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Hello everyone… thanks a lot for all comments and supports.. actually because of not enough..time I can’t reply to you all sorry for that.. and may be this shots will be end within 2 or 3 shots.. I am thinking so.. but I don’t knew what will happen.. as my mind will always create twist and turns.. so let’s go to story
Dadi: pragya.I am going to temple.. so lock the door and take rest…
Dadi goes.. pragya is sitting in her room.

Pr: I don’t knew what will be his response when I talked about it.. but I must tell him.. it’s my duty.. it’s sure he will get angry.. and Will not talk for me… as I can’t bear his silence.. but I must do it.. you must pragya… pragya is thinking about how she will tell to him.. suddenly calling bell rings..
Pragya goes and opens it.. and sees abhi..
Pr: abhi… tum. Abhi get inside..

Ab:haa it’s me.. why are you looking like a shock.. where is dadi..
Pr: she goes to temple for bajan..
Ab: these days dadi is always in temple and prayers..
Pr: why do you came now… don’t you forget to take something..
Ab; no..
Pr: then…

Ab: you told me na.. come early that’s why..
Pr:-what.. I told you it doesn’t mean that this much early.. it’s just one hour…
Ab: so now what’s your problem.. I came early.. and you wish I must go to office again..
Pr: nothing like that.. If you came for me then..
Ab:then… ( oh fuggi.. please tell me fast what u need to talk.. do you knew I was thinking this whole time at office.. that’s why I came here)
Pr: nothing.. I will get coffee for you.. she goes.. but abhi holds her wrist.. and make her sit near to him..
Pr: abhi.. what are you doing?
Ab; as I am not interested to have coffee.. tell me what you want to talk with me..
Pr:(I knew abhi.. you came for knowing that you are thinking about it)vo.. vo..
Ab: what vo..

Pr: abhi.. I don’t knew I have right to talk and infere on your personal matters..
Ab:what are you talking fuggi.. do you have no rights for that.. so you considered me that way.. and you have such a relation with me right..
Pr: no abhi.. you are just mistaken.. for me now.. I have only two persons which I love most.. they are you and dadi… my whole world is around you both.. it’s you the reason my life.. no one will do the help that you did for me.. you save my life.. make me a member of your family..

Ab:are you going thank me for that.. is this what you need to say..
Pr; no abhi.. as my gratitude will not end by this.. I will do.. anything.. I will give my life to you for that.. if I died too I will not.. abhi shouts her mouth..
Ab: fuggi.. don’t talk about like this.. don’t ever tried to think of that.
. you are my journey, you are my destination too,
to live without you, O heart, is difficult.
you are my god, and you are in my prayers too,
to live without you, O heart, is difficult.

your not being there tests me.
you are necessary for every scarcity that I have.
[that is, every scarcity, every shortage in my life is fulfilled when you are there.] it’s my passion that I become good enough for you,
to live without you, O heart, is difficult.plays.. they both shared an eyelock.. pragya came into sense.. and moved away..

Ab:come on fuggi speak up..
Pr; abhi.. you always asked about my wish.. and you promise that you will full fill that na.. now I am going to tell my wish.. will you full fill it..
Ab: of course fuggi.. I will..
Pr:with so much difficult.. I want to see you as police officer.. in your commisioner position..

Abhi get shocked by her words.. because once it was the job which he loves a lot.. and now it’s that job which he hates too.. as because of that he lose his pyaari bahan..
Pr:abhi.. I knew you don’t like that job now.. but your hate for that come because you thought that it will make you away from your loved ones.. abhi..it’s true.. you still love that profession.. but you are trying to hate it.. I knew you was a sincere police officer and you achieved a lot by working so.. the respect which others gives to you.. I knew everything.. even dadi too wish to see you so..

Abhi doesn’t utter any word And go to his room.. and closed the door.. pragya follows him.. and sees the door was locked..
Pr:I knew abhi.. you need sometime.. just think about it..
Abhi sits in bed by looking at aliyas photos and pragyas words are going through his mind..
Fb shows..
Abhi is dressing up in police uniform and aliya is coming there..
Aliya hugs him from the back..

Ab: what happens alu..
Ali: Bhai I am so happy now..
Ab: reason..
Ali; because yesterday what you did was great..
Ab: what?. Aliya shows newspaper in which.. abhi saves life of school children from bomb..
Ab: oh..
Ali:I am really proud of you my Bhai.. what you did is great…
Da; but abhi.. do you knew how Many threatening calls are coming here..
Ali: dadi… that’s all just to make us in fear… and if I died too for my Bhai.. I am feel really proud.

Abhi gave a kick on her head.. don’t tell so.. fb ends..
Abhis thinking shift to next spot.. abhi is fighting with someone.. and leader among them bring.. aliya holding a knife on her neck..
Leader: Mr abhishek mehra.. stop the mission which you are doing now.. and realese my brother and his team.. otherwise I will kill your sister..
Al: no Bhai.. don’t do that…
Leader slaps her..

Abhi: Mr. Rathore..
Ali: Bhai.. I have no fear.. if I die by his hand to but don’t stop that mission.. (actually abhi is on mission to stop the work of sleeper cell which are planning to attack India )
Leader: Mr. Abhishek.. tell your opinion.. there no time with me..
Ali; no Bhai.. no..
Leader press knife on her neck..
Abhi; aliya… purab comes with team.. all run seeing them..
Abhi place aliyas head on his lap.. abhi is crying…

Ali:don’t cry Bhai. I am dieing with happy..
Fb ends..
Abhi : my sister give her life.. that too for me.. that too for continuing that mission.. but what I did now.. what fuggi told is right.. may be its aliya who make her think so.. abhi opens the door and went to meet pragya
Pragya is sitting in her room.. abhi comes in front of her..
Pr: abhi..

Ab:I am ready to full fill your wish..
Pr: what?
Ab:haa fuggi. She hugs him in happiness..

Episode ends.

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