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Oh Fish Not Again (twinj) -Chapter 4 (cont.) ~ by Tara

Hello everyone!! Surprise…. hehe actually i was not satisfied with my previous update so i thought to write for u guys today only.. as I have my English xam which is easy so i got some time… and typed it.. i hope u will enjoy this one.. its the continued portion of the previous chapter..
If u skipped any chapter here is the link

Oh Fish Not Again
Chapter 4: ‘is that my luck’ (continued)
“dreaming about a girl right??” said the one standing beside me….

I rubbed my eyes and mumbled “shruti??”
“yep!!” she said banging my head with the newspaper roll she used earlier to hit me….
“ouch!!… what u doing here??” i exclaimed..
“ first answer me.. u were dreaming abt a girl right??” she stated directly…
Now this is called a best friend…you don’t need to say anything..
“is this the way to wake up a person?” i said still horrified by the dream..
“u know that’s my style” said shruti..
Shruti… the name sounds sweet.. but she was the most unpredictable and notorious girl i have even seen in my entire life. She was my maternal uncle’s daughter as far as our blood relations were concerned…but to be true, we were like buddies and sometimes more than that…none of us hesitated to discuss about our personal problems… even she shared all her girlish talks..more often than not, our gossips ended up on the topic of s*x. I never treated her like a girl… she was always dashing..and open hearted. However few years back our family relations got sour due to some reason..so our meetings went limited.. but we never terminated our friendship…and met in our parents absence…
“how come u are here at pune??” i asked..
“inter-college dance completion..” she replied as she parked herself on the bed at my side..
“you still read this magazines?? Grow up kunj..its time to do practical application of it” she said glancing at the semi naked woman who posed beautifully on the cover page…

Now this is shruti, witty and full of surprises. Sharing non-beg jokes was not a new thing for us, in fact the first blue film was gifted to me by her. It was back during our school days when she was a guest at my place for the summer vacations. I was illiterate about s*x and presupposed that babies popped into this world merely by kissing. It was my great friend who cleared all my confusions and took me to the video shop to buy a blue film…
We gossiped and she told me about her boy friend whom she had found in her college..we recalled those golden days spent together during our premature life. I wish i could revert to those years.
“lots of days have elapsed without hearing a joke..” i said..
“wanna hear one?” she said ..
“yeah sure”
“Then here it is, Two men were sitting outside a clinic…
One of them was crying like hell so the second person asked,
Why are u crying??
I came here for the blood test, the first person replied.
Are u afraid of it??
No, its not that. Actually they cut my finger during the blood test…
Hearing this, the second one started crying…
Now why are u crying??
Because m here for urine test”

Hearing this i fell down laughing..and it continued for about 5 minutes…after that i told her about twinkle and my new friends… she said she would like to meet twinkle as her ‘bhabi’ soon.. i gave her a smile. Only i knew what i was going through….
After shruti left..it was 10:30 am. Twinkle had asked me to visit her house as early as nine thirty. So i rinsed my face..rubbed on kilos of hair gel and squirted half the deodorant bottle on my entire body..thank god , humans invented these products , otherwise a shower daily would have been mandatory..
My walk en route for twinkle’s house was sluggish. Idk what but something unusual was running through my head. I got some instinct that something awful was about to happen…she had warned me not to call or demand for explanation, so there was no way to know her decision. My legs were taking me to her house but some part of my heart opposed it. Finally i stood at her compound gate. Before i could press the bell, her mom came out..
“hi kunj.. looking handsome..”
“thanks auntie..” i hope your daughter has the same opinion..i muttered “is twinkle there??”
“yeah she is coming..we are heading towards our relative’s place..” she said and walked in the direction of the car parked .
Twinkle walked out along her dad. I could not believe my eyes…all colours in the world seemed to merge to form ‘white’ of her Punjabi outfit. The blood running under my skin just seemed to clog..she walked in my direction while her dad turned towards the car..
“twinkle beta,, lets go.. we are already late..” her mom called out.
“ we will talk later..” she said and turned around to walk to the car. I stood still like a statue.. she didn’t even care to peek back at me. She sat in the car and drove off. Tears rolled down my cheeks; somehow i controlled them and walked back home. Mom had already left for the office…i went to my bedroom nd threw myself on the bed. Tears resumed their flow. I didnt try to stop them, neither did they stopped on their own…
So guys by this we come to the end of another chapter.. this was the continued part as i couldn’t complete it yesterday… i knw most of u have a lot of questions regarding twinkle.. but my suggestion is to wait till the next update…. do throw ur comments.. as i felt it was a bit less in my last update.. bt i wont complain coz it was merely a chapter.. but today i hope this was better.. so plzzz comment.. love u all stay blessed…

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