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one step closer shivika epi 4

anika pick the call she heard rohan’s voice
rohan : baby… I have little request

anika : tell me rohan


rohan : Im in my best friends house so every one is exsited to meet to baby

will you plz come plzz dont say no

anika : ok I will

rohan : cool so Ill send my driver in 10 mini be ready

dadi she is comming

dadi : thats good so pinky janvi go and see the preparations

pinky and janvi : ji mummiji

anika ge on to the car and busy talking with sahil one the way she didnt notice that she was on the way to obroi mansion

then suddenly she got seen the name board and asked the driver that they on right place then she called to rohan and say rohan are u in obroi mansion

rohan : ha baby pla come inside

anika : no rohan I cant

rohan : ohooooo wait Ill come ans pick you …

guys she is here wait ill go and take her

rohan went and take anika with him every one was waiting to meet would be mrs.rohan trivedi

anika and rohan entered to obroi mansion rohan has holding anika s hand anika was looking down and was unable to face shivay

every one was shocked to she anika with rohan shivay was in a big shock and unknowingly tear roll from his eye rudy and om notice this ans went to shivay to give support

anika and shivay share a sudden emotional eye lock and oh jana sad version play from back ground

dadi : anika beta thum

rohan ; dadi you know her

pinky : why not rohan in fact she is family

janvi : she is shivys wedding planer

rohan : baby you did not tell me any thing

anika : sory rohan

rohan : its ok baby

dadi : rohan I must say that you are very lucky to have her she is such a nice girl every one is not lucky as you beta (dadi say this looking at shivay )

new couple took the blessings of elder and return after having lunch

om and rudy in shivays room

om : shivay acceptit that you love her

rudy : ha bahai you cant spend your whole life with out love

om : will you able to live without anika answer me shivay ….

rudy : bhaii put your ego aside and say it bahi just one time say that you love didi

om : shivay you may get the feeling of true love one dan and you will come to us cring and saying that you want anika

shivay who was silent till now break down and start to crying saying that “ha… ilove her I love her ….” om and rudy was very happy and try to calm down shivay

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