Hi guys……maha is back to torture u all and thank u so much for ur support it means a lot and ya now no more ularals(bak baks ).lets start the story…..


RECAP : JAS entry swaraglu and kavi nok jhoks and sidmin eyelock finally ragan went for shopping..


Episode starts with ragan were on the way in karan’s bike he was going 200 speed

karan’s POV

What is happening to me this is my first day in collage but here i know that i m a flirty i can flirt with any girl but ragini she is diffrent i love to make her anger infact i love to see her in anger, but why i m feeling something with ragu is this is love ,hey karan wait what are u saying “love ” it is not in ur dictionary yaar its just a infactuation leave this man,u only know her from the past 7 hours 48 minutes and 56 seconds only , this can happen na time will rectify it ,oh i m became mahan yarrr..ohh man this girl na offff my thoughts was cutted by ragini
Ragu – hey karan what is this go fast we need to beat them go fast ( there is another bike behind them is just compete with ragan )
I – ya ragu i will win ,i raised the speed of my bike more ,ya man she is also crazy like me. Then we beat the challengers and finally we reached spenzer plaza also….

Karan’s POV ends..

They both get down from their bike and they went inside….


swalu and rv are on there in their way to hostel there was silence on the car, shalu and rv was on the front and swara was on the back seat ,there for sometime then rv starts

Rv – whats up girls why u both r silent???

Swara – hmm ok then shoot a question i ll answer

Rv – ok then shalu u ???

Shalu- ya i m also agree with swara

Rv – ok swara tell me what is ur fav things

Swara – hmm ok i like blue colour and my fav food is allu paratha and my fav hero is SRK then i like….( interrupted )

Rv – ok ok enough miss kapoor ok i agree that u like many things ok now shalu u say

Swara – oh hello if u need to know her fav things then u can directly ask her first na u dont want to ask me first ok pagal kayika *

Rv gets little embaressed by her words then shalu said

Shalu – shut up tubelight and rv my fav colour is red and my fav place is kanyakumari and my fav hero is vijay and my dress is dhavani ( lehanga ) and my fav food is idli sambar and my fav friend is my father

Rv – ok enough and swara why u cried yesterday

Swara became teary eyed by seeing this through mirror rv said

Rv – swara if u dont feel like then leave it no problem

Swara – no rv there is nothing like that i m saying

Then swalu says whole story,swara became teary eyed rv notice this, then suddenly the car stops by this sudden jerk shalu said

Shalu – rv what happen

Rv – shalu i think we need some relaxation so shall go there ( he pointing out to the window there is MARINA BEACH )

shalu – swara shall we go

Swara nods in aggrement then trio get down from the car and went towards the beach


Ragan entered the cloth shop ragini starts to roam all over in the cloth shop. She was roaming there from the past 15 minutes now this is enough for karan he makes an excuse and he goes down and here ragini till now searching best souts but she cant find it so she now seaching for karan, she searched all over the mall but she cant find him finally she went to one coffee shop she was shocked to see the scenerio there she saw karan sitting with a girl and holding her hand ,somehow ragu managed to hear their convo

Karan – hey jaan see this line this indicates ur love life ( pointing towards her left palm )

Girl – oh did u know astrology ???

Karan – haan jaan i know it very well infact i know face reading also by seeing ur face i can say that u r a beautiful girl

Girl – ohh then

Karan – i think u r in collage third am i correct ???

Girl – yess then

Karan – i think u going to meet ur lucky charm

Girl – is it!!!!! Where is he????any clues

Karan – ya wait he is wearing red tshirt with dark blue jean can u able to see him by the can i know ur name please ( actually karan was wearing red tshirt and blue jean )

The girl caught his point and said

Girl – yess mister i m navi and i m third year mechanics at red fort collage

Karan was shocked by this sentence and said

Karan – my se….se

Navi – s mr i m ur senior do u any problem with that and by the way dont try to flirt with me or else i ll complain about u to my frnds

Karan- ohh didi please dont do that

By saying this karan lyes on ground in front of navi and ragini came towards them while laughing by holding her stomach and here navi also starts laughing ,ragini came and gave a hifi and ragu said

Ragu – awesome navi u r the best

Karan was still lying in floor and he was fully confused by seeing their hifi

Screen freezes on the confused face of karan


PRCAP : rv shalini moments, may be lucky entry…

Guys with another epi and i need to say there is NO PROOF READING if u found any mistakes then sorry for that and ya keep guessing how ragvi knows eo ?????

Keep smiling

Bye tc

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