Okay…so where do i begin wid…i m seriously broken…like literally broken from inside….my fav serial ended…actually fav is a small word to describe how much it mattered to me….at first i didn’t think that i would be so so so devasted…i really thought i could manage…but no….when it ended…just when it did…then only i could fill that a part of me was taken….i did not cry….but i wish i would have coz that unbearable pain inside me….huh….its breaking me in parts…i will miss it so much like hell…..! They better come up wid season 2 wid the same cast..otherwise god knows what will happen to all d fans out there in this world….
Guys plz dont stop writing ur stories here…coz they r d only medium through which we can keep shraman alive…..as we say SHRAMAN FOREVER……so even i saved my shots…so that i hope that i can make u feel better….

P.S- today is my result day…but i seriously m so engrossed in d pain…that i hve forgotten abt it…!
Let me tell u now only…d parts r going to be pretty long….so….umm…but plz read them…
So now bringing to u….



Tick tick tick tick…
This is the sound of my watch that let’s me know that I am alive and time is still moving. It has just been thirty minutes since I got stuck in this train compartment but I still feel dead.
The night is dark and thick fog covers my view of the outside world. As I press my face against the cool window glass I can see that we are surrounded by nothing but dense forest covers.

I am interrupted in my observation by some sound. I thought that I was alone in this compartment because we were on our way to the last station which was my stop when the train had to stop amidst this jungle due to some technical problems. My compartment anyway had very little passengers who got down on the previous stations. I was surprised because our last stop was Mumbai and people were supposed to be going there in huge amounts. But I guess today everything different. Or wait should I say tonight? I once again hear some sound. This time I freeze in my place. This setting was already so haunting that even the slightest sound took my heart away.
Finally I show some courage and turn around. I hear the sound coming from upwards, from the upper berth. I see two hands coming out of the blanket. Oh god! Now what is this? Why is all this happening with me? Firstly this scary journey and now this ghost passenger. Or wait, no, he isn’t a ghost. I did notice him sleeping earlier. He didn’t even get up once, so I didn’t pay attention.

But now I see him as he rises in his berth. He is wearing a dark blue sweat shirt. He doesn’t look like he has been sleeping for most of the journey because his hair is like, Bang on! Perfect! He has this jet black hair which is all spiked up. When I am done with admiring his hair, I move down to his face and that nearly makes me open my mouth in awe. He looks so handsome and smart. His face reflects smartness. His cheeks are covered with light beard. His eyes! I can make out from here only that they are clear eyes, the ones which reflect everything. Those light brown eyes are a bit swollen, but they are in no way letting his handsome quotient down. He rubs his eyes and stretches his hands but they collide with the roof.
I laugh and for the first time, I get his attention. He stares down at me and I stop laughing. He smiles at me. It looks as if that smile was all that was needed in this situation. It looked so warm.
He comes down. He is so tall, that I have to tilt my head up to look him into his brown eyes.

” What has happened? ” he asks. His voice is stern but welcoming.
” Oh the train has got some technical problems so we had to halt.” I reply.
” There’s nobody in the compartment?” He questions.
” No, they all got down while you were sleeping.” I quip. Oh! Will he think I am making fun of him? I didn’t mean it in that way. In fact that’s the truth, he was indeed sleeping when they all got down. I hope he doesn’t get angry because the last thing I want now is a co passenger who doesn’t want to see my face.
” Oh okay.” He sighs and moves over to sit near the window.
I follow him and sit opposite to him.

” Actually I am nocturnal kinda. I am awake at night as you can see. And during train journeys I prefer to sleep during the day and stay awake while everyone else is asleep. There so much silence around. That gives me peace and its good for you people if somebody is awake to protect you and your things.” He says. I didn’t ask for his explanation, but he gives one so I take it.
” Oh.” I take out just one word from my mouth.

Few minutes of silence after which I say,” Hey! You didn’t tell me your name. What’s your name?”
” Shravan. ” he forwards his hand towards me with his infectious smile covering his face.
” Suman, Suman Kashyap.” I return back his smile as I hold his hand. A warm and a friendly handshake follows. My hand looked like a kid’s in front of his big manly hand. I stare out of the window.
” What would you do if you get to know that you have got stuck here forever?” He asks.
” With you or without you?” I blurt out before I realise how stupid I must have sounded to him.
” Umm…actually I meant that the planning would be different if I had someone with me.” I try to justify myself.
” Tell me about both the situations.” He smiles at me.
” Okay. Let’s see. With you I would get down and find a way to some place where we can get help and go back. Without you, I would prefer to die.” I sigh.
That’s true, I don’t know about day time but right now the place looks really spooky to me. Its as if the jungle is a death trap for me.
He is laughing. I suddenly realise that.
I look at him and his laugh forces me to laugh along with him. Oh my god. How beautiful life would be if I could stay like this forever. After a while when we stop, I ask,” What would you do?”

” With you or without you, I would find my way. I just love adventures. This darkness doesn’t scare me, I embrace it with open arms. I belong here. This is my world. This darkness feels like a home to me.” He replies as if answering himself, assuring himself. He stares out of the window, as if searching for his way in the darkness.
” That sounds pretty ‘dark’ to me.” I say as I emphasise on the word ‘dark’.
” Let’s play a game, I will give you one word and you have to describe it in just one sentence.” I say hoping that he will agree. This will tell me more about him.
” Okay!” He says.
“Night” I begin.
” Darkness that gives people hope for a beautiful sunrise.” He replies.
Wow. Not bad huh.
“Death.” So many dark words I am coming up with!

“Beginning of a new life.” He says simply. He is still staring out of the window.
I am not allowed to ask questions in between so I move on.
” Fear.” I say.
” A measure of how brave people are.” He replies.
Not bad at all.
” Love.” This is my final question which will give answers to all my questions. Let’s see how well he describes it.
” A bond that keeps people together even they aren’t, till eternity.” He now looks at me and smiles.

People say that there’s a moment when you fall for someone. For me this was it. On first sight he may have attracted me. But now after saying this he took my heart away. I feel that I have a connection with him. A connection of something really strong, so I conclude that I have fallen in love with him.

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