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Hello everyone.. thanks a lot for you comment and immense support.. lets go to our story…
Purab comes to meet abhi…
Pu: abhi.. abhi.. he opens the door..
Purab gets in.. but from abhis face itself he felt something bad..
Pu: abhi.. is everything fine.. is prags..
Abhi is silent..
Pu: is prags rejected you..
Ab: no..
Pu; do you tell her the truth..
Ab: no..
Pu: what is this abhi… for what are you waiting for.. go and tell her that you loves her..
Ab: no I can’t..
Pu: why? You have Said that na.. today you will propose her.. then what happened now..
Ab; I can’t do that’s it..
Pu: you can’t k.. I will tell her that you loves her…
Ab: purab.. you will not..
Pu; no abhi..
Ab: purab.. I say you.. no and don’t interfere in my personal matters.. that hurt purab.. as for him.. he considered abhi as his family.. abhi understand that.. and hugs him..
Ab: purab I can’t propose her… because she doesn’t belongs to me..
Pu: what do you mean..
Ab: how can I propose her being wife some other person.. purab get shocked by hearing that..
Pu: what wife…

Fb shows..
Ab: she is not anjali.. she is pragya..
Someone : oh really.. so you are telling that she is not my wife anjali.. abhi get shocked by that..
Ab; look Mr. I have seen so many frauds like you.. who go behind girls who are looking good..
Someone:hey Mr. Mind your language.. I will show you the proof.. he takes his phone.. show his and pragyas marriage photo…
Abhi was hell shocked by that..
Someone; now you would understand what I meant.. do you knew in these months I was searching her.. at last I reach her.. by getting an info that she is in this city.. I thought when she saw me she will come and hugs to me.. but what I was in front of my eyes.. is something else. My anjali… my wife didn’t even recognize me.. he cries..
Abhi who don’t knew how to react pats on his shoulder…
Ab: actually she forget about her past..
Someone : what you mean..
Ab: haa.. he met with an accident and forget everything about her.. we tried a lot to find someone belongs to her but..
Someone; so is she is living with you..
Ab: haa.. as she has no one else.. I make her to stay in my house.. just as my family member..
Someone: hugs him and thanks a lot for what you did.. it’s really difficult to see someone like this.. do you knew when I informed about her in family all will be in happy… as their happiness was taken away when she gets away from us.. I will tell her everything and take her with me today itself..
Abhi who completely lost by that..
Ab: I don’t knew your name.. but.. if you take her with now..I think will not agree with that..
Someone :ya that’s right.. I think you are best person to convince her.. will you please do that for me.. I think you can see the pain of loving heart..
Ab: ya.. I will do that..
Someone : k.. I am sidharth and this is my card..
Ab: I am abhishek prem mehra.. police commissioner.. abhi sees pragya coming.. she is coming.. I will call you..
Fb ends..


Pu: so.. prags Is married.. she has a family… look at abhi.. abhi… are you going to tell this to prags..
Ab: I must do that.. but I need your help for that…
Pu: what help abhi…
Abhi; I will tell you…
Abhi and purab are sitting in living room..
Pragya comes..
Pr: abhi.. are you k now.. is everything is fine between you and meera.. do you need any my help..
Ab: kuch nahim fuggi.. and he goes..
Pr: puru.. abhi is hiding something from me..
Pur: yes prags.. he is hiding that.. because he can’t tell that to you..
Pr: what?
Pur:actually.. there is a fight happens between meera abhi.. because of you..
Pr: me…
Pur: haa..
Pr: what I had did?
Pur: actually prags.. meera doubts about your and abhis relationship and she don’t like you… she called you to say that.. when abhi get to knew about that.. he khud stops her..
Pr: but..
Pur: abhi tried to convince her.. but she don’t.. she told that.. if he need to continue their relationship.. she has one condition.. you must get off from his life..
Pragya get shattered and turns.. it was during This time someone comes.. ya sidharth… pragya opens the door.. he suddenly hugs her.. abhi comes there seeing this and get sad and anger too..
Pr: – what are u doing chodo mujhe..
Sid; anjali.. what are you saying how can I get away from you..
Pr:how is this anjali and how is you..
Sid: you don’t knew me.. you don’t..
Pr; no.. and comes to abhi and hides behind his back..
Sid: anjali.. anjali…
Pur: who are you..??

Sid tells everything.. and it’s become a shock for pragya..
Pr: no.. what he is telling is not truth.. it’s all joot.. I am not his anjali.. his wife.. I am pragya.. I will stay her like that.. I don’t want any new family or relationship…
Sid comes close to her.. he holds abhis hand..
Sid: I knew anjali.. it was really difficult for me to understand..I will wait for you… I knew one day you will recognize my love and come back to me.. I will wait for that..
Abhi… if she takes a good decision call me.. anjali.. not only me… whole family is waiting for you.. crying for me.. please come back at least for them.. he goes..
Pragya goes to room crying.. abhi too cries sitting on his room..
Pr: no.. I am not anjali.. I am his pragya.. I have no one other than him and dadi and purab.. I love to stay with them.. I don’t need any others.. no I am not belong to anyone.. I am not anyone’s life.. I have no feelings no relationship with any others other than my abhi.. my heart beats on for him.. and he is my life..
Hamari adhuri kahani plays…
Pragya come to see abhi and sees abhi and purab talking..
Pur: abhi. If she is anjali.. hey so.. she must go with him na.. then you have no problem with meera.. you call and tell her that.. Pragya will go soon from your life..
Ab: no purab.. I can’t compel pragya.. If she don’t wish to go back to her life..
Pur: are you talking like stupid. Abhi. Are you going to spoil your life for her
Abhi remained silent..
Pur; you just convince her.. it’s sure she will believe you.. just do that abhi.. as it’s not only for you.. just think about her family..
Ab: but..
Pur: do what I said.. abhi started to move.. pragya rushes to her room.. as she knew that abhi is coming to meet her..
Abhi came.. pragya is sitting on bed.. abhi sits near her..
They both remained silent..
Ab: fuggi….
Pr: abhi.. I knew what you are going to say.. you wish to tell me these lines hey na.. :fuggi… do you go away from my life..because I can’t lose her for you…
Abhi look at pragya..
Pragya wipping her tears.. haa.. abhi.. I had taken a decision.. you call him.. and tell that come on tomorrow to take me to home.. she turns her face to opposite side as she can’t tell look at abhi now.. abhi too don’t face her and goes..
Episode ends..

Precap: fuggi.. I love you… I wish to live my life with you.. I wish to spend my every seconds with you.. I wish to be melt with you..

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