at the other end says sanskar I think u have forgotten me . sanskar says vikas . the voice says wow u remember me , yes I am vikas , vikas rana , ur business rival , ur dead wife’s lover and ur ultimate enemy . I got to know that u have got a new contract that our company wanted , will u please give the contract papers and back off , u think I will talk such silly things ah ? no , never , vikas rana can never plead to others . here is my deal for u . tell ur newly wed wife to bring the contract papers , and take ur daughter . sanskar says what , my daughter is wid u? vikas says yes sanskar , ur daughter is wid me and if u want ur daughter safe , tell ur newly wed wife to come and give ur contract papers now , and ya don’t call the police , if u try to call , ur daughter will be dead and cuts the call


ragini says no sanskar , I cant leave my sara there , I think he is very dangerous . I will go there and that’s final , don’t try to stop me please
Ragini goes there wid the contract papers . vikas says u r in intelligent , not like ur husband . ragini says give me my daughter , then only I will give u the papers . vikas says ok , that’s fine and brings sara . sara says mumma and hugs ragini , ragin says bas bas , don’t cry , mumma has come na . ragini says why do u want the contract papers , vikas says bas karo and snatches the papers from ragini. Just then he hears the siren of the police jeep . he says no , why did u call the police , now I will not leave u and aims a gun at sara . ragini shouts sara and pushes her aside . she gets hit by the bullet . the police arrives wid sanskar and arrests vikas . sanskar takes the papers from him . just then sanskar sees ragini . he says ragini uto ragini,uto . he takes her in her arms and goes to hospital

After some time .
Sanskar is seen crying . he says god I had lost faith in u after sara’s death , but now I am pleading u , please save ragini , I love her a lot. Please save her and cries . doctor comes out and says she Is alright but will get consciousness only after some time . sanskar hugs ap and cries . he says , ma I am so happy today . god heard my prayers ma . he saved my ragini .
After some time sanskar goes and meets ragini , he hugs her and says what was the need to call the police , if something would have happened to u I would have died
Tujhse juda gar ho jaayenge
Toh khud se hi ho jaayenge judaa plays in bg.
Ragini says sanskar calm down , I am alright now . sars comes there . ragini says yahan ao , tum teek to ho , and hugs her . she kisses her . sanskar says she is perfectly alright .
Sanskar gets a call .he says what ? really? . he says ragini , vikas has run away from police custody . I have called two police officers for ur and sara’s protection

Precap: laksh’s home coming . sanskar’s love confession , finally a happy family……

Guys thank u so much for the comments u gave so far . please comment guys . I will upload part 3(b) soon and that will be the final part of this three shot

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