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I move out of my observations as he stands in front of me. He stares intently for a moment as though, he is going to find me even through the black layers that cover my face leaving just my eyes to meet his. He now looks me directly into my eyes and for a moment I think that I will get caught, so I turn my face away.
” Miss Hassan, I don’t usually meet anyone in private but you insisted that your problem was really genuine so please tell me now. What is your problem?” He asks.
Quick. Search. Search for an answer and I get one. My heart skips a beat in excitement. This is the only way to know.
” Actually, I have read every single article of yours and you know, you write so well that umm….” I trail off so that he picks up curiosity.
” Yeah… so what’s the problem there? ” he asks looking confused and as I know him, I know he is irritated.
” The problem is that I love you and I have loved you every single day. Will you marry me?” I ask, trying very hard not to giggle. The expression on his face nearly makes me explode into fits of laughter but I control because the real thing is still left.
” What are you saying? I thought that you had a genuine problem. I hope you are not joking.” He takes a step back in astonishment.
” Do I look like I am joking? Anyway my problem is really genuine. Please marry me otherwise I may die.” I say now knowing, that my face would be red both with heat and resisting laughter.
” Look Miss Hassan, I can’t marry you. I am sorry to hurt you but I just can’t go around marrying anyone.” He says and turns to go.
” Then whom do you want to marry? Do you love anyone? ” I say, now coming to the real part.
He stops his tracks but doesn’t turn towards me.

” Yes. Very much.” And I feel the earth sliding beneath my feet. I somehow control myself.
” Then why don’t you say her so. You are breaking her heart and yours too. You will mend both if you just accept it in front of her. Love is a dangerous thing. It has the power to both break and mend hearts.” And by saying that, I have his full attention. He freezes in his place. He doesn’t move for a while. But then he turns towards me and takes his small steps in my direction. I suddenly notice that his eyes have filled up bit and he is fighting the urge to let those tears flow down. He finally comes to me and lifts the burqua off my face. And he just stares into my face. No reaction. He just stares. No shock. No excitement. Just stare. Tears rolling down finally.
” Mr. Shravan, if you are done staring at my face, can I just hug you?” And the moment I say so, I am pulled into his comforting arms. I can feel his breaths on my back which thankfully has some bare part. He rests his chin on my shoulder. My head is on his chest, listening to every beat of his. I never want to come out of this comfort zone but I have to as his tear falls from his face and slide down my back. I break the hug to stare at him, to see what those clear eyes are reflecting now.
They reflect pain. Longing. Love. Sadness. Some kind of compulsion.
He sees that mine are flooding with questions. It brings him out of his trance and he steps back as if realising that he shouldn’t be here.
He turns to go but I hold his hand.
” Why?” I ask. Just one question and that can end all of this.

” Because I live in darkness and I don’t want to pull you in that. You see, I left my home for this because nobody understood what I wanted from life. I don’t have views which are normal to people. They are dark. I am dark. I didn’t tell you my surname cause I don’t have one. I am just ‘Shravan’, among the thousands with the same name but I still want to stand out. For that I want to explore new things and that includes mysteries hidden in the darkness. I didn’t tell you my job because I don’t have a specific one. I keep on exploring. I keep on moving. And I keep on searching. You are straightforward on the other hand. I told you this on our first meeting only. And I fell in love with you because of that reason. I know you must have thought that I was just someone who met his desires by using your feelings but trust me, it is not so. I knew that we are not a match but I just couldn’t resist that morning. That night just lighted my life. That one night spent with you did something magical. You see, that darkness gave me light. But you are not meant for me and I am not meant for you. You get the answers because you think you know them. You find them correct because you feel they are. But that is not the case with me. I just explore and explore. You see, you have the answer but I want to search for it. You know things but I want to find them. You are scared of darkness but I embrace it. You don’t like to find ways in the dark but I feel that’s my job. In short, you are everything that I never can be. Our paths are different. When destiny has not written that we are meant for each other than we are no one to change it. I really am sorry to have dragged you in all this but we can’t be together. I am sorry. I can’t see you trying to catch up with me and trying to find me every time I get lost in the darkness. I want to you keep shining like that beautiful moon. I want you to spread your light and not get lost in my darkness. Goodbye Ms. Suman Kashyap. I am sorry once again.” He ends his so long speech and starts to walk away from me and I can do nothing but stare at his back.

For a moment, I think that I should just go stop him but I don’t because I know now is not the right time and atmosphere. He won’t listen now, he needs time. Plus I don’t look good. Yeah I know I sound damn foolish but I want my love confession to be nothing less than a fairytale.

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