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No matter what I do it’s never good enough because I always end up hurting u (A devakshi ff) Part 3

Hi guys, Rithika here
I know last epi was short my laptop is still not fixed so this might be short

Let’s start..
Teacher : The lunch is ready come on after that u will rest in the tent for half an hour then we’ll start our trip
Everybody : Ok ma’am
They all go to the area where food is served Dev and Sona both together put their hand on the plate
Sona : Oh hello don’t u see I came here first Dev
Dev : No I came here first
Teacher : Oh no they both won’t stop fighting…..Dev Sonakshi please stop fighting let Sona go first
Dev : Fine go Ms. Sonakshi Bose
Sona gives a sarcastic smile and goes
Sona : Thanks Mr. Dev Dixit
She leaves from there. Few days pass Dev Sona still don’t stop fighting they go to explore the forest on their own Sona goes to explore the forest and falls in a pit and gets hurt
Sona : Someone help


After a while everyone comes back but Sona still doesn’t come back
Teacher : So u all had fun in exploring the forest
Dev notices Sona was not there
Dev : Sonakshi is not here hasn’t she come back
Elena : She should be here somewhere
Dev : No she isn’t I’ll go search for her
Dev goes to search for her in the direction she left for he here’s a voice
Dev : That’s Sonakshi’s voice. Sonakshi I’m coming
He goes towards her voice a sees her fallen in a pit
Sona : Dev please take me out
Dev takes her out
Dev : How did u fall here look u got hurt also
Her hand was bleeding
Sona : No I was exploring and I fell
Dev : Come everyone is worried
Sona goes
Teacher : Here u r where were u
Dev : She fell in a pit and got hurt
Teacher : R u ok
Sona : Yes ma’am(thinks)Obodhro y does he care saddu

Few days pass their trip was over by now they both had become good friends
Teacher : Ok all of u pack ur bags we will go for mountain trekking
They all packed they’re bags and went for trekking
Teacher : Ok come on keep ur things u all can take rest for 1 hour freshen up then we’ll meet up near my tent to leave for trekking
Sona : Finally trekking
Dev : Me too only came for trekking
Sona : Ya even I only came for trekking
After an hour
Teacher : All of u come we’ll go
They all reach a mountain
Teacher : We have reached only 4 will go at a time who wants to go first.
Sona, Dev, Vicky and Elena raise their hands to go first. They start trekking while Dev and Sona are fast Vicky and Elena are slowly come up
Sona : Come fast u two
Elena : Sona ur fast but I’m not
Vicky : Me too

Precap : Sona slips from the mountain and is about to fall

How was it hope it had enough length cz my laptop has still not fixed u all can expect long epi’s from Monday
Hope u all like it
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