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After that day when he told me that Adi is thinking about talking to me, I started being hopeful about it. This was another reason due to which I sidelined his feelings for me. I was so engrossed in being happy and hopeful about Adi talking to me that I did not think about the man who supported me in all this.

When few days passed and we had started playing badminton together, one day he came to me looking very happy and his magical smile played on his lips. I asked him the reason and he said, ” Com’on, Adi wants to talk to you.” And I jumped like an idiot. ” Let’s go.” I said happily.
Adi was waiting for me already. We three started talking with me and Adi sorting out our problems and he being a witness to it. Then suddenly I don’t know what bit me and I said,” You know, right now I have my two admirers standing in front of me.” I was a stupid who at that time just wanted attention. I didn’t care about him or his feelings. All I cared about was how flattered I felt when I got so much attention. That time I didn’t even care about Adi ‘ feelings. That was a period when I was at my selfish most.
” Oh so you said it to her finally?” Adi asked him.
He scratched his head, grinned and said,” Yeah bro.”
” That’s good” Adi said.

After a year and a half or so, Adi started behaving strangely and so did his gang. Right now I am not in a mood to rewind that one and a half year gap which I skipped. It would be too much wouldn’t it be?
Okay, so I noticed that whenever his gang saw me and Adi together, they started giving us weird looks.
Something unusual happened with me. I grew suspicious. Ananya told me she would do the job for me.
And after a few days it was revealed to me that Adi still liked me, in fact loved me. I was nothing else but shocked. This went on for days, when he would chat and chat with Ananya about me. I knew about whatever he said to her because she would tell me every single thing. In fact I used to read their chats when I met her. I didn’t confront him. Ananya would tease me and she would do the same with him. She would motivate him in fact.
Then suddenly, one day Ananya came to me and said,” He is going to propose you.” She grinned at me.
” What! When?” I asked. I didn’t expect that coming. “What will I reply to him. How will I tell him that I don’t love him. Will it be right to break his heart again?” I thought.
” On new year’s eve.” She elbowed me.
Adi didn’t know that I knew about all this all the time. So I let it be.
So then came the new year’s eve. I wore a sleeveless black dress. My hair was done in a side braid and overall I looked pretty good. I didn’t want to make it a bad beginning for him into a new year. Ananya went to him, I knew for what. Then she came back to me and said,” Get ready. By the way he gave this for you.” It was a chocolate and I swear I haven’t touched it till date. I took it then but did not eat it. I mean com’on, you break a person’s heart and you eat his chocolate. That sounded cruel to me.
I took out my phone and saw that he was calling me as I refused to meet him citing some reasons.
I tried avoiding the call also but he kept calling me. So at last I picked it up.
” Hello?” I said.
” Yeah hello.” He said.
” What’s so urgent that you can’t wait?” I pretended to not know about it.
” Actually I want to confess something.” He said and now I began shaking. I literally was shaking, maybe because of the cold or because of what was coming. Ananya had to side hug me.
” Yeah say.” I said
” I still love you.” He said.
I was silent for a moment. What should I reply. I can’t spoil his new year.
” Hey are you there?” He asked.
” Yeah.” I replied quietly.
” So?” He asked once again.
” So?” I questioned back.
” What is your reply?” He sounded excited and nervous.
“Now what should I reply to this?” I thought.
” I need time.” I said.
” Oh yeah. That’s perfectly fine. ” he said.
” Ok then bye.” I said.
” Bye.” I cut the phone.
I leaned over on Ananya. How long could I delay this for? I knew that the time is very near.
I fell sick very badly that night. Severe attack of nausea. I was really really sick.
I knew he was waiting for my answer. So the first thing I did when I was well was to meet him.
” Hey look, I don’t want to get into all this. My priorities are different right now. Hope you understand.” I said that straight to him and he smiled. But it was evident that he was upset.
” So all this is over right? Even from your side? ” I asked.
” Oh yeah of course.” He said.
But I knew that it wasn’t. Till today its not over.

It can never be over.

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