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Not part of the plan ( Ishqbaaz, shivika ff) Part-7

Thanks, I know I have not replied to everyone’s comments. I am usually a person who never fails to reply to comments but apparently commenting from a phone having the most stupidest WiFi isn’t that easy.

Anika’s POV


Three whole weeks had passes giving me excruciating pain. Sahil passing away not only changed me into a depressed person but also transformed me from a independent woman to a dependant.

I had started to pull out from depression only because of one person. Shivaay Singh Oberoi. The most unexpected person in the most unexpected way. He tried to cheer me up and had slowly started to become my solace.

Everyone reaches this world for reason. These were dadi’s words..at least for me.
Maybe Sahil came to bring me and billu ji closer.
We both weren’t still ready to name the equation we shared. I sit still on the bed and realises how selfish I had started to become.

I ..

Shivaay’s POV

I walk into our room not sparing a glance at Anika.
“Anika, the doctor has prescribed a medicine for your frequent headaches.. y.” I stop hearing her silent sobs. I rush towards her and sit next to her and ask “What happened Anika?Did someone a says something bad?Are you sick. Why are you crying? Tell me”

She hugs me and I reciprocate.

“Billu ji I am a bad sister. I am the worlds stupidest sister” she says cutely through her sobs.

“And where did you get this stupidest thought from?” he asks playfully.

“seriously Billu ji. I am so selfish. Its just three weeks since my brother has left this world but I am starting to experience happiness. How can I be happy? I am not supposed to be happy. Not in this situation. I feel like the worst sister” she cries.

I grab her shoulders and shake her while asking “seriously Anika. Out of everyone in this world, you pick yourself to call ‘selfish’. At least once in a blue moon, think about yourself”.

” Its has always been about me.
My brother
My depression
My grief.
My health.
There was only ‘me’. There was no ‘you’, ‘we’ or ‘them’.” she says.

“If you are selfish then I am too” I confess.

“No Billu ji. If you were selfish you would be with ‘your brothers’,’your mother”your whole family’. You clearly are not selfish because right now you have made me your top most priority.” she says.

” Yes! That’s exactly my point. I would be with my family and now you are family” I say making her silent.

Anika’s POV

A silent emotion shivered through me as I heard his words.

“Anika, I always used to know deep in my heart that you are the most independent and strong woman I have ever seen. I don’t want to see you like this. You have changed from an independent to dependant woman. You have started to become dependent on me and your tears. I don’t want that. I want that old Anika back” I say sincerely hugging her.

“Old Anika is gone because she has no one left with her.” she says

“You have everyone- Om, Rudra,dadi,papa, badi ma,bade papa. Maybe mom doesn’t behave well with you but her heart is at the right place. Even I am there.
Do you think Sahil would want to see you like this”? I ask.

” I don’t want to hear such clichéd dialogues ” she says breaking the hug.

“its cliché because its true” I say making her ask innocently “so I can be happy”?

” Of course Anika. You deserve happiness. Now I want this weak dependent woman to go back to the independent strong woman.”

“I guess the heart won after all” Anika says and I felt bewildered.

“What”? I asked.

” heart won after the battle with my mind” she said.

“What battle”? I asked.
” the one which has cleared out about what I feel for you” I say.

Saying I was shocked would be an understatement.

Anika’s POV

Yes, I was in love. In love with Shivaay Singh Oberoi. I am strong enough to say it out.

“I am in love with you……and I know you don’t believe in love. There is no word called ‘love’ in your vocabulary but that doesn’t mean that I can’t love you. I love you. I love you. I love you” I keep changing making Shivaay cover my mouth his hands.

Seeing his cute anger was so sweet.

“Someone will hear you” he hissHello!! I am your wife if u forgot” I say.
“Everyone here knows our relationship here” he says and it hurted.

I ignore the pain it caused and stood up with determination.

” I don’t care. You gave back my happiness by being my happiness. So I love you” I say give him kiss on the cheek and walk away leaving him shocked.

I stand outside the door and peep in. He keeps his hands on his face with shock and says “you can’t fall for me. Ughhh”.

He is so cute!!! I don’t know from where all this boldness came from.

Shivaay’s POV

No!!She can not, ought not, must not and should not be in love with me. I don’t believe in love. Do I?

Somewhere I could feel anger and betrayed feeling on myself. Was my heart cheating my beliefs.

I should go for dinner to keep my mind off from this topic. I settle along with with everyone and we dine. Anika suddenly lisp” I love you ” making me scold her through my eyes.

She sends me a flying kiss making me mentally face palm.

I look around to see if anyone had noticed. Everyone was indulged in deep conversations. I suddenly see Tia gaping at Anika’s antics.

I suddenly hold Anika’s hand under the table as she was sitting opposite to me.

I beg her to stop through my eyes. She looks at how I held her hand and smirks. I instantly leave her hand and she suppresses her laughter. I glare at her making her silent. I give a nervous smile at Tia making her frown.

As I was about to take another Roti Anika keeps on my plate. I eye her suspiciously and then decide to ignore her. As I opened the half folded roti I read ‘ I luv u’ written with ketchup.
To piss her off, I spread the ketchup with a butter knife and starts to eat it.

I finish up and rush to the bedroom. I finish up all my office work. Suddenly I hear footsteps and somehow I could feel it was Anika. Not wanting to face any other antics of her, I decided to pretend to sleep. I pull over the blanket and close my eyes.

Anika’s POV

“Shiv… ” I call out but stop as I see him sleeping. With one gaze at him I can say that he is pretending it. I know you too well Mr. SSO If you wanna play it hard, lets do so.

I off the light and get on the bed. I moved closer to him and pecked his cheeks. I could sense that I gave him a shiver. I suppress my chuckle and dearly wrap my hands around him.

I close my eyes and go to my lala land

Falling in love with Shivaay Singh Oberoi wasn’t part of the plan.

Some things are better unplanned. Lesson learned.

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