Hello everyone…this one is gonna be really short as i told bfr….but its d beginning of d past…so mysteries r gonna be revealed in d upcoming chps…
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There’s one person here who has always been there for me right from d first epi of my very first ff…nd thats ‘SONA’….she has never missed a single update of mine…so today i want to thank you sona…from d bottom of my heart…love u so so much…!!! P.S- waiting for d day when u will start ur own ff…!!
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I finally reach the lake. The view is as usual breathtaking. The orangish glow provides beauty to the place. I move over to the mango tree,it has grown old but still for me, is the best place to refreshen my mind and the memories playing inside it. I touch the grass where he once laid, with his arms stretched out and that charming smile covering his face. How relieved he was that he has finally let out all his emotions,not fully but yeah most of it. It was so easy for him to just let out everything, I wish that if I had done that, he would be right here sitting beside me. There has been a long gap of emptiness, loneliness, livingness etc etc.

I wouldn’t say that I have moved on but I have learnt that you need to catch up with life before it picks up speed. At times I wonder, if I was at fault? If I was not fit to be there? But I know that all of that was meant to happen. I know that deep down, it was nobody’s fault. But the mind thinks it all, what to do of this heart? Heart is an emotional fool, it refuses to let me move on. It still is looking for that one chance to bring everything to where it was. The heart still aches for that one smile. I know that I can’t make everything like it was but I want to prove myself wrong, the heart wants to prove the mind wrong.

So now just on my heart’s saying, I finally get ready to hear the noise of the past, to go down the memory lane and to once again try and find a solution to calm this heart.

Shravan Malhotra. The tall, hot guy who changed my life. He is what my past is all about. He is all that makes the story of my life. He is the man of my dreams, like technically. He is the man whose face I can’t forget. His are the memories that haunt me. He changed me. He taught me about life. He was the man who loved me. It would sound really good to anyone if I say that we loved each other madly. But I am afraid, there was no ‘we’, there was only ‘he’. Because he was the guy who loved me and I was the girl who couldn’t make a choice. A simple choice. Why?

Because I was afraid. How can somebody be afraid of saying yes or no? I know that. But they aren’t just two words right? Choosing one of them would have changed my life. But me being me, I chose another way of changing my life. This is how it all began. It all began with a name, Shravan Malhotra.

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