Hello everyone..a lost of things to say from my side…first of all..i need to explain my absence…
Well my absence was due to..frustration…irritation…disappointment…sadness…nd bla bla…
When i posted my first chp…i expected a whole lot of support…from u guys…i understand that its not ur fault…coz wid #dont end edkv thing going on..i know it was really tough for u ppl to catch up on ffs..i respect that reason…believe me..i really do..but u see..there’s this selfish side of me too…which wanted more readers…more support..nd well..i didnt get that…so i decided that i would be back when u ppl can really feel free to read my story…so now when it is confirmed..that its going off air…i know that u r devasted nd even i m…highly upset….but I decide to be back for ppl who wanted me to be back…
So a big big sorry…to all who waited for chp 3… Who felt hurt by my decision…who care for me…but I swear..if there is one reason for my coming back..then that’s u ppl…I love u all a lot….nd this time I hope that neither u nor me would be disappointed…

Now secondly..for all d ffs I hve missed…I read them now…preeti..Congo for completing ur ff…I loved its ending….love u sweety…
Loga nd Megan… U ppl were just way awesome…ur part was amazingggggg…loved it…love u both sweeties…


Sorry if I hve missed anyone else…
So now for all those who hve waited for this…here I bring…


I put on a deep blue netted top and light blue jeans. I tie my hair in a side plait and apply some gloss to my lips. My spects are blurry. Spects. One more thing that has changed over the years but it has been a while now. I clean my spects and take a look at myself in the mirror. Soon I take my bag and leave for my lectures.

After the first lecture, me and my so called group are sitting and discussing something, when suddenly one of the girl with a round face says, ” Hey Suman, you planned everything so nicely for the programme!”
After a month of working like a mad person, all I get to listen is how ‘ nicely’ I planned it.
” I expected a better compliment Shreya. ” I blurt out.
” Okay okay, all of it is just awesome!!” She replies.
I give her a ‘whatever’ kinda look.
” By the way what’s the best compliment you have got till date?” She asks and once again the question sends me wandering down my memory lanes.

After I came back in my senses, I realised that he ‘ Loves’ me, it is not some attraction or crush which will go away with time. I thought.
So once when we both were just walking around, I asked him, ” Why do you love me?” I was really curious to know the answer from him.
” You are very beautiful.” He smiled and replied.
I laughed very badly at this. “Beautiful and me? I don’t think so. Com’on give me a better reason.” I said still laughing at what he said.
” You are beautiful.” He said.
What struck me was not the words he said but the way he said it, how he made them look so true, so real.

” Hello? Suman?” I am interrupted in my thoughts of past by Shreya as she moves her hand in front of my face.
” Where did you get lost?” She asks.
I repeat the question to myself in my mind, ” Where did you get lost?”
” Oh nothing, I was just trying to remember the best compliment given to me.” I say.
” So did you get it?” She asks again.
” Yes.” I say just one word and get up. I take my things and leave from there.

I go to see the arrangements of my programme.
I take the practise one more time as I improvise their dialogues and give some changes.
Amidst all this noise, I just sigh and close my eyes for a moment and that’s all that is needed to do the work.
A face smiling at me from a window flashes in front of me. Its him. Again.
How odd it feels to me that I connect each and everything to him. Wherever I go he doesn’t leave me. My mind has been filled with so many memories of him that its impossible to erase him. This is one another memory.
We were in a school for some documentary we had to make for our project work.
I was on the fourth floor and roaming around the corridors. Suddenly I noticed him standing near the window, surrounded by girls. He used to say its just a coincidence but whenever I saw him, he was mostly surrounded by girls. He was busy chattering with them when he noticed his girl staring at him. So he peeped from the window, smiling at me. That usual smile of his covering his face. He smiled at me lovingly and what did I do?
I just turned my face and walked away once again. But that smile never left me, it keeps flashing in the darkness when I close my eyes.

I come out of my trance with just one question,
” Will this ever end?”

P.S- My five shots is ready..will be posting soon..hope u all will read it….

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