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Oh Fish Not Again (twinj) -Chapter 4 ~ by Tara

Hello everyone….thanks to all of u again… who all commented..silent readers as well…whom i expect to comment if u aren’t feeling that lazy or u have time.. then do comment… um guys ff writers specially baby has an important message for u all that she is unable to comment as her system isnt working..she shall resume commenting once its repaired… this is what she said..
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Oh Fish Not Again
Chapter 4: ‘Is that my luck?’
“I need some time to think over it” said twinkle..
“fine but whatever may be your decision we shall remain friends as before” said I
She agreed to my clause..
“but m yet to be your girlfriend..” she said and glanced at my had helding her in custody..
“oh m sorry..” said i and freed her…
“kunj..kunj..” Sam called out…
This bastard always comes at wrong place and at the wrong time. I opened the door.
“ oh hi twinkle.. nice to see u here…” he said…she smiled in return…
“ have I disturbed u??” he added..
Now which girl would say ‘yes’ to this..
“not at all..” she said as expected..
“lets go…” i interrupted before he would fire some more questions.
E headed for the pandal which was about twenty meters from my house. Twinkle commented over the decorations.. i was hardly of any use there…hours elapsed like minutes. Its amazing how time flies while staring at a beautiful girl. Even though i tried to avoid it…my eyes still went o see her figure. It was just perfect… meanwhile Sam kept himself busy with all types of snacks….andy and seema came back from there practical exams…
“twinkle u are simply amazing..” said seema..
“agreed..” andy said
“mee too..” i added.. twinkle smiled..
Each minute i spent with twinkle made me worry about her decision. It was eight in the eve and everybody had left..
“how much time do u need to think over my proposal?” I came straight to the point…
“ i should be able to convey my decision tomorrow morning…but there is a problem.. i can;t tell u on the face..” she replied
“idk..the reason” she said
Sometimes girls complicate the issues.
“then how will I get to know ur decision ??”
“probably by codes or something..” now she was testing my patience..
“SMS me then”
“no..no that wont be fair..” she said..
I felt she was an ideal example of Indian girl…..Complicated and unpredictable.
“okay… if ur ans is ‘YES’ wear a red top… which i like the most…and if its ‘NO’ then dress in white..which i like the least..is it fine??” another ‘no’ and i would withdraw,
“fair enough” she said..
We left for our respective houses…
Twinkle’s thoughts had infected every cell of mu brain like a virus..and its resulted in loss and hunger… for a second i thought my nerves would burst out of stress……
It was 10 in the next morning…desirous wait for twinkle just didnt seem to wait.. so i dialled her number.. her phone kept ringing..but she didnt answer..she failed to reply even at the 11th call so i gave up..my patience was dying…at last i went to her house, but only managed to find a lock. I went to seema..bt she also wasn’t there. Earth seemed to spin with a greater velocity. My over stressed body was sweating like hell….finally my eyelids closed and i crumbled on the road to hit my head on a rock..!!
“ ahhhh.” i shouted, opening my eyes i found someone standing beside my bed….
To be continued
Hey guys.. i know it was a short update… but trust me m not really feeling like to write… i had thought to post it on Sunday with a longer epi.. then i thought Monday i have a exam so i will post it on Saturday… but after reading Aamu’s ff and note.. m very sad… u wont believe bt m crying…had she not been here i would not have made a come back.. it was she who msged me telling to continue with my ff.. she was so sweet that i could barely refused.. so i changed my decision… i know u all may be bored with this bak bak.. bt today i guess m out of my senses… i have one request… plzz comment in her ff.. so that she stays here to post her ff at least… i know we can.. we all can make her stay..
#bring_aamu_back we have to do it…
And again m sorry for the short update.. will try to post a longer one on Monday night…
Stay blessed..

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