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Naksha and kaira’s love life (yrkkh) episode 1

Hi guys this is my first yrkkh ff
This ff is based on the current track from the episode that was aired on 21oct
Let’s begin
Karthik :I’m sorry sir but I can’t do this
Naitik:but why karthik
Karthik:sir this is my resignation letter pls accept it
Everyone is shocked

Akshara:what happened suddenly kartik
Gayu:yes kartik why u are leaving the job
Naira :I’ll tell why he is doing this
He is doing this because he wants revenge from me
Gayu:what are you telling naira
Naira:yes di he proposed me yesterday and she told them whatever happened


Everyone were shocked
Naksh:see mumma I told you this kartik is a betrayer
Gayu was shocked tear was coming from her eyes she was thinking that kartik whom she loved madly loved her sister
Kartik:pls naksh I know I don’t deserve your trust but still I don’t think that I did wrong by loving naira and naira I’m not quitting this job to take any revenge I’m quitting this job bcuz I know if I work with naitik sir then I will see you many times and I’m afraid I will not be able to control my feeling
Naitik:kartik I never expected this from you
Akshara:yes kartik we all trusted you so much
Kartik:I’m sorry mam and sir but now everything will be over bcuz I’m leaving this job
Naitik:who said you are leaving this job I haven’t signed you resignation

Kartik was confused
Akshara:yes kartik whatever you did for our family cannot be overlooked and I hope that you don’t mix personal and professional life
Kartik:but mam naira
Naira:I know kartik and mumma is right let’s forget everything
Kartik:I’m sorry naira my love isn’t so weak to forget you but yes I’ll try not to ruin our friendship
Kartik:naksh I know that you love your sister very much and you are possessive for them but don’t worry as I told I’ll try not to ruin our relationship
Naksh:hope so
And he smiles
Everyone smiles and enjoys the festival

Precap:maybe naksh’s lady love’s entry

Guys pls comment and let me know should I continue or no
Suggestions and criticisms all welcome so plzzz comment

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